White Shark Media Shares Insider AdWords Secrets

White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that works with small to medium size companies online. They’ve combined their vast amount of online and offline marketing experience to build a powerful digital marketing presence that has established them as a global leader in the digital marketing industry. In addition, this global company is an Adwords Premier Partner. Thus, guaranteeing clients important insider information and tips about improving their Adword campaigns. White Shark has a few strategies that they would like to share with all their clients about improving their Adword campaign.

White Sharks Media’s Strategies On Keywords

It is important to note that a website should include keywords that strongly represent their website and the website’s content. The keywords are also the phrases or words that a customer would more than likely type in a search box at a top search engine like Google. It’s imperative to select the right keywords that are also the top keywords on the search engines. Remember, those keywords should represent the websites best services or products. In a perfect world, those goods or services are something that the competition does not offer. Certainly, selecting just the right keywords requires plenty of patience and experience.

White Shark Media’s Strategies On Targeting The Right Market

White Shark discovered that a lot of their clients were aware of the right keywords for their website and company. However, they failed to target the right market. Thus, making all their efforts bear little fruit. White Shark states that the key to targeting the right market is promoting to the group that returns the highest ROI. In order to determine this fact, certain marketing strategies must be applied. This includes tracking conversion rates and much more. These are strategies that White Shark Media is able to apply to their client’s marketing campaigns with great success.

White Shark Media is a company that delivers on their promise to grow your online business. Contact them for more information.

Find out more about White Shark Media: http://geeksnews.co.uk/white-shark-media-presents-a-review-in-ppc-best-practices/

Global Food Suppliers OSI Industries

OSI Industries, also known as OSI Group, was founded by a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky, who in the early part of the 20th century opened up a family-owned meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Known back then as simply Otto and Sons, the wholesale meat business was later relocated to a suburb in Chicago. Since then, the company has seen a great deal of expansion, and it now has factories in Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, and Oakland and Riverside, California.

In 2011, OSI Group was listed in Forbes magazine as one of the country’s largest independent companies with a revenue of $3 billion a year, and in 2016, it was also on the Forbes list, where it was ranked at number 58, with an annual income of $6.1 billion. It has more than 65 processing facilities in 17 countries, some in parts of Europe, and some in the Pacific region of Asia.

The business supplies meat products to restaurants like McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. The meats they provide include beef patties, hot dogs, pizza, fish, bacon, poultry, breakfast sausage and pork. They also supply non-meat items such as vegetables and dough, and some of the company’s products are delivered already cooked or baked. They offer private label brand foods, as well as major brand name food items, and will co-pack some of their products.

More than 20,000 employees are in OSI Group’s manufacturing facilities, some of them being former employees of Tyson Food plant that was purchased for over $7 million by OSI in 2016. The workers were offered jobs at the newly acquired factory shortly after it was acquired by the company.

OSI Group is headquartered in Illinois, and its Chairman, CEO and CFO is Sheldon Lavin, who was presented with a Global Visionary Award in February of 2016 because of the fact that the company has continued to see steady financial growth over the years. When given the award, the CEO expressed how honored and humbled he felt by it, and he stated that he hopes the company continues to see a lot of profitable growth.

The high quality food providing company also has a stake in European food businesses like Baho Foods in Germany, and its acquisition of the Flagship Food Group, which is located in the United Kingdom, helped strengthen the European company’s growth by providing new opportunities for them to serve their customers better.

OSI Group’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/

Around the Trending Fashion with Techstyle Group

Techstyle is a fashion-based company managed by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler which focuses on retail selling of trending aspects in the fashion field. Online visitation and subscription are one of the critical things that different clients center to ensure they receive their orders and if what has been offered to them is of the best quality possible. Some of the essential products which the group majors on are; handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry. This firm only offers all these as per the expectations of the clients. They also focus on the trending products as far as this field is concerned.

Initially, Techstyle originated from the United States of America where it was officially founded in the year 2010 in March. Currently, it is under the E-Commerce industry and owned by two exceptional individuals who are also its rightful founders. This firm works hand in hand with other organizations majoring on fashion in an online manner. One of the spectacular companies which Techstyle works with is the Fabletics which its popularity online has gone viral globally. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the principal founders of this remarkable company which is currently serving worldwide. Techstyle is noted how organized it is due to the regulation of before any transactions or any business activities one needs to register him/herself online to the group.

