Susan McGalla – Sharing her Views on how Women can Achieve Success in their Career

Susan McGalla is a familiar name in the management and branding consultancy world and is known for achieving benchmark success in her career in a short period through remarkable performance. She is known for speaking at various high profile events, and have spoken at major events such as at Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Conference. Susan McGalla is also credited for founding one of the most sought after consulting firm, P# Executive Consulting LLC.

Recently, she spoke and discussed how the women should plan their career to be successful and make their mark in their respective workplace. One of the first thing advice she gives to women is to focus on their finance and start saving early for their college education. Susan McGalla believes that education plays a pivotal role in the success, whether one chooses to be an entrepreneur or work as an employee at a company. The second advice she gives to women is to build a support network in their place of work and network with the influencers in their workplace as well as their sector. Susan says that it is essential for women to showcase exemplary discipline and work ethics for their efforts to be recognized. Such qualities are what employers look for in their employees, and are essential for getting promotions and achieve higher designation in the employer’s organization.

The research on women employees in the country has seen drastic development in the past few decades. In 1950, only about 20 percent of the women worked outside of their home, but today that figure has reached close to 50 percent. And, of the 50 percent of women that consist of the total workforce of the country, around 14 percent holds high-level executive positions. Susan McGalla understands that women do face few more challenges than men when it comes to progress in their career, but it can be changed when women exhibit high ethics and discipline at the workplace.

P3 Executive Consulting LLC, headed by Susan McGalla, is a firm known across the country for offering a comprehensive range of administrative and managerial consulting services to organizations, private corporations, government entities, individuals, academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more. Even though Susan McGalla expertise ranges across the management topics, she is widely known for branding and marketing, in the industry. Susan McGalla believes in women empowerment and regularly shares her thoughts online about how women can achieve great success in their career.

Andrew Rolfe and The Spirit Of Ubuntu

Andrew Rolfe is by my accounts a successful man. Having made a name and riches for himself as a senior employee in a number large multinationals, he had for years been searching for ways to give back. In 2000 he finally found a way, joining Malizole Gwaxual and Jacob Lief at a barely year-old Ubuntu Education Fund. In the 17 years since Andrew Rolfe joined the trust, it has grown tremendously partly as a result of his contribution.

The Ubuntu Education Fund runs its programs in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The key purpose of the Firm is to empower the orphaned children in the area sustainably. That is, rather than give the children fish, the fund endeavors to teach them how to fish. To achieve this objective, the children under the Fund’s guide are provided with the tools they require to become healthy, self-sustaining adults hence preventing the cycle of poverty from taking root in the society. In a bid to ensure the greatest degree of success, these tools are typically tailored to the specific needs of a child and include, a quality education, health services and, where lacking, a home.

The noble but challenging objective of molding these children requires a lot of autonomy and resources. That is where Andrew Rolfe comes in. Mr. Rolfe has been the chairman of the Fund’s board since he joined in 2000. In addition to putting a significant amount of his money into the Fund, as its general overseer he has also revolutionized the manner in which the Fund mobilizes and uses resources. Under his leadership, Ubuntu Education Fund has not only been able to increase the donations received, successfully implement a no-strings-attached policy. That is, those who donate resources to the Fund do so knowing they will have no say in their use. The availability of non-obligated resources offers the Fund more flexibility and freedom to implement the programs it feels are in the children’s best interests.

Ubuntu calls us all to show humanity to our neighbors. Through his work at the Ubuntu Education Fund Andrew Rolfe has certainly lived up to the idea.

Communication that Connects Classrooms to their Community


Creating a school culture is crucial to student’s success. To create a nurturing culture, communication is key. ClassDojo is an educational app whose goal it is to connect students lives at school to their lives at home. The success Class Dojo has had is apparent. Now, the app is in 35 languages and is used in 90% of Kindergarten through 8th grade schools nationwide and 180 countries. This app allows teachers to track students behaviors and successes so that the parents at home or work can instantly see how their child is doing.

For teachers who need to communicate with parents about a student’s behavior progress, this instantaneous communication can make the difference between effective behavior management, and and an ineffective plan. For parents to know exactly how their student’s day went as soon as they are picked up, can set the tone for the rest of the night.

