George Soros and His Political Influence

Since George Soros has been working on different things, he has ensured that he can do things the right way and that he can make things better for people. Because of all of the opportunities that he has in the political field, he has been helping people and has been showing them the right way that they can get more out from the issues that people have. George Soros knows the appropriate steps to be a political influencer and knows that all of the funds that he has will continue to be a big factor in the way that he does things. Thanks to everything that George Soros has done for the political party, the Democrats have been able to be successful and it is something that has allowed him the chance to grow with his favorite political party. It has also given him the chance to experience everything that will make it easier on these parties.

When Politico published an article about George Soros, they decided that they were going to show people what they were about and what he was good at. It made things easier for him to make things better and it made things easier for him to learn how to spend his money. He has tried hard with the different opportunities that he has. Since George Soros did all of the required steps to experience the different opportunities, he tried to be completely certain that things would get better for all of the people. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

As a billionaire, George Soros knows what to do and knows how to help people. The biggest thing that he has done is donated money and be completely certain that he can try different things. He knows how to spend his money and is not afraid to make things better for different people. While George Soros is doing what he can to ensure that things will get better for people who are in different situations, he is also doing things so that the Democratic party will be able to grow.

The economy has changed in the time that George Soros has been a philanthropist. His billions of dollars are able to still go a long way but they are not as influential as what they used to be. He wants to be completely certain that he can continue to make things better and that people can try their best to get more out from the opportunities that he is doing for them. For that reason, he constantly works to be completely certain that he can try to do different things and he tries to show people what they can do. There have been many different people who are doing things to make their lives better. Learn more about this article at

Don’t Miss This Crucial Retirement Advice

Has your financial advisor talked to you about social security retirement benefits? According to David Giertz, former president of a top insurance provider says that a growing majority of advisors and their clients are exposing themselves to possible losses.


A recent survey of retired consumers, or those 10 years from retiring revealed that four out of five respondents would instantly switch advisors if they didn’t discuss social security as part of their retirement plan. However, many financial advisors find the whopping 2,700 rules contained in the social security program’s handbook to be a significant barrier to learning and incorporating it into their workflow.


In the long run, these 2,700 rules dictate upwards of 40% of the average consumer’s retirement income. The survey also found that many consumers start drawing from their retirement benefits too early and lost, in some cases, as much as $300,000 throughout their retirement in lost benefits alone. Armed with these new facts, it is imperative that advisors take the time to acquaint themselves with the in’s and out’s of the social security program’s rules in order to maximize gains and avoid unnecessary losses and penalties. Withdrawing at 62 instead of 65 or 67 is the one of the primary causes of these unnecessary losses.


David Giertz boasts a 30 year track record in financial services and offers a unique point of view when giving investment advice. He’s spent most of his career thinking outside the box to come up with new strategies to boost profits.


David found his start at Citigroup, working his way up from a financial advisor, to area director, then executive vice president of sales. Now, While president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial, Giertz grew profits from $11 billion to $17.8, smashing all expectations.










Bold steps by Seattle Genetics

In the field of medicine and specifically oncology, many firms play a significant role in ensuring that the world gets the best. One company that through the years plays a role in the development and research in the advancement of oncology is Seattle Genetic founded by Clay Siegall. They commit to the production of drugs safe drugs on aiding in cancer treatment with the least side effect.

The trends in the past few decades evidently show a tremendous development in cases of cancer. But with it comes a great need to invest heavily in research institutions and companies that focus on generating solutions to the impending problem. Hence, in the provision of the efficient solution in fighting cancer, Seattle Genetics works tirelessly to focus on advance drug development.

The company boast of some success, since they previously created antibody drug conjugate which was first of its own in the field of oncology. Then it provided the needed licenses to enable mass production through a partnership with companies like GlaxoSmithKline together with AbbVie and GeneTech.

The company attributes its success to the able leadership of its founder, chairman, president and CEO Clay Siegall. He greatly believes that the fight against needs teamwork. He founded it in 1988 after he saw his father die helplessly at the time due to insufficient resources and knowledge on oncology.

In the field of medicine, he is not new since he started it off with a degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and later advanced to further his studies in Washington. Clay graduated with a PhD in genetics from the University of Washington. He is renowned not only for more than 70 publications written in his name but also the 15 certified patents. With great honor comes responsibility so now he is the board of directors at the Ultragenyx and a member of both the Biopharmaceutical and the prestigious Washington Roundtable.

Orange Coast College

A retired instructor at Orange Coast College, Mary McChesney, donated $1 million to for a new planetarium. It will be the first in its county with a Foucault pendulum, an item that specifically documents the Earth’s rotation.