Currently, Techstyle is using the name JustFab and is holding on to more prominent deals which sum up to millions of dollars. This has proven the company to be the best there is since it also shares a history that it has served many celebrities in their outfits. Branding of different products also made the reputation of this firm move around faster since many had a chance to use these products and find them to be more than reasonable for use. Clients have to pay a membership fee on a monthly basis that is after one is fully registered to the database of this firm as a member.

Before one signs up to register him/herself in this company as a member, he/she is given an opportunity to explore fashion preferences of the firm to confirm if the individual is comfortable in being a member of the company. Many options are always on the side of the member to favor one according to his/her preferences. Although some have tried criticizing the company with numerous negativity, JustFab continues to grow and gives the best shot to all of its clients.

Making a Global Brand out of a Local Meat processing Plant-the Story of the OSI Group

The OSI Group has become a household name in the provision of processed meat products in the country. The business started out small in the 70’s and had expanded its influence to more than 17 countries in the world. It is the sound and visionary leadership offered by leaders such as David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin, is one of the reasons that the company has become as successful as it is. Currently, they are expanding their operations in China, where they hope to make the business the largest suppliers of meat and meat products.

The company is currently ranked as the third largest supplier of meat and meat products in China. However, with their current expansion plans, the business could quickly become the most critical processor of poultry products in the country. The existing processing plants in the country supply meat products to businesses such as Papa John’s, Subway, Starbucks, Yum and many others. The success that the company has had in China has been seen as a direct result of the decision which they made 20 years ago when they decided to venture into the country. They wanted to create such a great relationship with employees that the employees would not have a hard time building loyalty among the customers.

It is an idea that has helped the management of the group expand their business and retain their employees for many years. Among the incentives that they have been offering their employees, is an opportunity for career growth, the chance to get more education through the financing system that the company has and many others. They have managed to retain most of their employees through these efforts, and this has strengthened their presence in the country and many other places they have ventured.

The CEO of the company Sheldon Lavin is one of the few people who has been around since the company was in its early and formative stages. He was initially a financial advisor attached to the bank that was in charge of the expansion of Otto & Sons, the original name of the group. He was invited by the bank to take part in the day to day running of the business, an offer that he accepted. He has led the company to massive levels of success because of hi believe in empowering the employees as a way of ensuring that the clients get quality service at all times.

Learn More: www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

Organo Gold- A Source of Ganoderma Providing Vitality

The Annals of Internal Medicine publishes research stating that coffee consumption may prevent heart disease and stroke. It also decreases the probability of dying from cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease in black Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and Asians. Various studies have found that drinking coffee can increase life longevity. Caffeinated coffee and tea lowered death risk by 18 percent if they drank two or three coffee cups daily. Visit corpdev.ogmentorship.com to know more.

In 2008, Organo was established in Richmond, British Columbia. Bernardo Chua is the company’s CEO and founder. Organo Gold is an independent corporation. The company collaborates with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Philanthropy is demonstrated by Organo because it sponsors the OG Cares Foundation. The mission of Organo is to provide people with earth’s treasures so they can have a great life that is balanced and free. The other part of the mission is to ensure that people are fully satisfied in every aspect of their life. The company has operations in more than 50 nations in six continents. As of 2013, Organo had $125 million in revenues.

Read: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/organogold

The products of Organo are offered through a network of more than 400,000 active distributors and the Coffee Connoisseur Club. They are special as they have Ganoderma. Organo stands out from other network marketing companies in North America. It is the only company that has a partnership with the biggest organic plantations of Ganoderma. Coffee, cocoa, and tea are the beverages that Organo offers. Coffee comes in five variations: gourmet black, latte, mocha, supreme, and king. There are three types of tea: green, red, and black ice. OG Smile and Premium G3 Beauty Soap are the personal care products sold by Organo. The body management products of Organo are the following: FENIX DT, FENIX XT, OGX Fenix-Chocolate and Vanilla, Ganoderma Lucidum, Mycelium, Spore Powder, and Grape Seed Oil. Follow Organo Gold on twitter.com.

The Astounding Contributions of Dr. Mark Holterman in the Medical Field

Dr. Mark is a well-known American surgeon who is very much qualified in the medical field. He is a literate from different certified medical institutes in the U.S where he currently teaches as a professor after he graduated. He is also a father to three sons who are also pursuing their higher learning. He is a specialist in the pediatric field. His success in carrying out positive surgical operations has not only gained him much popularity but also bigger awards. Currently, he is known to be really good in both English and Spanish. This uplifts his communication skills with his clients who speak the same dialects. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at OSF Healthcare.

