Lime Crime is Setting in Motion in a Unicorn Hair Dye.

For those who wish to get a sensation of Unicorns hair on their head, well this is the perfect time for you. For three years now, Doe Deere who`s the founder of Lime crime have come up with the right concussion that lasts longer and is semi-permanent. 13 is the number of the semi-permanent dyes that the company will be launching. The dye makes the hair have a glowing sensation not leaving the dreamy and fantastic unicorn appearance.

Lime Crime hair dye comes in several colors. It ranges from baby pink to the ever-light green and not leaving stone grey. Many would ask whether the dye would be harmful to their body or hair, but I assure you that it’s the best.This is because unicorn hair dye has been made from vegetable oil; thus it’s environmental effective and doesn’t contain bleaching pigments. There is some things one need to consider in determining how long the dye will last. The first thing is the depth when applying. Secondly is the condition one’s hair and lastly is how regular one washes his or her hair.

Unicorn has been made with distinctive articulation that it will not leave any stains on any clothes, beddings or the bathtubs. One can choose from two formulas. The first one is that you can decide to dye full coverage or tint it. By this, I mean just applying in lighter portions. The deep application makes the dye more visible, and in tincture, it leaves the hair in a pastel gaze appearance. When used in full it can last for 10-12 times when washing, whereas when in tint it can endure 8-10 washes, which is a greater time span for the hair, wash. You don’t have to worry about removing the unicorn hair dye because of it . However, if you want Lime Crime dye removed quickly from your hair, you can use shampoo to wash it out or consult a specialist if you want to remove the color permanently. It will be available for in the market from 3rd of April 2017.


Wengie: Draw My Life Recap


The creative platform of YouTube has grown from its humble beginnings in 2005. Originally just a small internet video streaming site with an incredibly niche user base, YouTube has grown as the standard for user generated content and streaming sites. It’s users who upload videos, also known as Content Creators are able to join YouTube in a partnership program if they become popular enough. This partnership allows creators to make YouTube their full time job that provides them a stable income. One Content Creator, Wengie, is one of these people. Wengie is a woman of Chinese descent living in Australia. Her channel has a wide focus of everything from fitness and fashion tips to life hacks and Do It Yourself themed videos. One of these videos; “Draw My Life ♥ Wengie” is part of a trend of content creators drawing scenes of a whiteboard that represent critical moments of their life. Wengie begins her Draw My Life video with a depiction of her birth on January 9th. After some years Wengie explained that as a child she would suck on rice for flavor but wouldn’t eat it, which worried her parents who feared her malnourishment. As a child, Wengie loved ice cream and would attempt to convince her grandfather to purchase it for her every time they met. At four years old, her parents left her with her grandmother and nanny and moved to Australia. She later went to meet them on a plane which she recalls as fun. She then landed in Melbourne. Disappointed by the weather, Wengie’s grandfather attempted to cheer her up by offering the candy Smarties. When seeing her parents for the first time, Wengie began to cry as she did not recognize them. Her grandfather attempted to reassure her that it was her parents. At the time, Wengie’s family was quite poor as they were trying to settle down into a new country. As such, she made many of her own toys. Wengie then goes on to document the other major events of her life such as her job as an accountant and the rise of her personal blog that lead to her YouTube career.