Bold steps by Seattle Genetics

In the field of medicine and specifically oncology, many firms play a significant role in ensuring that the world gets the best. One company that through the years plays a role in the development and research in the advancement of oncology is Seattle Genetic founded by Clay Siegall. They commit to the production of drugs safe drugs on aiding in cancer treatment with the least side effect.

The trends in the past few decades evidently show a tremendous development in cases of cancer. But with it comes a great need to invest heavily in research institutions and companies that focus on generating solutions to the impending problem. Hence, in the provision of the efficient solution in fighting cancer, Seattle Genetics works tirelessly to focus on advance drug development.

The company boast of some success, since they previously created antibody drug conjugate which was first of its own in the field of oncology. Then it provided the needed licenses to enable mass production through a partnership with companies like GlaxoSmithKline together with AbbVie and GeneTech.

The company attributes its success to the able leadership of its founder, chairman, president and CEO Clay Siegall. He greatly believes that the fight against needs teamwork. He founded it in 1988 after he saw his father die helplessly at the time due to insufficient resources and knowledge on oncology.

In the field of medicine, he is not new since he started it off with a degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and later advanced to further his studies in Washington. Clay graduated with a PhD in genetics from the University of Washington. He is renowned not only for more than 70 publications written in his name but also the 15 certified patents. With great honor comes responsibility so now he is the board of directors at the Ultragenyx and a member of both the Biopharmaceutical and the prestigious Washington Roundtable.

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