Adam Milstein, Securing The Jewish Future

Adam Milstein is a Haifa-born Jew who started out as a homemaker and real estate developer. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Foundation and the chair of the same foundation’s National Expansion. Adam moved to the US in the Year 1981 where he Acquired his MBA from USC. Adam is a philanthropist who works with StandWithUs and Israel on Campus Coalition. He is also the author of The Jerusalem Post commonly known as JPost.

In his most recent article on JPost, Adam Milstein explains why he has a good feeling about the Jewish in America. In the turn of the century, Israel’s first female Prime Minister G. Meir, President of World Zionist Organization C. Weizmann Israel’s , and founder of Revisionist Zionist Z. Jabotinsky, first PM B. David saw the growing hostility towards Jews (anti-semitism) and acted to lay firm foundations for the independence of the Jewish State.

In the US alone, according to Adam Milstein, anti-semitic incidents rose by 67% more in 2017 as compared to 2016. In Europe, these incidences have been fostered in social media, making half of the Jewish community feel insecure about wearing visible signs of them being Jews. In a poll released in February 2017, it showed that only 21% of millennials are firmly attached to their being Jewish, and only 26% feel that it is imperative to be Jewish.

Adam Milstein’s article also shows that the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Campaign, which aims at eradicating the State of Israel is being spread all over the world. This boycott is dividing the State from the Jewish Community around the world. These challenges, according to him, require exceptional leadership. The Jewish American Community should, therefore, uplift and recognize their heroes, for example, Mordechai Anielewicz.

Adam Milstein has Great hopes that leaders to guide and encourage the American Jewish community to support their homeland Israel will emerge. His experience as a philanthropist has enabled him to meet with very highly passionate and innovative leaders who are rising to meet these challenges.

He encourages people to be supportive of the work done by these leaders. He believes that once the Jewish Americans are aware of their heritage, they will be more encouraged to guard it. He strongly believes that nurturing great leaders is the way to secure Jewish Future.

Nick Vertucci Helps Others Enjoy Success in Real Esate

Nick Vertucci knows the real estate business to an extraordinary degree and can help investors short cut the learning curve with his breadth of experience. He has demonstrated perseverance in achieving his goals and this quality combined with the specialized knowledge that his training imparts give great value to those aspiring to build their own career in real estate.

The trials that Nick Vertucci has endured may have stifled the efforts of many, but he has overcome great adversity to carve out an excellent life for himself. He lost his father at an early age and this had a profound impact on his world. His mother was forced to work longer hours and he and his siblings were often alone. He found himself at one point living by himself in his van.

His life improved when he started his own online business selling computer parts and briefly enjoyed success and stability. He got married and started a family with three beautiful daughters and all the niceties of a happy home.

Life then threw another curve ball at Nick Vertucci when the dot com bubble burst and unfortunately his business was swept up in the carnage and he lost everything. Everything but his desire to succeed which was fully intact and about to lead him in a new and promising direction.

The next pitch for Nick Vertucci was a fastball over the heart of the plate and he connected with a home run blast that reverberates throughout his life today. A friend invited him to attend a three-day real estate seminar to learn how to invest and begin a career. It turned out to be the best decision of his financial life and it is still paying dividends today. A passion for real estate was born and he leveraged his intensity and talents to pursue this endeavor with all his heart.

It took the better part of a decade of constant learning and training to see the progress that has brought him success and prosperity. Eventually, he codified his knowledge and expertise into a straightforward system for real estate investing.

His real estate Academy is his way of paying it forward and gives students a chance to achieve a high level of their own success. He enjoys teaching others his system for investing and is always eager to hear their success stories. What he offers with his real estate Academy is a chance for people to live life on their own terms, which is truly rare in this modern world.

Nick Vertucci Shares the Secret That Made Him a Millionaire through Real Estate Investing

With the right knowledge, passion, and dedication, you can make millions in a field that is heavily invested by many people. Your past does not define your future. All you need is a moment to open your eyes and see the opportunities that lie right under ahead of you.


Nick Vertucci was not born an investor. He was a typical boy from a regular family. When he was still young, he got everything a child needs, the basic needs. However, when he was 10, the father passed away, and Nick and his siblings had to spend long hours waiting for their mother to come home. The mother was forced to do two jobs to provide for her children. Life was not easy for Nick Vertucci. He lived in his track when he was 18, but did not take it as a setback or a hindrance to success.


Nick still managed to rise, and he started a computer parts business, which did well for a while. As expected, technological products are affected by the changes that affect the field. In 2000, Nick suffered significant loss as the dot com menace set in. He was rendered almost jobless for 18 months. Being a married man and a father of three, he needed to provide for his family. He had many debts, and his situation was only getting worse. However, when he was invited to his first real estate training class, his life changed for the better.


Nick Vertucci says that the decision to attend the real estate class was the best he has ever made. He learned, internalized and put the skills to practice. Today, he is very appreciative of the skills he gathered for they made it possible for him to be a millionaire.


Nick is pleased today to share his skills with the rest of the world through his real estate academy, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). The academy takes in all interested students, who are ready to learn about real estate investment options and how to make money out of the filed. Nick simplifies the learning process by categorizing it into three distinct steps. The first one is where you get in, where you identify the properties at a low price. The second phase is the get out step, in which you are prepared on how to go out there and make the property more valuable. Finally, the third step is to get paid.


NVREA uses the best real estate specialist to impart knowledge to all the students. While at the academy, you will learn practical skills that will help you increase the value of a property before selling it. You will learn how to buy property and hold them to sell later at a profit. You will also learn how to sell many properties among other things.