Specifically, teachers can share videos, photos and messages on the app for parents and students to see. With this, students gain ownership of their classes behavior. They are given the opportunity to become proud of their daily classroom achievements. For middle school classrooms, the teacher can create a friendly competition among different classes.

This educational app, is on the forefront of progressive ideas that combine technology and socio-emotional learning in a kid-friendly app. The students interact with technology on a daily basis and are encouraged to take accountability for their own behavior, as well as celebrate their own and their classroom’s or groups successes. This ownership of their own success can make the difference in a child’s education.

Lime Crime – Unapologetically Vibrant Cosmetics

Conceptualized and developed by CEO, Doe Deere, Lime Crime is a color revolution that is taking indie makeup to the next level. The vegan-friendly and cruelty free formulas come in vibrant color-rich hues for the face, hair and nails. With rebellious, grunge style packaging and product names, the brand allows your beauty to shine through with unapologetic style. If you are looking for something that gives your make-up an edge, then this retro-funk offering is where you should start.


Rich pigmented eyeshadow palettes contain eight shades and highlighter palettes are formulated with special pigments that are translucent in the base and upon contact with skin, adapt to every complexion, from light to dark. All can be applied with Lime Crime cruelty-free fiber, liquid glitter make-up brush set. The Lime Crime comfort-wear lipsticks have full-coverage with creamy formulas that cling to the skin for prolonged wear, while rosemary extract protects and moisturizes. As the first ever waterproof matte liquid lipstick, Velvetines apply with the ease of a lipgloss and dry completely matte, leaving a touch and transfer proof, rose petal textured, finish. Whether you prefer bright and vibrant colors or opt for something a little darker, Velvetines are available in a metallic finish or regular matte which could easily be finished off with Diamond Crushers, iridescent lip toppers. The plethora of combinations this brand offers is unparalleled in comparison, catering even to the aficionado looking to bridge the gap between matte and metallic lipsticks with the Perlees metallic lipsticks.


What really sets this sui generis brand apart is the semi-permanent hair dye Unicorn Hair, a vegetable dye formulated with only the purest, vegan ingredients that are gentle on the hair. Vibrant, rainbow style colors come in full coverage and tint formulas, allowing the socially rebellious to proudly flaunt their hair color, safe in the knowledge that your hair is not being damaged.


A must try for any earth-conscious style rebel.

OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin: A True Professional

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman of OSI Group, has a grand image in the protein and nourishment preparing industry. Likewise as of now filling in as the leader of OSI International Foods Ltd., Lavin remains dynamic in all aspects of the organization’s various worldwide operations, guaranteeing productivity and quality are of the most astounding need.

Since 1970, when Lavin financed Otto and Sons, which in the long run advanced into OSI Group, the effective sustenance official has increased broad industry mastery and utilized it to wind up plainly the big shot he is today. With Lavin’s vision and authority, OSI Group has quickly extended from a household nourishment handling endeavor to a universal diagram for business achievement. For youthful business visionaries, he’s been a case of serving and lead.

To perceive the huge steps that Sheldon Lavin has made in the business, which have moved OSI Group onto the worldwide scene and added to colossal occupation development over the globe, India’s Vision World Academy gave him a Global Visionary Award in 2016. In the year earlier, RSM US LLP regarded him with a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled sense of duty regarding administration and the Chicago business group.

Lavin has expressed various circumstances that he’s lowered and respected by such acknowledgment, underscoring that he’s pleased with the work he’s refined and the general population who have helped him develop OSI Group into the worldwide preparing powerhouse that the best in the business consider it today. Lavin has spent his life devoted to the general welfare of the organization and its numerous representatives, ensuring the general population who work under his course dependably feel heard and are made up for their diligent work. On the off chance that you ask his representatives, he’s known as the best supervisor they’ve ever had the joy of working for.

