Andrew Rolfe Saves Lives In Africa

As Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, it was Andrew Rolfe’s responsibility to make sure the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala went smoothly. No surprise to anyone in attendance, everything went as planned and they even exceeded their funding goal and were able to raise over $900,000. This money is going to be used in the school system Ubuntu Fund created in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This is an area ravished by poverty and crime, and the children there are often not provided with healthcare or given the opportunity to attend school. The Ubuntu Fund gives them hope and seeks to provide them with a safe space to learn and grow into successful adults. The organization intends to build a pediatric clinic right on the campus for any of their students to use. They are also going to increase in size so they are able to support more students who need help.

There were over 300 people that attended the gala dinner and every one of them was eager to do whatever they could to help these children in need. There were several people invited to speak at the event, and these people shared their stories about how the fund helped them and led them toward a brighter future. Sinesipho Rabidyani was one of these people, and she spoke about how she grew up in a poor family with an alcoholic father. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ubuntu Fund and was just recently accepted into law school. She attributes her success to the organization.

When Andrew Rolfe is not organizing galas and helping children through the Ubuntu Fund, he serves are the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners. With that company, he is involved in various investment opportunities throughout the United States and Europe. He focuses on the sectors in the food, retail, and hospitality areas.

Andrew has a bachelor degree of the arts from the University of Oxford and he also has a master’s degree in Business Economics from the Harvard Business School. In 2003, he worked at the President of GAP’s International Division and kept an eye on the stores in German, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom.


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