Bradesco Appoints New Chairman, Trabuco Chosen To Take Over

Bradesco is known for being one of the top private banks in the country, and a lot of that progress has been a result of the work that its leaders have been doing.

Being the number one private bank in the country doesn’t come quickly, and is something that requires a lot of forethought and development. Bradesco, as a company, has always tried to develop themselves and improve the work that they do, and the people leading the company have only contributed to that growth, thereby aiding their development.

Leaders are an essential part of any company, which is why finding the right ones have always been an essential task that the board of directors at Bradesco have to do. The company had to recently undergo some tough analysis’ to be able to determine which employee at the company would be able to take on the newly available positions within the company.

One of the first positions that were open within Bradesco was that of the chairman. This position becomes open as a result of the retirement of one of the longer standing members of the company. Since the previous chairman had been working at his position for twenty-five years, he was not only incredibly proficient with the job but also implemented some positive business developments that no one had ever done before. This was without a doubt an important position within Bradesco, which is why the board of directors decided to give it to the then standing president of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco had started working for Bradesco as clerk when he was a teenager looking for something to do besides his education. This early start into the field of banking was not something that a lot of people get but was surely something that benefited the career that he built for himself. Working through the ranks, Trabuco got to important positions within the company before he would even expect. He took on roles that demonstrated his incredible amount of skill and expertise and was able to give back to the company and help them grow and expand. One of the more prominent positions that Trabuco had taken on before working as the President of the company was that of being the CEO. The CEO is also an important position within the company and a place from which Trabuco could truly have a good impact.

Trabuco was asked to take over the position of President of Bradesco in 2009 and implemented a number of positive business developments as soon as he took over. Within a short while of him becoming the President of the company, Bradesco rose to the number one position within the field and has stayed at that position ever since.

Because of the contribution that Trabuco has had towards the company, giving him the position of chairman of Bradesco would not only be good for him but the company as a whole. The board of directors have an incredible amount of faith in Trabuco and know that he will be a beneficial chairman of the company.

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