While growing OSI Group’s multi-faceted operations over the worldwide, the global organization has likewise gotten a broad rundown of ecological and maintainability grants under Lavin’s watch. Lavin trusts the up and coming era of youthful business visionaries and corporate pioneers will lead and keep on making the planet’s wellbeing a need. At the point when gotten some information about his broad rundown of achievements, Lavin has expressed that he would like to motivate the up and coming era of pioneers to confer themselves to developing their organizations in dependable ways while adding to the development of worldwide trade and making open doors for their representatives so they can likewise have any kind of effect in tomorrow’s reality.

Despite the fact that Lavin’s gives his useful tidbits to who and what is to come, the magnate doesn’t plan to resign or back off at any point in the near future. Notwithstanding administering OSI Group’s operations, Lavin additionally discovers time in his bustling timetable to remain required in incalculable altruistic causes, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Of his numerous achievements and awards, Lavin is proudest of bringing up three kids with his better half and offering back to the group – all while growing a worldwide organization to wind up plainly a standout amongst the most compelling organizations around the world.

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UK Vintner PLC is a Great Choice of Investment For any Wine Enthusiast

UK Vintner PLC is a merchant that anyone should depend on to offer them some of the highest qualities of wine products as they need. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s highly recommended for wine enthusiasts to ensure that they invest in products of wine that are truly made of components that are of high quality. Investing in a wine product that isn’t fermented properly and fully can result in the end-user to become sick.

UK Vintner places importance on their processes of fermentation for several reasons. Fermentation consists of having a wine’s fruits’ sugars converted into appropriate levels of alcohol. It’s a natural process that occurs by allowing the ingredients to sit out and settle over specific periods of time and in the right environments. Be sure to invest in one of products that are made available by the merchant, as you may be able to greatly benefit from a high quality champagne product.

Many clients purchase fine wine for the simple pleasures of drinking and enjoying them, whereas, others often seek to develop collections for financial gain. Whichever one’s case may be, they can depend on UKV PLC do deliver a quality product of wine each and every time.

When purchasing any wine product in particular, it’s imperative for the purchaser to ensure that they’re selecting one that’s undergone full and thorough processes of fermentation. If any wine product hasn’t necessarily undergone full and thorough processes of fermenting, it’s highly likely its quality will be low. Now is a great time to do an adequate amount of researching wine products that are made of high quality components, as opposed to those that do not necessarily have much time and effort put into producing them. UK Vintners PLC is wonderful option for anyone, as they place an incredible amount of importance on the needs of their client base.

Life Line Screening: Preventing Vascular Diseases

Life Line Screening is the largest screening company for vascular diseases having screened over 8 million people. It is intended as a supplement to the regular healthcare of the patient that may have health risk factors. The type of screening to be done for each patient is based on the patient’s family health history, the patient’s personal medical history and the risk factors that are present.

Three types of preventive screenings are offered. The first is ultrasound screenings checking for aneurysms, arterial disease and the possible presence of osteoporosis. The second type of screening is finger-stick blood screening checking for cholesterol problems, possibility of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and any possible damage to the liver. The third type of screening available is limited electrocardiograph screening checking for an irregular heartbeat which could be an early indicator of stroke.

Dr. Andrew J. Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director of Life Line Screening. He is a vascular and cardiothoracic surgeon and has been for 25 years. Part of his duties to Life Line Screening is to be in charge of quality assurance and the research of the company. There are new screenings coming in the future. Life Line keeps current with all research in order to offer new screenings as they become available.

After witnessing debilitating results from vascular diseases, Dr. Manganaro has found that diseases could have been prevented for patients had they known that the potential existed. His belief in Life Line Screening comes from that knowledge. With a marketing campaign in place to bring attention to the screening available through Life Line Screening, more people are having the screenings done. The company’s database is used in peer reviewed medical journals and a large number of doctors support the screenings. The available screenings will continue to evolve and available database and medical literature contributions will grow with it.

Success Academy; Making Impressive Educational Milestones

Success Academy managed to clinch the coveted $250,000 Broad Prize. The network of schools was singled out for this prize due to their steadfast dedication to making education accessible to children from low-income households. The Academy’s founder firmly believes that coming from a particular zip code does not have to carve the path of success or failure for any child.


Success Academy is planning to offset a digital platform that will enable them to share various intellectual materials with various other charter organizations all around the country. Eva Moskowitz, the founder, is projecting to go even a step further to ensure that the opportunity gaps that isolate poverty stricken children and students of color are closed.


