Daniel Taub Expressed Plenty Of Concerns About The Nuclear Agreement Made Between The West And Iran

Daniel Taub, the former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, once put out the idea that Israel and some of its antagonists in the Middle East could end up being allies. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He revealed that he didn’t think the Geneva accord would do much to hamper the nuclear threat that had been coming from Iran as the country worked to achieve nuclear power. Along with these possible alliances, Israel sent its own national security team to Washington to speak with American officials.

Taub believes that many of the other countries in the region of Israel and in other parts of the world would agree that there are many radical groups in the area between Tehran to Gaza.

He also commented that many countries probably see things the same way as Israel does and that if the most essential of concerns could be agreed upon there could be an alliance.

Daniel Taub was asked about the possibility of a relationship with surrounding countries, and he responded that there were many changes that were creating openings for partnerships that wouldn’t have been thought about before.

He commented that Israel’s relationship with its Western allies including the United States were going well even though they didn’t agree on the deal made with Iran. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

He went on to explain that while it appeared that sanctions and other deals made with Iran would have a significant effect, that he didn’t believe they would. The reason for this according to Taub is because the deal will not effectively keep Iran from making a bomb.

Daniel Taub spoke more about the deal made with Iran and commented that Israel’s concern was that the deal didn’t take care of everything that it should have.

He feels that there was a a lot of deception involved and pointed to the fact that no centrifuges were taken apart and that, in fact, all of the centrifuges will still be operating after the agreement was made.

Taub felt that Iran wouldn’t be any further from attaining nuclear weapons at the end of the deal than it was at the beginning of it. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, shared Taub’s opinion and had an angry telephone conversation with President Obama at the time.

Daniel Taub believes that only time will tell what effects the nuclear deal made with Iran will have on his country and the rest of the world, and he hopes that the global community will do more in the future to shut down countries who threaten other countries with nuclear destruction.

Whitney Wolfe Developing Highly Efficient and Seamless Professional Networking Platform, Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is a highly successful women entrepreneur in the United States, and she is the co-founder of two of the most popular dating apps in the market currently, Tinder and Bumble. Whitney Wolfe parted ways with Tinder in 2014 and soon after announced the launch of Bumble. Even though the interface of Bumble might look similar to Tinder in many ways, there is one big and fundamental difference between Bumble, and that is it only allows women to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe knew that women are subject to a lot of unsolicited messages and bullying online, and to filter that, such a step was necessary. At Bumble, women don’t have to worry about opening the app and scrolling through tons of unwanted messages, because male members cannot message women members unless female members first initiate the contact.

Bumble is a dating app that has helped many people start a meaningful relationship without having to go through that daunting dating app experiences that many other apps out there provides. Bumble is easy to use and as per the reviews of many of its members, has better profiles as well. Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Bumble said that the app has a lot of potentials to grow and its growing network has triggered the recent addition of two of its extensions, namely Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe said that with the addition of Bumble Bizz, the company would help its members to build their professional network in their demography with ease. Many experts on professional and online networking said that the introduction of Bumble Bizz might have some negative implications for Linkedin.

It is because Linkedin is more professional and rigid in its approach, whereas Bumble Bizz is very casual. It is this flexibility in strategy that can help attract many members. Moreover, one can be sure that the results for matches that the members find on Bumble Bizz are nearby so that if things work out the way it is planned, members can go out and meet each other as well. However, with all things Bumble, only female members are allowed to contact first. It is what helps in keeping spam away, and women members can feel safe at Bumble as well. The professional networking through Bumble is also more fun and fluid than on Linkedin, and thus, one can expect a fierce competition between these two professional networking platforms in the time to come.

Milstein Family Foundation Helps Launch Virtually Israel 2.0

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation announced that they are now working with the MERONA Leadership Foundation in a strategic new partnership as part of the Milstein Family Foundation’s synergistic approach to philanthropy. This approach aims to multiply the effects of the philanthropy by teaming up with like-minded charities, individuals and non-profits. Together the Milstein Family Foundation and the Merona Leadership Foundation will launch Virtually Israel 2.0. Visit Hager Pacific website to know more about Adam Milstein.

This new project dubbed Virtually Israel 2.0 will now offer four times as many videos of Israel’s most famous sites for users to experience in video and virtual reality formats. A trailer video about Virtually Israel 2.0 received a lot of attention and even went viral on the net. This shows that people are hungry for more information on the state of Israel says, Adam Milstein. He adds that he is pleased to be able to help people discover all of what Israel has to offer.

