The Many Reasons Why Rocketship Education Did So Well

Preston Smith is a leader of Rocketship Education, currently its president and CEO. It was founded in 2007 to help people get great educations despite being born in the least economically-yielding areas in the cities they live in.

Smith learned a number of things throughout the many years he’s spent as an early childhood educator. He started his career in San Jose, in the Golden State. Joining the ranks of a nearby elementary school in 2001 after returning home from North Carolina, earning a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies to better get along with Hipanic students and their families. About one-fifth of their overall enrollment doesn’t speak English as their first language.

Rather than allowing them to learn in Spanish, teachers help t hem learn English from an early age, far before most educational institutions hosting grades kindergarten through fifth grade do so.

Parents that are not in opposition of moving their children to wherever the best schools are should change their willingness to do so. If multiple parents band together and form their own schools like Preston Smith did with the help of many others in 2004 in San Jose, existing schools will be forced to do better than they ever have to keep enrollment high. Actions say lots more than words, something that every parent should learn.

Teachers get feedback on a frequent basis to help mold their actions and goals in the classroom. Some students respond well to certain methods of instruction, causing administrators to coach them on a weekly basis, or even more frequently.

Rocketship Education is truly a leader in personalized education and improvement of projected careers of those hailing from low-income areas and families, taking the same role Preston Smith wanted it to have since he created the school system nearly two decades ago.

Lime Crime Provides a Solution For People With Dark Hair

Lime Crime just released a daringly dark set of colors to the Unicorn Hair Collection in time for Fall. Lime Crime is renowned for their vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, quickly becoming a cult leader in the digital beauty space.

In their all new palette you’ll find Chestnut, a powerful maroon; Squid, a truly out-of-this-world purple; Charcoal, a sleek, sexy grey; and Sea Witch, a spooky green. All of these colors are designed for brunettes and darker haired girls to rep Lime Crime’s signature colors with pride. Here are some ideas for rocking these beautiful new shades this Fall!

Chestnut is a deep reddish-brown with an excellent flat aesthetic. For a look that is earthy and sophisticated, combine it with other neutral colors – Blacks, whites, greys, and creams. This muted color range really gives an air of self-confidence. On the other hand, go with a bold gold accent and turn heads anywhere you go!

Squid brings a deep-sea inspired, inky purple color to anyone looking to go a little fantasy this Fall. This semi-permanent hair dye screams royalty and has the potential to be a show-stopper when combined with other purples, blues, or yellows! For something a little more passive, consider mixing with passive oranges for a burnt sienna aesthetic.

Charcoal is a dusted grey and definitely in style. Grey played an important part in art and fashion in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and for good reason. Greys are neutral colors, and thus work well with almost any other color. Plan your outfit with warmer colors to have an energetic appearance and saver summer, or use cooler hues to really embrace Fall and the coming briskness of later months.

Sea Witch should be your go-to color for expressing individualism and confidence. Greens are easy to look at and don’t fatigue your eyes as much as something brilliant like yellow. Embrace that minty aesthetic with a deep auburn for something classy, or try neutrals like white for something brisk and seasonal.

Lime Crime really comes out swinging with this new Fall color theme. They make it easy to show everyone your style while promoting a healthy, humane future for blue hair dye and  beauty products. At just $16 per 6.76 fl. oz. bottle, you can rock your inner goth and feel good about it, too!

Greg Secker: Why or Why Not

One thing that Greg Secker said is that there are a couple of common types of approaches to life. There is the “why” approach, and the “why-not” approach. Greg Secker himself considers himself a “why-not guy. This is the type of attitude that is needed in order for people to move forward as well. This is especially needed for being an entrepreneur. Greg Secker himself has decided to take that approach when it comes to opportunities. He has decided “why not give something a chance”. This is how he has gotten into Forex trading. He has also profited from the activity and managed to make a lot of money from it.

In order for anyone to succeed at business, he has to be okay with the risk factor involved. He also has to make piece with the idea that it may not work out for him. This can be hard for people to do, especially if they are a little low on finances. This is one of the reasons to have a lot of money saved up before moving forward with business goals. However, it is not guaranteed to happen. This is one of the reasons that it important to make sure that there is peace with the risks involved.

Greg Secker’s approach has turned out to be successful for him. The success has come with all of the knowledge that he has gained about the market and himself. He would be one of many to say that the Forex market can be very challenging to earn from knowing that the price action of assets is unpredictable. However, there are ways to minimize losses. This involves figuring out patterns. One type of pattern to figure out is the trend. The best way to profit is to trade with the trend.

A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver, Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a well-known Brazilian Rally driver. Presently, Terpins is 40 years old and a Rally Team member of the Bull Sertões. He took part in the Sertões Rally 25th edition with navigator Maykel Justo. He won two stages out of three making it to the top five fastest rally drivers in the competition. In the third stage, some mechanical problems forced Michel Terpins to slow down affecting his speed.

