The Important Events Of 2017 For One Login

One Login is a growing company, and 2017 has been an eventful year for this tech giant. These have been some of 2017’s most noteworthy events for One Login:

  1. One Login’s Management Changed:

Brad Brooks is the CEO of One Login, and he assumed this position in August. He is highly experienced in the high tech sector, and he has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Employees of One Login have been satisfied with his performance on the job.

  1. Incorporation Of Machine Learning:

The One Login app now uses machine learning for several important functions. Machine learning increases the speed of the app. In addition, it increases the speed that you can find apps. It allows you to find apps without even knowing their names. This is possible because the machine learning allows you to search for apps using keywords.The security of the software has also improved. If someone tries to login from a suspicious network, machine learning will be used to block the attempt. Furthermore, the suspicious login request will be reported to management.

  1. New Reviews:

Fourteen companies have given One Login a positive review this year. Each of these companies has operated in a different sector of the economy. The fact that One Login has gotten good reviews from more businesses is likely lead to the company’s growth.

Fortune Magazine has also recognized One Login. In fact, the magazine has listed it as one of the best San Francisco companies to work for. This is likely to bring new employees to One Login in the future.

  1. One Login Has A New Customer:

Airbus currently uses the services of One Login to verify the identity of their employees. This company is a well-known aeronautics manufacturer that has produced vehicles for spaceflight.

Fabletics leverages the crowd, customer service and old fashioned honesty to succeed

Crowd sourced clothing? Certainly. Kate Hudson‘s brand, Fabletics, realized early on the power of the crowd. It encourages its customers to review each outfit they purchase, then prominently displays them on their website. This makes it easier for shoppers to determine if an outfit will work for them.


Of course, Fabletics starts each customer off with its Lifestyle Quiz to identify which styles work best for them. But, its crowd sourced data helps after that. The lifestyle quiz identifies what type of outfit to send each month automatically, whether perfect for running or weightlifting, for example. The reviews help the customer determine whether to accept the outfit or choose another. They also help when a customer needs more athletic wear than the single outfit, say when one begins training for an ultra or road race. The need for clean, comfortable workout gear for each day arises.


Some e-commerce sites such as Wal-Mart, also recognize the need for reviews, but don’t have the same high level of customer engagement. They resorted to leveraging the manufacturer’s reviews, partnering with them to import reviews to the e-commerce site.


Fabletics knows it’s tough to shop online. The reviews make things easier for customers who don’t live near one of its bricks and mortar stores, like its new Charlotte, NC location. If you live by a physical store, you can pop by and try something on to experience its fit. Fabletics encourages these customers to also review the outfits. The information sharing combines an organic word of mouth marketing campaign with big data, technology’s new darling.


Reviews alone don’t sell the athletic gear. The truth and veracity of Hudson as an actress, athlete and entrepreneur has equal part. Hudson doesn’t simply snap pics of herself in Fabletics gear for her Instagram. She genuinely trains and actually wears her brand.


She even met a recent design partner at the gym. She and singer Demi Lovato met in 2016 when both were working out at the same New York City gym. As the two worked out and chatted together, they discovered an affinity for improving themselves and inspiring others to do the same. The idea for a design collaboration also spawned from the meeting. Hudson and Lovato launched their line in May of 2017.


The collaboration reflects Lovato’s love of music and her focus on health. She train six days a week at Los Angeles gym, Unbreakable Performance Center, favoring a mixed martial arts workout.


“I like to work out a lot. I like to stay active,” Lovato said in an LA Times interview. “I wanted to design comfortable clothes that make people feel confident.”


While Hudson’s and Lovato’s athleticism and veracity help sell the brand, its clear communication channels keep it on top. Hudson recognized early on that customer service is key. When clients complained, she took action, improving the customer service department and leveraging big data to ensure CSRs had inventory information at their fingertips. When asked when an out of stock item becomes available again, every CSR has a ready answer and a specific date. They also openly share that data with the customer. If your favorite purple running leggings sold out, they’ll be back in stock on July 23rd, for example. That transparency built brand trust quickly although the company uses what was a new business model to athletic wear – the subscription model. Fabletics proves honesty and hard work will take you to the top.

Executive Sponsorship and Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant who is based in Philadelphia. Her impressive resume includes serving as the president of American Eagle Outfitters as well as being the chief executive of Wet Seal Inc. Currently, her roles include working with the Pittsburgh Steelers on creative development and business strategy.

McGalla grew up in the Philadelphia area and later attended Mount Union College, earning a degree in business. She is married to Stephen McGalla, a financial professional. Throughout her career, she has balanceed business with family, even working remotely while pregnant.