She has a very old love for this college and donated in honor of her late partner, Adelyn Bonin, who also worked as a professor here. McChesney is a long time philanthropist with prior donations to the college’s foundation and scholarship funds.

The newly renovated planetarium will host a 129-seat auditorium versus the old 35-seat auditorium. It will serve students in the community of all ages, from kindergarten through 12th grade, all other residing community members, and of course, the college students. The planetarium is expected to open this upcoming fall.

According to Glassdoor, in 1948, Costa Mesa, California became the home to the Orange Coast College. The campus serves the community with 135 educational programs including: Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services, and Health Professions and related Programs.

Although the only degree awarded here is the associate’s degree, the students that enroll here are more likely to receive a transfer acceptance into the top California universities, such as UC and CSU.

Fall 2016 had an extensive enrollment rate of 25,000 students. Although there is a large student body, there are many sports teams and active clubs to join. Located only a short drive from California’s breathtaking beaches, it’s a top choice for students who reside locally.

Learn more about Orange Coast College:


Lori Senecal: Global Expansion Expert

Taking a company international is no small feat. It takes a lot of specialized experience and knowledge to successfully grow any company; no less an advertising firm. Despite all its complexities, that’s exactly what Lori Senecal is an expert at doing. Her talents made her world-renowned and one of the best in the business.

Some of her greatest accomplishments happened while working at CP+B. Currently, she works for CP+B and serves as the company’s Global CEO. Amazingly, CP+B had never had a Global CEO before and created that position especially for Lori Senecal. So far, she’s taken to her new role with eager brilliance.

As Global CEO, Lori is responsible for the company’s overall global growth. That entails everything that deals with the company’s expansion; mostly, working with some of the firm’s international offices. Fortunately, she’s an expert at working with numerous offices to achieve any set goal.

Over the years with CP+B, Lori’s been recognized by numerous organizations and publications. She’s noted for having strong leadership and focus skills. Last year, she handled Advertising Age, a celebration honoring creative and innovative ad companies. At that event, she was named one of four “Agency Executives to Watch”. Visit Adweek to know more.

With all her accomplishments, Lori takes more pride in the countless clients her reputations bring to the company. After Advertising Age, Lori brought significant business from companies like Infiniti, Hershey, and Pay Pal accounts. She also did work for the fast food restaurant Dominos, which won her the Titanium Grand Prix. Check out Crunchbase for more details.

Alongside her Titanium Grand Prix recognition is her Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. Although Lori’s often described as a shy introvert, she has no problem leading a company to success. That’s one of the reasons the AWNY Game Changer Awards show recognized her for her work.

While other ad industry leaders have cartoonish work personalities, Lori Senecal lets her work speak for her. In her years working at KBS, she grew the firm into a worldwide agency; employing 900-plus people. Lori changes continue to inspire.

Benefits of personal cyber security that you need to know.

Rubica “Personal Cyber Security” is of utmost importance for you as it helps in protecting you against any kind of identity threats or cyber attacks which is affecting millions of people across the globe. It enables you to get network protection so that your financial and personal information is not compromised. Moreover with the increase in number of high profile breaches, it has become even more important for you to take preventative measures that will help you protect yourself from any kind of cyber attacks that are endangering the economy at large.

If you are concerned about your personal security then you will need to seek the assistance of professionals of Rubica which is the best digital security and privacy company. It will help you to become sufficiently prepared so that you can protect yourself against cyber attacks that are known to cause innumerable damages and financial loss. This company Rubica Personal Cyber Security has the reputation of providing you the best service so that you will not become a victim of cyber attack which is known as a deliberate exploitation of the networks, technology dependent enterprises and computer systems. Thus it is very important that you take the required measures that are needed for protecting your personal and financial information so that it does not get compromised by the criminals.

Rubica Personal Cyber Security will protect you from cyber crimes like system infiltration and identity theft as these are the most common damages that are caused by the hackers who might cost you million of dollars. There are also instances of financial crimes like phishing schemes and online frauds that takes place when you enter information of your bank account for carrying online banking transactions. This will protect you from cyber criminals so that they will not carry on any illegal activities in your name as you can eliminate the risks of cyber attacks by taking the right steps.

More about personal cyber security on

Lime Crime Just Gets Makeup

You have probably been in a position where you needed some great makeup. You might have looked at all the great brands on the market without thinking about Lime Crime. This might be a mistake if you want something bold and fun.


Bright Colors for a Night Out

If you are looking for colors that are good for a night out of fun, then this line is going to suit you well. It’s made with bright colors that help your eyes and your lips to pop. You can choose anything from bright greens and blues to purples and pinks that make you feel more like yourself.