Michel Terpins is the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship leader at the moment. After the Marathon stage, his vehicle didn’t receive the necessary mechanical support something that affected his performance. The breaking of his T-Rex #322 gearbox forced him to decelerate. Slowing down was the only alternative left for him to prevent the results from being compromised. Nonetheless, he managed to finish fourth in prototypes T1 and 10th overall despite the challenges.

He has participated in the Sertoes Rally regularly and has a nine-participation record so far. His older brother, Rodrigo Terpins has been involved in the same competition five times. Their love for speed and off-road influenced their decision to set up the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Moreover, the two brothers have been key competitors in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and the Sertões Rally in the last four seasons. They have always chosen the T-Rex from MEM Motorsport as their preferred racing car. This year will mark Michael Terpins’ tenth participation in the Sertoes Rally.

Michel Terpins made his debut back in 2002 when he took part in the motorcycle category. He later joined his brother as his sailor in the cars category. Over the last four years, Michel Terpins’s piloting with the T-Rex has significantly evolved. At the moment, his navigator is Maykel Justo who has won four titles over the ten years he has been in the Sertoes Rally.

Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Cash cow

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and also the founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management. He found the firm in 2009. During the launch of the firm, he began with only $1million in investment and currently, the company manages over $150. According to the Reuters, the company raised about $100 million from its investors and placed a bet on a single stock.

The inception and efficacy of the Hedge Fund

The Australian hedge fund Bronte Capital led by John Hempton made profits by uncovering corporate frauds that operated illegally on the stock market. Adrangi admired and borrowed John Hempton’s idea and formed hedge fund. He developed the interest in the Chinese firms that were un-vetted and were operating illegally in North America. He knew they were scams and he figured out that exposing them was the only way of making money out of those scams. He kept himself anonymous, and exposed how these Chinese firms were cooking their financial documents. He discovered that the firms had many discrepancies in their financial books and that was an indicator of their downfall. Kerrisdale made a kill out of this by putting 20% of its capital on a bet that the firms were collapsing.

Truly to their aspiration, the Chinese firms collapsed, and the Kerrisdale made huge profits out of that. Putting in mind the backlash he may receive after the expose, he exposed these frauds on an anonymous website. Adrangi dropped his anonymity and began publishing under the Kerrisdale Capital after other activist investors like Hempton and Carson Block disclosed the Chinese frauds publicly. The Chinese firms he exposed includes; China-Biotics, China Marine Foods, Education Alliance and China Education Corp.

The hedge fund by the Kerrisdale Company also focuses also on investigating the collapsing energy companies as well as mortgage-backed securities. Shane Wilson, an analyst at Kerrisdale together with Adrangi are working on a website, video and a report with a view of convincing others on their theory for the upcoming campaigns. They intended to unveil the company they are working on in mid-May. They have begun investing in the stock to increase the capital required to start up the company.

The Kerrisdale, a firm that is worth a proximately $500 million is known for betting against companies and publishing the matter. Its recent activity includes the Satellite Company Globalstar, and the drug makers sage Therapeutics and Zafgen.

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NuoDB Cloud Database Technology

NuoDB is an elastic, SQL-oriented database designed for deployment in cloud and container-based environments. NuoDB cloud databases boast scalable performance, zero downtime, hardware and software fault tolerance, multi-site operation and automatic load balancing.

NuoDB is part of a modern class of databases called NewSQL. Traditional relational databases were monolithic in nature and designed for client-server implementation, not modern cloud and container-based environments. However, NewSQL databases, like NuoDB, possess the characteristics of traditional SQL databases, but also support scale-out processing in cloud environments. The NuoDB cloud database’s patented distributed object architecture allows it to adapt responsively and even perform faster when new machines are added or nodes are removed. This grants scalability across data centers or clouds, while retaining data integrity, transactional consistency and a standards-based SQL interface.

To an application, a NuoDB cloud database appears as a single, logical SQL database and thus can be communicated with via SQL statements. NuoDB utilizes peer-to-peer messaging to disseminate tasks to nodes and is ACID compliant. NuoDB differentiates itself from established relational database architecture through separation of transaction processing and storage management. By adding more transaction engine or storage manager nodes, the cloud database can expand its capacity. This two-layer, multi-tiered structure provides predictable data scaling in the cloud.

Sentient AI – Advantages of AI on A/B Testing

As technology becomes more advanced the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence is becoming more common across virtually all types of internet marketing. One such space the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more common is in A/B Testing. A/B Testing is when you test the effectiveness of different ads or other marketing strategies on a single audience and compare the results.