As a woman who has achieved great success in the business world, McGalla is an inspiration to other women. As a child, her football-coach father taught her to work hard for everything and not to expect any handouts. These lessons served her well as she worked her way up from the bottom of the ladder as a starting employee to president of the company at American Eagle.

Unfortunately, McGalla’s story is an unusual one because the top ranks of the business world are still mostly filled by men. There have been numerous initiatives and programs to help women, but these have not been enough to shatter the glass ceiling holding back qualified women.

One way that this achievement gap can be addressed is through executive sponsorship programs for promising women in business. When a woman is paired with an executive sponsor, or mentor, she has a role model and advocate to help her navigate the unfamiliar realm of the high-level corporate world. Statistically, such programs have proven to be successful, and more should be in place.

Class Dojo in the Modern Day Field of Education

The field of education is ever changing. There are so many different issues, processes, procedures and methods; that teachers often have a hard time keeping up with everything. Let’s not forget the vast amount of paperwork, record keeping and documentation that must be managed. Teachers even have to deal with modern students which are more complex than in the past. The modern day field of education is very challenging.

One way that teachers overcome problems within the field of education, is through the use of technology. Science has evolved enough to allow teachers to process and store information onto computers and to communicate through a mobile device platform. Class Dojo is an app that is helping to shape the modern day field of education.

Why is this app so useful to a teacher’s classroom experience? First, this app gives teachers a way to communicate with parents. This is important for student success. It is a known fact that when teachers and parents communicate regularly about a student; that student will invariably perform better in school. Involved parents help their students to do better in the long run during their school career.

Parents can not only communicate about their student’s with this app, they can also check up on their homework and classroom performance. This in turn will help parents to figure out how to strengthen their child in the areas where they need it the most. Class Dojo is also a great tool for helping teachers to reward their students when the need arises. All people (especially children) love to be rewarded and Class Dojo is a tool that can provide this benefit.

Class Dojo is now being used by over 90% of all schools within the U.S. Its success is due to its ease of use and effectiveness within the classroom environment. All an instructor has to do is download the app and have parents do the same. The app is designed for students K – 8 but it is also used for high school scholars as well. Class Dojo is truly a great app that helps to improve the modern day field of education.

Barbara Stokes Is Committed To Keep Hope Alive In Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) which is based out of Huntsville, AL, and operating in Washington D.C., Gaithersburg MD, Arlington VA, and Baltimore MD.

GSH operates all through North America, which provides project management and designs, installs, develops, builds, inspects and

delivers mobile modular residential and commercial structures. Also, GSH manufactures temporary housing. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Stokes is a corporate leader at Green Structure Homes Alabama (GSH), located in Russellville, Alabama. Before operating GSH Alabama, Stokes had extensive experience at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. In that location, GSH employs 21 people with annual revenues of 1.5 million dollars GSH of Alabama manufactures commercial mobile buildings using lumber and wood products, but not furniture.

GSH Alabama in October 2017 increased the manufacturing job opportunities in seven more states including manufacturing facilities in Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. These new jobs support $28.5M FEMA’s contract award to GSH of Alabama, LLC. As a result of Hurricane, Harvey GSH is producing modular homes supporting the relief efforts.


Barbara Stokes is highly experienced in government contracting and GSH Alabama supports the mission of FEMA and the United States Government contracting in its disaster relief efforts. Before opening GSH Alabama, Barbara Stokes worked with multi-national companies, Pisces Corporation and Boeing.

Stokes attended and graduated from Mercer University, She studied and is competent in the areas of:

  1. Biomedical Engineering and Physics program

2, Manufacturing and Management

  1. Technical Communication, Structures
  2. Properties of Materials, and
  3. Thermodynamics.

Stokes is involved in philanthropic efforts working with charities and is committed to being a volunteer in the Huntsville community. Read more at Business Insider.

Dr. David Samadi’s SMART Method Allows The Nerves To Go Undamaged

Dr. David B Samadi is a urologist who works at Lenox Hill hospital in New York. He is the highest paid doctor in the entire city. He is a urologist and he focuses his time to finding and treating prostate diseases in men.

He is very experienced in the field of urology and has made major contributions to the field. He worked his way up to earning the status as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at his hospital. Before coming to all of this success, he had to conquer a few barriers thrown at him during his early life. To start, Samadi was born into a war stricken neighborhood in Iran. Due to the war and the many dangers attached to it, he and his brother were forced to flee at the young age of fifteen. Without their parents, they made their way to Roslyn, New York where they finished high school. Samadi was lucky enough to be offered a full scholarship to Stony Brook University. He accepted it and earned degree in biochemistry. The next step was to find a career. Samadi knew from a young age that he wanted to help others. He was also very interested in robotic surgery techniques that were arising in the field of prostate treatment.