The best part of Virtually Israel 2.0 is that it is free adds Adam Milstein. There is no fee or cost to experience the breathtaking scenery that the Jewish state of Israel has to offer. Adam Milstein explains that one can get an intimate look at Israel’s most famous sites such as the old city of Jerusalem, the shoreline of Tel Aviv and the tech hubs that create so much new technology and innovation. View Adam Milstein’s profile on Facebook.

Adam Milstein says that people are so excited about Virtually Israel 2.0 because it allows anyone to experience the best of Israel without leaving their own home. He says he is honored to help expand the program and share the beauty of his place of birth with the rest of the world. It is an excellent way of using technology to share knowledge, culture and promote understanding of a country and people that are often misunderstood.

Virtually Israel currently has a total of 11 videos that one can see. They cover the Bible Lands Museum, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Additional places and topics include Israeli beaches, technology and innovation, Sarona Market, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and a balloon ride over Tel Aviv. The videos can be seen on YouTube, FaceBook, virtual reality and even on big screens with special set up.

Visit: https://www.jta.org/author/adam-milstein

Jose Hawilla and The Fantastic Business Qualities He Has To Run Traffic

Not all people have the drive, personality or energy to run a business or manage it through thick and thin. In fact, an article from The Balance showed that many factors contribute to making a business leader sustain the work that he or she does. Most of these leaders also get their success because their businesses belong to a country that’s conducive to running an enterprise.

The Best Places for Entrepreneurship

The article from The Balance has shown that the number one country that’s most conducive to entrepreneurs is America, followed by Canada and Sweden. No wonder that it’s a familiar adage that America is the land of so many opportunities. In fact, U.S. has about 80% of rating and ranking regarding the assessment of business leaders about their companies.

Some of the things that make America impressive regarding a community for business are its incentives for small business leaders and entrepreneurial activities.

Successful Attributes

It is also said that most of the key attributes that make a successful entrepreneur include the desire for independence and the drive for more wealth and to be able to work for one’s own time. One of the few people who are risk-taking and adventurous enough to deal with the challenges of running a business is Jose Hawilla.

About Jose Hawilla

There’s a long history of achievements and challenges in the career and personal life of Jose Hawilla. He went through a lot of changes and sacrifice before he reached the success he is in now.

Right now, the main focus of Jose Hawilla is the owner and manager of Traffic, which is today’s leading sports marketing agency for various football teams in competition in Latin America. Before his focus for this marketing management work, he used to be a journalist and was busy in working on different projects in Latin America. Check out educacaofisica.com for more.

His focus now for Traffic has now given birth to a lot of improvements and changes in the lives of the clients who acquired the services of Jose Hawilla’s marketing company. Without the help of Traffic, many football teams would not be able to get the video production, e-business and event production programs for exposure that they need.

Click here: http://esportes.estadao.com.br/noticias/futebol,traffic-inaugura-ct-milionario-e-coloca-time-para-jogar,336504

Nick Vertucci: From Broke To A Multimillionaire Using Real Estate

When Nick Vertucci was struggling some years ago and was having trouble paying his bills and taking care of his wife and children, a friend took him to a real estate seminar that changed his life. That seminar helped Vertucci to realize how simple it is for people to find, improve and rent or sell properties. The information was a lifeline for Nick Vertucci and he has used it to make several million dollars. When working with real estate helped Vertucci get his get his bills paid, he promised himself when he got financially secure he would show others what working with real estate can do for them.

Once Nick Vertucci became a multimillionaire, he began investing his time and energy into fulfilling his promise. First he created his ‘Fortunes In Flipping’ program that helped many people make money in real estate. But Vertucci wanted to make the information he learned about buying and selling real estate and how it could dramatically change people’s lives accessible to more people. So he created the NV Real Estate Academy. The academy offers a step by step guide people can use to learn how to find properties to buy, get the money they need to purchase it and get a list of people ready to buy it.

With the type of guidance the NV Real Estate Academy offers, people of all ages educational levels and from all parts of the country have been able to make lots of money buying and selling real estate. The process is so simple, most people are surprised when they begin applying the techniques they leaned at the NV Real Estate Academy and the money starts rolling in. Plus, Nick Vertucci is there to answer any questions students in the school have about the entire process.

Nick Vertucci is just an average person that was given a phenomenal opportunity and made the most of it. He had lived in his van, lost all he had accumulated in the dot.com crash and was struggling to stay afloat when he got involved in real estate. Now he is a multimillionaire.

