A Stellar Review of NewsWatch TV

Needing help gaining exposure for her products Tori Pugliese found that working with NewsWatch TV was very successful in reaching a wider audience. Pugliese presented her product to NewsWatch TV, they in turn presented her with a script that allowed her to speak with an audience in a language they could understand. She saw the team’s quality of work put in the project, genuinely having belief in what they were selling. She was able to re-purpose their effort across various social media platforms. Pugliese considers her collaboration with NewsWatch TV a success.

NewsWatch TV is an award winning U.S. television series that is typically broadcasted at 7 a.m during Monday morning news on the AMC Network. The show airs celebrity news, mobile app reviews, consumer reports, breaking government events, public service announcements, and various other reporting. Formerly, the 30-minute TV series primarily focused on financial reporting until it moved towards becoming more of a TV news magazine in 1990. This was done to appeal to a broader audience. In 2011, NewsWatch added consumer focused technologies to their reporting.

The news tv show is currently hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, and Michelle Ison. Each host introduces individual stories followed by reviews of products and services geared towards consumers. The host occasionally conducts interviews with other news reporters in other locations throughout the U.S. These interviews also extend to well-known celebrities that have a personal involvement in the topic being discussed. NewsWatch TV also incorporates editorial and paid segments which focuses on the consumer and a multitude of entertainment topics. Companies can use this time to market and promote their brand and their array of products and services.

NewsWatch TV can be found on most social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and their very own NewsWatch blog.

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