Faint Colors

If you are looking for more colors that match with your personality for work. You might be in need of something that is not as bright because your work doesn’t let you wear the makeup that you might wear out at night. This is something that you will need to talk to your employer about before you wear the bright colors. They may tell you it’s okay and then you can wear them just like you would when you are out on the town.



Glitter is a great add on when you are going out. It gives your makeup some sparkle and helps you to feel better about yourself and how you look. You might want to consider adding the glitter to the bright colors to give it a bit more.



Metallic colors are newer than most of the others because not as many people wear them. They make the eyes and lips a lot brighter and can give you a different look than you have had before with your makeup. If you are adding metallic makeup to your eyes, it will make them pop more and make you look different than you might have before.


There are a lot of makeup options you can look into. Lime Crime gives you something that others don’t. They let you be yourself. The last thing you want is to not feel like you are you even when you are wearing your makeup.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Helped Improve the Athletic Market

There were not many options for women who wanted to look good while they were working out when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg first started Fabletics. Their company was revolutionary in that it provided people with high-quality clothing options for sports. They also made sure that the prices were affordable and that women didn’t have to work hard to be able to get the clothes that they needed. It made things easier for them when they were starting the business and when they were trying to bring changes the market that they were a part of. It also made things better for them to try new things and to get more out of the business world.


While both of the men had worked in business before, this was the first time that they had jumped into the fashion industry. It was a great way for them to try something new and to become a part of a different industry. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not know a lot about the fashion world but they knew about technology and about the things that they could do to make their business better so that they would be able to do more with their own experiences.


TechStyle is now the official name of the brand that Fabletics falls under. The men decided that this was a good name for the brand because they made it something that was about fashion and something that was related to technology. By doing this, it combined the two worlds for the first time ever and made it easy for them to get what they needed out of the fashion industry. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg talked in their recent interview about how the brand has changed and evolved and about how TechStyle reflects those changes in the best way possible.


Despite the fact that Fabletics is doing well, they are going to continue growing it and making it better. They want to reach many people that they have not been able to reach before and they are going to keep doing everything that they can to improve the company. Since the men know what they are doing and since they are confident with their skills, they are hoping that TechStyle will continue to grow and will become one of the best things that the fashion (and technology) industries have ever seen before in the way that they work.

Availability and Convenience of USHealth Aldvisors Insurance

USHEALTH Advisors is the marketing division of the USHEALTH Group. The company is built around the distribution of affordable and reliable health insurance. USHA offers a bevy of options for talented and dedicated agents looking to get into a fulfilling career in the health insurance industry.

Reliable Insurance

The reliability and convenience of USHEALTH Advisors insurance services make it so that both working as a sales agent under USHA as well as purchasing health coverage from the company is easy, and entirely free of hassle. Their career options allow anyone with a passion for helping others, and with experience in the insurance provision industry to move into a fulfilling and rewarding career with a reliable company.

Convenient Locations

Convenience is a top priority of USHA, and that’s no exception in regards to their accessible locations. While their primary model of business allows their agents to work from home over the phone and the internet, they also have a number of physical locations around the country. The convenient and accessible nature of any given USHEALTH Advisors location cannot be overstated in its ability to provide service to both employees of the company, as well as potential clients.

In Conclusion

The USHEALTH Advisors division of the USHEALTH Group is dedicated to the marketing of convenient and reliable insurance at an affordable price. In addition to offering a rewarding career to potential employees and agents who are looking to make their mark in the field of health insurance provision and marketing via online and over-the-phone methods, the company possesses a number of convenient physical locations as well.

White Shark Media Helps Clients Review Ways to Advertise With Mobile

With the majority of mobile phones being smartphones and people accessing the internet from their phones, it is safe to say that the mobile network has become a viable way to reach people. There is one issue, the mobile network has a different format than the typical internet that is viewed on desktops, laptops and even tablets. Therefore, some extra steps need to be taken in order to make sure that an advertising campaign is optimized for mobile phones so that it will display properly. Given that many people are on their phones throughout the day, it is important for businesses to be able to reach them through their devices if they want to make some major sales.

Fortunately for businessmen that may be lost when it comes to advertising on mobile devices, there are companies that are available to give advice on this technique of reaching customers. White Shark Media is one of those companies. Given that they have a lot of skills and experience with advertising with Google AdWords across many different formats, they are able to help their clients review all of the possible techniques that could work in their favor when it comes to advertising on mobile networks.

White Shark Media is also a company that keeps its clients in the loop when it comes to the advertising performance. They provide detailed reports to their clients so that they can know for certain how their campaigns are holding up. They are also companies that are easy to communicate with. One thing that White Shark Media is very passionate about is making sure that their clients are getting the results they need in order to keep their business going. They also provide tips to people so that they can manage their own advertising campaigns if they feel the need to.