Sheriff of Maricopa County

Former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, who was recently granted a presidential pardon by Donald Trump, was once again confronted in the media by longtime foes, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, who called the President’s decision “the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals.”

Throughout his career, Joe Arpaio was called out for a number of his misdeeds by Larkin and Lacey’s Phoenix New Times, which would eventually lead to their unlawful arrests at their homes. While it has been ten years since the brazen violation of constitutional rights occurred, feelings between both parties remain raw.

The early 1970’s was a period rife with turmoil in the United States, with significant protests mounting throughout the country regarding the United States’ participation in the Vietnam War, and combined with the conservative nature of the coverage executed by the traditional media outlets, the need for an alternative voice was at an all-time high.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey – at the time, merely dropouts from Arizona State University, had become increasingly involved with the anti-war movement that had begun gaining traction, and after the shootings on the campus of Kent State University, in which four students lost their lives at the hands of Ohio National Guardsmen, decided to jump directly into the fray. Joined by fellow students, Karen Lofgren, Nick Stupey, Hal Smith, and Frank Fiore, Michael Lacey launched the inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times, to much acclaim. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin

In two years time, Jim Larkin joined the party, taking on the business aspects of the publication, which proved to be a wonderful matching of the minds, as the stock of the Phoenix New Times quickly elevated, particularly with the involvement of J.C. Penny, who took out full-page ads in the weekly paper.

The latter half of the decade proved to be a time of peaks and valleys, but by the arrival of the 1980’s, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had implemented a number of new columns, including a wildly popular personals section, as well as a section featuring satirical comics strips by Bob Boze Bell.

This would give the Phoenix New Times a new set of readers, in effect, taking the brand even further.

In 1983, New Times Media would make its first major acquisition, purchasing Patricia Calhoun’s Westword – a publication based in Denver that had seen a significant dip since its launch six years prior.

This would begin a period of expansion for the team of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, as over the next few years, they would go on to acquire a total of 17 publications, including Miami New Times, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Nashville Scene, and the counterculture publication that started it all, New York City’s Village Voice.

Sticking to their trend of shedding light on the issues that mainstream media refused to cover, Jim Larkin and Michael garnered an audience that stretched from coast to coast – maintaining this a notable readership for the next four decades.

Today Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey head the Frontera Fund and recently delved back into the world of narrative journalism with the launch of FrontPage Confidential.

Jorge Moll-Chasing Every Opportunity

Neurologist, businessman, philanthropist, and father- Jorge Moll is the President-director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where he’s accumulated such accolades as the Research Fellow NIH award, as well as Stanford University’s Visiting Scholar Award. Check more info here on crunchbase.com. His studies of the human brain and cognition are largely focused on helping people with mental illnesses achieve better quality of life. This desire to help others with the unfair, unpredictable challenges of impaired brain function is something which he says is a huge motivator for him. Moll takes inspiration and input from a wide variety of sources on a daily basis- from scholars, to other scientists and researchers, even from students. In this way, he keeps communication open, allowing for exchange of ideas and allowing for those ideas to flourish in the light of others. He’s always got new and innovative theories regarding his area of study- and makes a point of not wasting any time putting those plans into effective action. Moll says that he either runs with an idea or ditches it for the next, better one-rather than sitting around mulling over which idea to choose. He remains prolific by keeping himself open to every opportunity that comes his way, and grasping at each and every possibility to see if it works. Moll is interested in the future of technology and the possibilities that it holds for the future as well- the topics of artificial intelligence and fabricated cognition are of particular interest to him, as well as the study of regenerative medicine and gene therapy- a method that could possibly fix many of the problems that he deals with in his research and improve life for millions upon millions of people. In addition to all of his scientific achievements, Moll prides himself in being a loving and caring father and role model for his children. Moll currently resides at his home in De Janeiro with his family.


Paul Mampilly’s Warning About Healthcare Stocks

It’s been recently announced on the news that JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway and e-commerce giant Amazon have announced they have a new system for getting healthcare that could cut out the “middleman” when it comes to consumer purchases. It’s a complex issue to explain since the layers of healthcare all have profits flowing from pharmaceutical companies, to drug retailers like CVS and Walgreens, healthcare providers and networks as well the insurance companies. But in wake of this announcement meany healthcare stocks took a big hit in the stock market, though Paul Mampilly, an expert at Banyan Hill Publishing warned this was coming. What Mampilly says is that Amazon’s entering the drug sale marketplace will cause healthcare stocks to drop way down, and when they reach a point that makes them look good to buy, investors may be eager to snatch them up. But the bad news is they’re not likely to ever rebound.