The elementary and middle schools in the charter managed to emerge among the top percentage of schools in the state in several subjects. Students of color and those from low-income families were recorded to have performed better than their white counterparts.


About Success Academy Charter Schools


Success Academy is a network of 41 schools in New York. Over the years since its inception, it has managed to gain recognition for its high performance and rapid growth owing to its high standards of quality. As one of the largest and public school networks, they cater to over 14000 students from the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. The students who are seeking admission wait to be picked out from a random lottery that takes place once every year.


The schools offer admission to all children who are living within the state of New York. It is also open to children with disabilities and those who are looking to learn the English language as well. Out of the entire student population across the network, 76 percent of the students come from the marginalized areas that mainly consist of low-income families. 15 percent are special needs children while 8.5 percent are looking to learn the English language. Children of color comprise of 93 percent of the school network population.


Since it was founded, Success Academy has been able to grow.  from just one school to 41 in just ten years. The founder projects a steady amount of growth in the near future with the numbers growing to 100 schools serving over 50,000 students.

Tammy Mazzocco: The Ohio Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire

Are you in need of buying a nice house or property at an affordable price? Have you ever heard of the amazing and magnificent Tammy Mazzocco from Columbus, Ohio? Well, she is an extraordinary real estate agent from the greater part of Columbus in wonderful Ohio. Recently, Mazzocco has been helping homeowners take advantage of Ohio’s real estate market. In recent years, Ohio has become one of the top areas to see an increase in real estate value. Condos and homes in the Ohio area are going from a median salary price of around $200,000 and keeps increasing as time goes on. It is approximately 8.1 percent higher than last year. Just last month, home values went up by one percent, which ended up shocking real estate analysts. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

Home values seem to be skyrocketing higher than ever before. Houses are going all the way up in value that a national homebuilder has announced to make plans to be able to create approximately 240 new homes in New Albany, Ohio around next year. This will bring a whole batch of clients to come looking for owning a house in that wonderful area of New Albany. Tammy Mazzocco is spearheading the notion of helping clients buy and sell houses. Especially if the house is going up in value, that client will make enough money to go buy another house where ever they desire.

Now on to Mazzocco, as we know she is an accomplished real estate agent from Columbus, Ohio. She credits her success in real estate, thanks to her education. She went to The Ohio State University College of the Arts and Sciences in 1993. She was always a smart and persistent student because that was the only way to keep her grades up. She acquired skills such as asking questions when it was needed and also talking in front of an audience, which greatly helped her later in the future. She started her career in real estate in 1995 as a secretary with the Edwards Realty Company. In 1999, she found her passion in real estate and liked the process of meeting people to talk about houses and condos, which effectively her passion. She decided to go full time in this lucrative career and never looked back after that.

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A Look Into the Of Audi Casio Early Music Career

The youth years of Audi Casio were filled with both excitement and lots of fun as this was the years that saw him launch his music career as a drummer in a rock band. Together with four other and mates namely; Andre Machado, Pit Passarel, Yves Passarel and Felipe Machado, they started their band in the year 1985. With each person having a particular role in the band, Casio’s part was being the band’s drummer, a part that he played with exceptional performance becoming a drumming sensation. The band drew its music inspiration from a British heavy metal music band dubbed the Iron Maiden.

His incredible brilliance on the instruments was shortly experienced by the new funs with their first demo album release called The Killer Sword. The demo album was composed of trucks such as Princes from Hell, Nightmare, and Killera which were later adopted into their first debut album. The debut album got released in the year 1987 and was named Soldiers of Sunrise with Casio showing his prowess on the drum sets. The album was greatly received with some critics stating that the band was set to achieve great things in the music world. The album also went on to receive a four-star rating by Allmusic and as the album grew in popularity, they were able to redo it refining some of their earlier songs, and as a result, the songs became a great success.

When Casio went on to leave the music industry in 1989, the band released their second album dubbed Theatre of Fate that was hugely successful than the first one. At that time Casio had joined the University in pursuit of a degree in business administration. Audi Casio later pursued his Masters in Business Administration in Finance at Sao Paulo University.

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