When using A/B testing it’s not only important to know what kinds of marketing strategies are important to test on their effectiveness in the short term but also their impact in the long term growth of your business as well. Since there are so many different marketing techniques that could be tested it is near impossible to test all the right combinations and thus A/B testing can become very time consuming and yield few if any results. Sentient Ascend provides a much easier way for marketers to test out different ideas and thousands of permutations of those ideas in order to maximize the effectiveness of A/B testing.

When a digital marketer runs A/B test often they are left to wonder how many tests they should run and how fast each test should run. If tests take too long to run that can lead to a great opportunity cost to the business. However if the tests run too fast that can mean that the results of some tests can easily interfere with the results of other tests and contaminate the results. Through Sentients AI technology tests can be run in such a way is to reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of running many tests at once. The traditional way to use A/B testing would be to make a small change in an advertisement and then wait for the results to see what effect it had on conversion rates. Small changes only were done because it would have been near impossible to know which change affected the conversion. With the emergence of AI however it is possible to test many variations which give the marketer more data to work with in order to optimize their marketing strategy.

Sentient AI – A/B testing can be used to analyze results and test many different permutations of a given ad so as to give the testers more confidence in their results and their ability to influence the profit in their business for the better.


Madison Street Capital’s Impressive Path to Top-Notch Reputation

Madison Street Capital is one of the most prominent international investment banking companies that are committed to the highest forms of integrity in the industry. For over three decades of experience, Madison Street Capital has always stabilized a wide range of access solutions that animate better business through their intended solution capabilities in the industry.

Madison Street Capital Company has strived to achieve the best reputation in the industry through a wide range of capacitated business with the aim of becoming part of the solution to the problems facing most of their clients. Perhaps this is what sets them apart when they receive a wide range of clients in the industry.

Madison Street Capital is a company that is committed to leadership and integrity. For the company, they are always keeping up with the trend in delivering social approach services for the increased growth of business capabilities.

Madison Street Capital is also a leader in the industry for the provision of corporate social advisory programs and entities for those seeking fast solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the business world. For over three decades of professional experience working to solve the business problems facing their clients, Madison Street Capital is has been adopted on a massive scale by the private businesses and companies when it comes to seeking fast working capital.

Madison Street Capital also understand that time is of the essence when it comes to solving people’s problems in the industry. The company also understand that business solutions, especially those requiring a business approach to securing fast capital, need to be attained promptly to advance in better business solutions. Read more: Madison Street Capital | LinkedIn

This is the reason why Madison Street Capital responds to every opportunity that comes to their way within the shortest period. With the advancement in technology, few companies are expected to remain in the business market for a longer period. However, Madison Street Capital is one of the few companies that will increase their capacities as a business partner.

The approach taken by Madison Street Capital creates financial transactions that where both the buyer and seller get the mutual benefit desired at all angles of business. V also prides itself for possessing the necessary experience and knowledge to match buyers and sellers in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

Madison Street Capital also can match the most appropriate capitalization and finance structure for a unique situation.

The methodology taken by Madison Street Capital reflects their leadership in the industry for offering services like mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, market pricing and due diligence, valuation services, specialized financing solutions, and the design and implementation of alternative exit structures. This is the reason why Madison Street Capital is at the top of the industry as a leader.

Filipe Montoro Jens Incredible Explanation of the Brazilian Economy Development

Brazilians have always been identified with the state ownership and management of resources. This mind state made the presence of Filipe almost inconceivable. Privatization of Brazilian firms began in the 1980s as a result of the debt crisis at the time. The National Confederation of Industry affirms that it was critical for Brazil to participate in the infrastructure sector to achieve modernization.

The development of the privatization process is as follows according to Filipe. The larger part of the 20th century was marked by an immense state presence in the industry. The idea of privatization was born in the 1930s and was faced with its political environment. The following 50 years saw a steady growth of state the economy pillared on state-owned businesses.

In 1990 the National privatization program began. Soon it became a standardized economic platform proposed by the government. The private sector now included the aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries. Later on, in 1995, the government prioritized certain portions of the economy for privatization using the concession law. These industries are transportation, electricity, sanitation, banking and telecommunications corporations. Finally, in 2004, the government approved Public-Private Partnerships (PPS) which allowed the Telecommunications industry to be controlled privately.

The new economic environment paved the way for the development of the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES). BNDES is responsible for establishing the quality of privatization programs and their operations. Currently, it is headed by Filipe Montero Jens as the CFO. He graduated with a degree in International Management from The American Garvin School of International Management, Thunderbird.

He has served on multiple boards. Filipe’s primary duty is to plan, control and be the treasurer of BNDES divisions in Brazil, Singapore, and the U.K. Filipe Montoro Jens main specialty is in infrastructure. As a result, his insight on the partnership between Brazil and BNDES was highly valued and trusted.