Unlock Your Retirement’s Full Potential With This Sage Advice

David Giertz is a leading voice and authority in the financial services sector. He recently shared his view on a recent survey conducted between financial advisors and their clients who were throughout various stages of retirement as well as individuals that were 10 years away from retirement.


Giertz has proven himself for over 30 years as a successful financial manager. Giertz, who grew profits beyond all expectations from $11 billion to $17.8 billion is the current president of of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial, one of the nation’s top insurance providers. Giertz’s success lies in his innovative thinking, searching for new ways to maximize efficiency where others overlook. This is how he was able to start as a financial advisor at Citibank and work his way up to area director, all the way up to becoming the executive vice president of sales. This gives him an extremely valuable perspective on the issue of planning and saving for retirement.


The survey revealed that a majority of financial advisers are not taking enough consideration for social security into their client’s retirement planning process. Many discard the value of social security and sometimes dismiss it’s value and overlook it. Giertz says this is a critical mistake that resulted upwards of $300,000 in lost benefits and penalties. Giertz explained this is because financial advisors reported that they are often times simply overwhelmed by the social security program’s handbook which contains over 2,700 rules, in tandem with some client’s dismissal of social security benefits.


This is important for financial advisors as well. The survey found that a surprising four out of five consumers would simply move to another advisor if they didn’t bring up social security benefits up.

Don’t Miss This Crucial Retirement Advice

Has your financial advisor talked to you about social security retirement benefits? According to David Giertz, former president of a top insurance provider says that a growing majority of advisors and their clients are exposing themselves to possible losses.


A recent survey of retired consumers, or those 10 years from retiring revealed that four out of five respondents would instantly switch advisors if they didn’t discuss social security as part of their retirement plan. However, many financial advisors find the whopping 2,700 rules contained in the social security program’s handbook to be a significant barrier to learning and incorporating it into their workflow.


In the long run, these 2,700 rules dictate upwards of 40% of the average consumer’s retirement income. The survey also found that many consumers start drawing from their retirement benefits too early and lost, in some cases, as much as $300,000 throughout their retirement in lost benefits alone. Armed with these new facts, it is imperative that advisors take the time to acquaint themselves with the in’s and out’s of the social security program’s rules in order to maximize gains and avoid unnecessary losses and penalties. Withdrawing at 62 instead of 65 or 67 is the one of the primary causes of these unnecessary losses.


David Giertz boasts a 30 year track record in financial services and offers a unique point of view when giving investment advice. He’s spent most of his career thinking outside the box to come up with new strategies to boost profits.


David found his start at Citigroup, working his way up from a financial advisor, to area director, then executive vice president of sales. Now, While president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial, Giertz grew profits from $11 billion to $17.8, smashing all expectations.










Concessions, Concessions, Concessions

Brazilian infrastructural expert and basic sanitation serviceman – Felipe Montoro Jensen – mentions the importance of recent concessions generated throughout the country’s BNDES as subject to debate. Such initiative has been well-received by the country’s water sector and thus awaits further review. A recent interview took place last May, in which Jens interviewed Edison Carlos, who currently serves as a founding president of Tata Brazil, a top company focused on Brazilian sanitation needs. In the recent interview, both gentlemen made important points regarding a new initiative and offered several perspectives – both positive and negative – for the future implications of the country’s sanitation solutions presented. Both members noted important necessities as well as recent water waste level decreases that have steadily declined.


90 percent of Brazil’s basic sanitation involves public power while another 70 percent deals with service organizational initiatives. Thus, Edison claims that more may be done as private initiatives are just as important as public initiatives and that these two management forms must only work together – and not in contradictory fashion as they have been.


Adapting the bank to its projects for needs in each place is important: Losing water is a main cause of losing financial flow and resources within the Brazilian financial sector as many are not even aware of. Since it’s not possible to receive such services when there’s so much waste involved, the country must first handle the immediate problem.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a valued infrastructure expert. He has studied his field for nearly three decades. He has also made several recent news headlines.


In addition, he’s one of the top leaders in infrastructure and sanitation in his area. He genuinely cares about concessions done properly. He has studied management and has been a top executive concessions leader for many years.

Better Deals with the Government under the Leadership of Felipe Montoro Jens

The government promised to grant concessions following collaboration with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Edison Carlos, who is the president of the Trata Brasil, gave the assurance that the services provided will significantly improve through this partnership. He promises improvement in management, structure, and resources. The acknowledgment was made before the interviewee, Felipe Montoro Jens, who is a specialist in infrastructural developments.


The challenges and solutions in the water sector

Public power provides 90% of sanitation services in Brazil, of this 70 % are served by government’s organizations. The development has prompted the inclusion of the private sector to boost service delivery. The two can work perfectly well and in a complimentary way.


It is indeed an avenue for the private service providers to learn from the government organizations. The partnership will mainly revolve around the areas of contracts and the inspection, which will be undertaken by public agencies. Private companies have the advantage of utilizing the best technologies and resources in the prevention of water loss and unnecessary waste. They will also be involved in the improvement of sewage networks, a clear evidence of the significant role to be played by the private sector. Felipe Montoro argues that it is indeed not possible to deliver such water and sewerage services when there is high wastage of water.


Service records of Felipe Montoro

Felipe Montoro serves in different capacities in many organizations. He is the executive officer at the Energia AC S.A and executive officer at Concessionaria Tramo SA. Additionally, Felipe is also a principal at the Maranon Energia SA, a director at Peru Inversiones, and the chairman at Arboreoland Empreendimentos.


He has had quite a long history of service in both private and public organizations. He also served as a board member of the Braskem SA. Felipe Montoro received his university education at the Getulio Vargas where he acquired an undergraduate degree. He further proceeded to further his education and received a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.