He found himself drawn towards urology and from here, his career took off. Samadi has since performed almost 10,000 prostate treatments. He has done these treatments in over 45 different countries throughout the world. 90 percent of Samadi’s patients now live cancer free. The reason he is able to perform so well during these surgeries is partly due to the fact that he has an amazingly vivid photographic memory.

He is able to look at a diagram or drawing and quickly locate the same areas during a procedure. Another reason he has such a high percentage of success is due to the robotic surgery technique that he developed. The system is called SMART and stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. The treatments allows for much higher accuracy when working around the nerves in the prostate. The nerves are very sensitive and often damaged during traditional surgeries. Samadi’s SMART method allows the nerves to go undamaged and results in much fewer side effects. Samadi is a well rounded, intelligent man. He is determined and dedicated to helping others. He has made many contributions to the urology industry.

To know more visit @:

Concentrating and Focusing Your Efforts on What You are Best at

Concentrating and Focusing Your Efforts on What You Are Best At

Dr. Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental and an expert in dentistry industry created perfect model for both doctors and patients. As a dental practitioner, he focuses on both sole and corporate clients and upholds integrity and professionalism in his career. The creation of the facility was triggered by the desire to assist dental practitioners to focus on what they are best at. His firm has provided quality support to practitioners to over 70 locations within six states focusing on exceptional dental care. It has as well created job opportunities for approximately 533 employees and future expansion of the dental facility is expected.

Dr. Villanueva established MB2 with an aim to offer something unique in the sector rather than focus on profits gain. The firm helps practitioners to enhance their skills, innovations and improve their operating standards thus contributing to healthy business development. According to Dr. Chris, self – reflection is essential for every successful entrepreneur as it brings about new development ideas. He further emphasizes on making sure that the right people are put in place for the sake of your clients. For this reason, MB2 dental firm is a community-based facility built on people and merges the private practices and group practices.

Having served as both sole- practitioner and corporate dentistry, Dr. Villanueva experience and expertise activated the existence of MB2 Dental. He started the firm with extensive knowledge on how to provide complete assistance in the industry without compromising on professionalism. The firm creates a positive impact on the dental industry for doctors and patients and has transformed their lives for the better. It has proved that dentists can assist each other better while working together than individually and must uphold company culture. The company doctors have vast experience in the field and have successfully made sure they maintain standards in their practice.

MB2 Dental firm creates an opportunity for dentists to develop and learn from one another besides retaining control in their practice. It is equipped with a team of experts that assist the dentists with compliance, human resource, legal, marketing or payroll challenges. The practice owners of the company receive bi-annual retreats where they meet and enjoy with their fellow sound minded dentists. Dr. Villanueva together with his fellow three colleagues in the dentist field made a decision to be the next global chefs. It was a venture that didn’t work as expected and through which he learned the importance of focusing on your best area.

Innovating with Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed biomedical journal, known for breaking the latest news about cancer research. Recently, Oncotarget published research about new strategies for treating drug-resistant thyroid cancer. Specifically, they found that combining some drugs is much more effective than any single drug alone.

Thyroid cancer can be devastating. It’s a rare cancer, and breakthroughs are needed because it is not yet well understood. Oncotarget’s role as a journal is crucial. This journal is open-access and publishes twice per week. This is key because it allows researchers to share their results more easily than traditional journals do. For example, a traditional journal may publish monthly and require an expensive subscription. Oncotarget has broken down both of those walls. Visit Soundcloud to listen an audio podcast of Oncotarget.

This journal is closely focused on the subject of oncology, the study and treatment of cancer. Oncology is a crucial area of research. Everyone’s life has been touched by cancer. This disease claims thousands of lives each year, and can afflict everyone from children to the elderly. By making research more readily available, Oncotarget is helping to bring us all closer to the cure.


Recently, Oncotarget has removed another set of barriers. People today are busy, and reading is not always convenient for them. Because of that, Oncotarget makes video and audio versions of articles available. The journal has also launched a new podcast. This includes interviews with the authors of the research. It’s available on Stitcher, Player.FM and iTunes.