Paul Mampilly doesn’t simply tell his followers what they want to hear. He gives them real advice on how to find good stocks that he himself learned during his Wall Street career, and he’s not a broker at Banyan Hill; he’s an author who tells his audience how to build their own portfolio. Prior to joining Banyan Hill, he spent several years in the hedge fund industry and more than 10 years in big banking. He got his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Montclair State University, and his master’s from Fordham University. He began in banking as a researcher for Deutsche Bank in 1991 and moved up the ranks in the offices of ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and others.

Paul Mampilly gained major recognition from Barron’s magazine in 2006 when he joined the team at Kinetics International Fund and helped raise client AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion. He was touted for pooling client investments in funds that brought upwards of 40% in annual returns. Paul Mampilly also invested $50 million in alternative funds during the 2008 Templeton Foundation competition and ended with $88 million despite the recession reaching its peak at that time. He also was an early investor in Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics prior to their stock reaching incredible highs. Mampilly’s success enabled him to retire from the corporate life early, but he feels his work is just begun in informing his audience on how to make stock investing work for them.

Paul Mampilly’s Social Media: twitter.com/Paul_M_Guru

Interviewing Dr. David Samadi& Understanding his Passion

Dr. David Samadi is a member of the Lenox Hill Hospital team, which means a lot since this is one of the most prestigious hospitals providing help to those in need. Dr. Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the hospital, a title he has earned through years of experience and genuine passion for the craft. It took some time to get an interview with the medical professional, but he finally sat down to share a little about his life and what drives his craft.

Dr. David Samadi is not only a talented physician but also an adventurous one since he has helped patients in over 40 nations. His expertise in surgery, with the help of robotics, has earned him quite the reputation amongst experts and patients who want to be treated with state-of-the-art procedures. Dr. David Samadi focuses on treating prostate cancer, which is a delicate issue to deal with through surgery. Many times the patient ends up with some kind of nerve damage that causes issues like erectile dysfunction amongst many other problems.

The medical professional has served as a urology professor and has also hosted his own medical TV program, not to mention appearing on FOX News to offer a medical opinion on issues affecting Americans. During the interview, he spoke about his career and what drives him, which can be boiled down to an insatiable desire to help those in need. He wanted to do the very best he could for his patients, which is part of the reason robotic surgery was so attractive. He was introduced to this type of surgery in France. He discovered urologists in this country were using laparoscopic technology to perform surgery, which he could not resist. He lived in France for a whole year perfecting his craft using this new approach.

His passion for perfection has definitely helped Dr. David Samadi go far in his career. He points out that the most effective way for him to promote his services is now through word-of-mouth. It seems that the specialist does not spend nearly as much time adversing his services because the patients he’s served cannot wait to tell family or friends about Dr. Samadi’s work. Perhaps one thing that stands out the most about Dr. Samadi is his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, which is something he came up with. It helps him prevent nerve damage during prostate procedures. The techniques have proven to be quite effective, which is something he is very proud of.

The Important Events Of 2017 For One Login

One Login is a growing company, and 2017 has been an eventful year for this tech giant. These have been some of 2017’s most noteworthy events for One Login:

  1. One Login’s Management Changed:

Brad Brooks is the CEO of One Login, and he assumed this position in August. He is highly experienced in the high tech sector, and he has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Employees of One Login have been satisfied with his performance on the job.

  1. Incorporation Of Machine Learning:

The One Login app now uses machine learning for several important functions. Machine learning increases the speed of the app. In addition, it increases the speed that you can find apps. It allows you to find apps without even knowing their names. This is possible because the machine learning allows you to search for apps using keywords.The security of the software has also improved. If someone tries to login from a suspicious network, machine learning will be used to block the attempt. Furthermore, the suspicious login request will be reported to management.

  1. New Reviews:

Fourteen companies have given One Login a positive review this year. Each of these companies has operated in a different sector of the economy. The fact that One Login has gotten good reviews from more businesses is likely lead to the company’s growth.

Fortune Magazine has also recognized One Login. In fact, the magazine has listed it as one of the best San Francisco companies to work for. This is likely to bring new employees to One Login in the future.

  1. One Login Has A New Customer:

Airbus currently uses the services of One Login to verify the identity of their employees. This company is a well-known aeronautics manufacturer that has produced vehicles for spaceflight.