Holterman has worked with many hospitals. This has enabled him to get better in his medical knowledge and skills. Him being ranked as one of the top surgeons is because he has more than twenty years of experience in the surgery work. According to how Dr. Mark, he has been carrying out his work perfectly over the years, he has proven to be the best and to be different from all other surgeons. He has also authored many books which have served to be of significant help to all of its readers.

Visit: http://markjholterman.strikingly.com/

Reports on how numerous numbers of children with surgical issues is what drove Dr. Mark towards withholding his later career. He has always wanted to bring to an end all these disasters that befall the tender-aged children. Lifesaving is one of his greatest policies which keeps him thriving in his profession. His passion for proper health makes him to fully associate himself with other organizations that are under healthcare. He has been conducting different critical medical operations in a comfortable manner and coming up with solutions to different medical problems.

In addition to all these, Dr. Mark Holterman is a remarkable C.E.O of a global organization dealing with health matters famously known as Mariam. The organization is responsible for carrying out medical advancements to enhance that globally, proper health is maintained. With his team of friends, they carry out thorough research projects and come up with ideas which when put into action, proper health is ensured. Visit linkedin.com to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.

Sheldon Lavin Leads The World’s Largest Food Processor OSI Group

As the head of a $6 billion dollar empire, Sheldon Levin has certainly proven himself as a competent and successful CEO. There simply aren’t enough CEOs out there who can compete on his level or who manage to give their employees the same level of satisfaction. With a workforce of 20,000, he certainly has his work cut out for him, but his desire to see OSI move forward has made him a force to be reckoned with. The leadership of OSI Group has always been strong, but few have ever reached his level of success and managed to build on it.

His Beginnings At Otto And Sons

Lavin got his start at OSI back when it was called Otto and Sons as a financial consultant. His work helped turn OSI into the corporate power it’s known as today thanks to his know how and strategy. His work at Otto and Sons was so well respected the company decided to give him a more important and influential role. This eventually led to his role as a partner with the Kolschowsky brothers. He helped them bring OSI into the world stage.

Taking The Helm

His work as a partner has helped transform OSI Group into something much more than anybody could have imagined. In the past, OSI Group had managed to make itself one of the most prominent meat suppliers of companies like McDonald’s, but it didn’t necessarily have reach outside of America. By helping OSI acquire foreign entities, he managed to make OSI into an international company with reach across the world. You can now see it’s meat processors stretching well beyond the traditional perimeters OSI was founded in. The company is a force to be reckoned with by every measurement.

He Continues To Expand

Sheldon Lavin sees no reason to stop the growth of OSI Group and wants to further its success well beyond the meat industry. Right now, OSI Group is the world’s greatest supplier of protein. It supplies meat on 3 continents without fail, but it’s doing so much more than that now. OSI is giving fast food chains the frozen vegetables and dough they need to provide services to their customers as well. The simple breadth of their accomplishments goes well beyond what most companies would offer. Lavin has been given responsibility and he has proven he understands how to implement it well.

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Highland Capital Management Has Specific Objectives

Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas. It is involved in alternative investment management. It has just closed a private equity fund that is focused on healthcare. There is a total of $147 million in capital commitments. The anchor investor for this fund is the National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

It was in 1988 that this fund was founded. Today, it has a value of nearly KRW 565 trillion. The corpus is nearly $465.13 billion. The specific objectives of investors in the Highland fund are in the healthcare spaces. These include access to co-investment opportunities in Korea, China as well as the US. Highland Capital Management will be working with Stonebridge Capital in Asia for co-managing this fund. It will be the first private equity fund in Asia that will be focused on healthcare. Earlier, the Asian investors were investing through various multi-purpose funds.

The core expertise of Highland Capital is in the healthcare sector. Nearly half of their private equity is related to the healthcare companies. The primary target market for investment is going to be the middle market healthcare companies that are based in North America as well as Asia. Highland Capital had reported in May 2017 that they had over $1.5 billion with them as healthcare assets under management (AUM). These spanned across several asset classes as well as fund structures. In the US, the healthcare industry is facing several disruptive forces. All this is severely affecting the healthcare companies that are in the middle market.