All of this media combines to bring a more holistic picture of the research to life for doctors and other biomedical researchers. Oncotarget knows that any news of novel treatments for dangerous conditions like thyroid cancer should be disseminated quickly. They’re one of the most efficient outlets in the world at doing just that. Learn more at

The Professional Success of Louis Chenevert

The renowned company’s success by the name United Technologies Corporation (UTC ) may be associated to the excellent leadership under Louis Chenevert. This company deals with the assembling of various worlds’ technologically-advanced engines for the jets, that are designed in order to serve both the military & commercial needs.

The thing which exceptional businessmen such as Louis Chenevert are eager to do is being on top of their game that implies always attempting to improve. By doing so, these individuals have revealed a secret which others do not acknowledge, the essence of mastering the art of investing & the business dynamics. That said, investment must be in the highest level of innovation, at the end of it all, the future, as we are aware, is going to be controlled entirely by an advanced technology. A competitive leader, a businessperson are just some words which individuals use to explain Louis Chenevert. Read more on
Major achievements during his career

Louis Chenevert altered the some game rules in the market that other important players could easily subscribe to. His reign for 6 years at UTC made the company to gain substantial success in the industry. In his career, he ensured to do what many executives aren’t able to do in their whole career. He performed substantial work of supporting UTC & achieved various goals, among them:

• The process of acquiring Goodrich has been Chenevert’s major achievement till
today. His aim saw him working on the deal for a longer time and at last the
deal got struck at a price of $18.4 Billion.
• Chenevert got an appointment as the UTC’s CEO a period when America was
experiencing great recession, but he still managed to raise the price of the
firm’s share up to $117 from the original $ 37.
• Chenevert has been able to keep up UTC stability by avoiding to opt for
outsourcing production but rather, moving a team of aeronautical engineers to
this company’s base situated in Connecticut for them to use their skills where
they were mainly required that is in the military & commercial markets.

As time goes by, Chenevert has been able to climb up the lane in the industry. Some of his additional achievements in various dockets which he has been responsible to date include being inducted to the Fellow of the AIAA.

Learn more:

All what Louis Chenevert has been able to do wouldn’t have come out in the limelight if it was not for the able team that Louis Chenevert was cooperating with to expand the UTC company. Gentlemen like him proof that to be a businessperson does not entail barking orders & terrorizing the employees but it entails cooperating together as a team in order to meet the desired company goals. Louis Chenevert’s brilliance on issues pertaining to making proper financial decisions on the investments he gets himself into & making the UTC experience a huge financial performance are just beyond doubt that this person indeed has a good touch to all what he tells his mind to do.

Under him, the UTC company has been capable of merging 2 factors which are; offering a proper solution for the infrastructural & commercial concepts in order to provide quality items to the wide market which is certainly anticipated to grow. Since he left UTC, Chenevert moved to Goldman Sachs where he became a senior advisor. He was part of a team which targeted advancements in aerospace sectors & assisted in building several business-related ventures. Read more at

Social Equality and Justice Spearheaded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

There is nothing noble about mistreating others. There is no pride in subjecting others to a life of pain and suffering. This is because we are all human beings and deserve to be treated with dignity.

Many nations in the world continue to fight for the implementation of advanced human, immigrants and civil rights policies.

All minority groups are victims of the violation of this laws. Many of them suffer in silence. They are slowly adopting this as their part of life. This is unfair. Equality and justice must be upheld to ensure that everyone enjoys a happy life. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Humanitarians have contributed a substantial part of their lives and resources to ensure that this state is achieved. Some of the groups that are spearheading in the advocacy of human, immigration and civil rights are;

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is the creation of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two are also the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times.

The two journalists have put a lot of effort in implementing the first amendment rights. They have a history of winning their legal battles.

The journalists sacrificed their settlement of $3.75 million that they received from the case of the sheriff.

The Frontera Fund is the primary supporter of the groups that advocate for human, civil and immigrants’ rights in Arizona. They also fight to ensure that everyone enjoys the freedom of expression.

Arizona Project Justice

The convict’s group is one of the secluded group in the society. People view inmates as criminals who deserve to suffer. However, the detainees are members of the society who deserve to be protected from poor policies.

Some of the convicts claim to be innocent. They ended in jail due to lack of proper legal representation. Some of them lack the finance to employ a lawyer.  Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Arizona Project Justice fights to ensure that such inmates get justice. Then there other inmates who claim to have serious ailments or need medical attention.

The foundation believes that denying one individual a right is denying the whole society the right.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

There is nothing that is annoying like people who judge others based on their color. This is a baseless way of classifying anyone. The character is built depending on the individual’s virtues.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund educates people against racism. They fight racism using the litigation method when the need arises.