Build Your Look With Bold Makeup Options

Get an inviting new look with a popular brand of Lime Crime cosmetic shades founded by 2016 female entrepreneur of the year Doe Deere. Scandal their sister brand and offers a luxurious purple-hue shade that is hard to find with competitor brands. Deere’s unconventional way of thinking has contributed to the fanatic colors that thousands of professional women and young women consider a must have. They now have a whopping 2.4 million Instagram followers that are creating an internet frenzy over the new Scandal cosmetic shade. Blend your favorite color today by visiting their exclusive website.


Lime Crime offers a superior velvetine matte base and Scandal offers the same kind of super-foil product that is highly recognized in the industry. You get a moist application that provides a unique form that will blend exactly the way you want it on your lips and eye lids. You don’t have to worry about a bad hair day with your favorite shade or the extreme camera lights that are required under a industry job. Learn ways on how to blend their makeup by visiting YouTube and putting their name in the search box.


You have the option of taking part in several first time promotional offers that includes free shipping. That’s right, visit their website and get their favorite shade delivered right to your front door. They also have a sister company called Dolls Kill that offer great clothing items, accessories, and shoes to accent their brilliant colors. Their rich colors are hard to find anywhere else. Lime Crime was the first of its kind to bring velvetine matte to the forefront. You’ll never want to go back to your original makeup regimen what you experience the luxury of their signature cosmetic line.


Build your look with a bold cosmetic line that insists you make a statement with your makeup. Your friends will envy your new look and want to know who does your makeup. You’re invited to find your unique color choice today and revolutionize the way you do your makeup.

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