Read: https://www.indeed.com/q-Highland-Capital-Management-jobs.html

Another fact remains, that there would be a much larger older population in America. Next, the access to healthcare facilities will enhance greatly in Asia. This means higher levels of utilization, along with complex demands of the consumer and government in this sector. All these factors along with the rise of reimbursement models that are value-based signify inviting opportunities for the investors in the healthcare industry.

Highland Capital specializes in credit strategies. These include credit hedge funds, besides long-only funds as well as separate accounts, along with distressed and special situation private equity and even the collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Next, Highland Capital offers alternative investments too. This includes emerging markets, besides the long/short equities as well as the natural resources. Read this article at PR Newswire.

OSI Group’s Incredible Growth by David McDonald

David McDonald is a native of Northeast Lowa. He attended Lowa University in Ames from 1983 to 1987 where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science. David has been serving at Marfig Global Foods S.A since 2008 as an Independent Director. Marfig Global Foods is a Brazilian food processing firm headquartered in Sao Paulo. Currently, Mr. McDonald serves at OSI Group as the President and Chief Operating Officer where he had once served as a project manager.

OSI Group is a food processing firm that supplies meat products such as sausages, pizza, sandwiches and beef patties among others worldwide to food services. OSI Industries has grown to have more than 50 branches operating across 17 countries. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Industries has expanded its services to China running eight factories and other two on the way. The company celebrated 20 years of operation in China on September 12. 2012.

In 2008 during the Beijing Olympic Games, OSI Group supplied 113 tons of five kinds of food products. The products included pork, eggs, chicken, dehydrated onion and beef. There were no complaints from the customers and was highly commended by the Beijing Olympic Committee and McDonald’s. With the excellent reputation made at the games, OSI Group has been supplying food products to renowned brands such as McDonald’s. Starbucks, Burger King, Saizeriya, Papa John’s and Subway.

Moreover, David McDonald is a member of the board of directors of OSI Group where he raises issues that benefit the company. To attain sustainability, David ensures the management team in every regional branch understands the local cultures and taste to serve products that are appreciated and preferred by the local customers. Moreover, he believes in product development and not only product capacity. David McDonald works hard to see the company’s production department, and processing followed up carefully in their improvements.

Mr. McDonald is also the President of the American Meat Institute, a firm located in Washington D.C. The company represents meat processors, packers and slaughterhouses like OSI Group. He is also the Director at OSI International Foods Pty Limited situated in Australia. Lately, OSI Industries obtained food from Baho Food which mainly operates around Netherlands and Germany. David McDonald appreciated the service and stated that Baho food would give OSI Group a broader presence of their business in Europe. David McDonald is passionate about taking OSI Group to the next level as a leading food processing company.

David McDonald OSI Group info: interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

Glen Wakeman Mentors Startups for Success

With a career spanning more than two decades in the business and finance sector, Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC, where he is the CEO and chairman. For many years, he wondered why most startups failed despite having good ideas. Research into why the failure rate was so high showed him there was a lack of structure around the ideas. He, therefore, launched LaunchPad, a SAAS company, in 2015 to help startups bring their ideas to fruition. Given he loves matching ideas with money, he designed the simple software platform to ease the process of business planning for startups and also make it more intuitive.

Education and Work History

Glen Wakeman time in the business and financial sector has been successful. He has worked with the likes of Nova Four, and GE Capital. Glen Wakeman has a BS in Economics and Finance and an MBA in Finance from the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago respectively. His education background and work experience, therefore, make him best-suited to mentor startup companies through the early business stages, something he loves doing. He has so far mentored startups such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Visit Glen Wakeman’s profile at Linkedin.

Mentoring Areas

While mentoring startups, Glen Wakeman focuses on five major performance areas: leadership, execution, risk management, human capital and governance. These areas of focus are crucial to startups in any industry. His success in guiding startups, new market entry, M&As, exponential growth, and divestitures on the business and financial front have earned him recognition across the world. His experience of working in different markets has also contributed to his knowledge of how the global financial industry runs. Glen Wakeman pegs his success on strategy. As such, he advises you to read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, which to him is the best book on strategy in the world.

Read: https://affiliatedork.com/glen-wakeman-inspires-entrepreneurs


However, Glen Wakeman’s mentoring services are not limited to one-on-one mentoring. He is a qualified writer who shares his thoughts in the financial industry with others through regular blog posts. Wakeman is an inspiration to millennials and seasoned entrepreneurs. He exudes different, beneficial skills in business. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on twitter.com.