Adam Milstein, Securing The Jewish Future

Adam Milstein is a Haifa-born Jew who started out as a homemaker and real estate developer. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Foundation and the chair of the same foundation’s National Expansion. Adam moved to the US in the Year 1981 where he Acquired his MBA from USC. Adam is a philanthropist who works with StandWithUs and Israel on Campus Coalition. He is also the author of The Jerusalem Post commonly known as JPost.

In his most recent article on JPost, Adam Milstein explains why he has a good feeling about the Jewish in America. In the turn of the century, Israel’s first female Prime Minister G. Meir, President of World Zionist Organization C. Weizmann Israel’s , and founder of Revisionist Zionist Z. Jabotinsky, first PM B. David saw the growing hostility towards Jews (anti-semitism) and acted to lay firm foundations for the independence of the Jewish State.

In the US alone, according to Adam Milstein, anti-semitic incidents rose by 67% more in 2017 as compared to 2016. In Europe, these incidences have been fostered in social media, making half of the Jewish community feel insecure about wearing visible signs of them being Jews. In a poll released in February 2017, it showed that only 21% of millennials are firmly attached to their being Jewish, and only 26% feel that it is imperative to be Jewish.

Adam Milstein’s article also shows that the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Campaign, which aims at eradicating the State of Israel is being spread all over the world. This boycott is dividing the State from the Jewish Community around the world. These challenges, according to him, require exceptional leadership. The Jewish American Community should, therefore, uplift and recognize their heroes, for example, Mordechai Anielewicz.

Adam Milstein has Great hopes that leaders to guide and encourage the American Jewish community to support their homeland Israel will emerge. His experience as a philanthropist has enabled him to meet with very highly passionate and innovative leaders who are rising to meet these challenges.

He encourages people to be supportive of the work done by these leaders. He believes that once the Jewish Americans are aware of their heritage, they will be more encouraged to guard it. He strongly believes that nurturing great leaders is the way to secure Jewish Future.

Sean Penn Twists Tongues With his new Book Bob Honey who Just do Stuff.

Wanting to try something new, Sean Penn, filmmaker, activist and actor has published a book titled Bob Honey who Just do Stuff, through Atria Books publishing in March 2018. The book is a satirical novel about a man Bob Honey, a middle-aged Californian who relates stories of his life and mourns the place American has found itself. The book is heavily peppered with Sean Penn’s political views and philosophical stance. Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is a book that provides a dismayed exposition on the current state of the world.

Sean Penn’s favors a writing style of heavy alliteration and broad vocabulary usage. The linguistic quality of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff gives the book a great sound. Written with a lot of head-rhyme, the book is a snarl of words that growl along in a cadence and lend a feeling of harshness that fits with the book’s diatribe. The intonations of the sentences within the book carry the irritated overtones of the message well. Sean Penn has also placed, within the measured prose of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff words that come from the most obscure corners of the dictionary. Tying together Bob Honey’s existential story are knots of words like “gabion” and “calescent”. Impressively, Sean Penn manages to weave the noun “spizzerinctum” into one of his descriptions. The New York Times describes bob honey who just do stuff as both absurd and genius.

With its thick alliteration and its shadowy vocabulary Bob Honey who Just do Stuff reads like a dismayed poet. It is a book whose messages must be deciphered through its intricate grammar and complex phrasing and the book actively challenges a reader to stay focused. The book, through rich and measured vocabulary, scorches today’s current events and invite a closer look at our world. Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is an upfront social commentary that will twist the tongues of readers everywhere.

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A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver, Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a well-known Brazilian Rally driver. Presently, Terpins is 40 years old and a Rally Team member of the Bull Sertões. He took part in the Sertões Rally 25th edition with navigator Maykel Justo. He won two stages out of three making it to the top five fastest rally drivers in the competition. In the third stage, some mechanical problems forced Michel Terpins to slow down affecting his speed.

Michel Terpins is the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship leader at the moment. After the Marathon stage, his vehicle didn’t receive the necessary mechanical support something that affected his performance. The breaking of his T-Rex #322 gearbox forced him to decelerate. Slowing down was the only alternative left for him to prevent the results from being compromised. Nonetheless, he managed to finish fourth in prototypes T1 and 10th overall despite the challenges.

He has participated in the Sertoes Rally regularly and has a nine-participation record so far. His older brother, Rodrigo Terpins has been involved in the same competition five times. Their love for speed and off-road influenced their decision to set up the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Moreover, the two brothers have been key competitors in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and the Sertões Rally in the last four seasons. They have always chosen the T-Rex from MEM Motorsport as their preferred racing car. This year will mark Michael Terpins’ tenth participation in the Sertoes Rally.

Michel Terpins made his debut back in 2002 when he took part in the motorcycle category. He later joined his brother as his sailor in the cars category. Over the last four years, Michel Terpins’s piloting with the T-Rex has significantly evolved. At the moment, his navigator is Maykel Justo who has won four titles over the ten years he has been in the Sertoes Rally.