Paul Mampilly’s Warning About Healthcare Stocks

It’s been recently announced on the news that JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway and e-commerce giant Amazon have announced they have a new system for getting healthcare that could cut out the “middleman” when it comes to consumer purchases. It’s a complex issue to explain since the layers of healthcare all have profits flowing from pharmaceutical companies, to drug retailers like CVS and Walgreens, healthcare providers and networks as well the insurance companies. But in wake of this announcement meany healthcare stocks took a big hit in the stock market, though Paul Mampilly, an expert at Banyan Hill Publishing warned this was coming. What Mampilly says is that Amazon’s entering the drug sale marketplace will cause healthcare stocks to drop way down, and when they reach a point that makes them look good to buy, investors may be eager to snatch them up. But the bad news is they’re not likely to ever rebound.

Paul Mampilly doesn’t simply tell his followers what they want to hear. He gives them real advice on how to find good stocks that he himself learned during his Wall Street career, and he’s not a broker at Banyan Hill; he’s an author who tells his audience how to build their own portfolio. Prior to joining Banyan Hill, he spent several years in the hedge fund industry and more than 10 years in big banking. He got his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Montclair State University, and his master’s from Fordham University. He began in banking as a researcher for Deutsche Bank in 1991 and moved up the ranks in the offices of ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and others.

Paul Mampilly gained major recognition from Barron’s magazine in 2006 when he joined the team at Kinetics International Fund and helped raise client AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion. He was touted for pooling client investments in funds that brought upwards of 40% in annual returns. Paul Mampilly also invested $50 million in alternative funds during the 2008 Templeton Foundation competition and ended with $88 million despite the recession reaching its peak at that time. He also was an early investor in Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics prior to their stock reaching incredible highs. Mampilly’s success enabled him to retire from the corporate life early, but he feels his work is just begun in informing his audience on how to make stock investing work for them.

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Larkin & Lacey; the Advocates for Equality in Societies

Irrespective of which community one comes from, they each need to feel at home and peace in their places of residence. No one is supposed to curtail the rights of other individuals even if it means they are not the ‘original’ citizens of the areas they reside. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Unfortunately, such occurrences exist. Due to one or two reasons, some individuals have made it their business to make others uncomfortable in turn, denying them their rights.

The constitution of each country gives its citizens and foreigners freedom to a certain extent. But in many countries around the globe, not everyone respects the rights of fellow humans, therefore; several groups have sprouted to fight for civil, human and migrant rights.

Some of these groups include; the Amazon Watch, the advocates for human rights, Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund among others. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

The Amazon Watch is headquartered in San Francisco and works in the Amazon basin. For this group, it mainly works in liaison with other environmental organizations and local groups to protect the rights of their indigenous people. Amazon is blessed with oil and gas and because of that, they ought to provide security for their people.

The advocate for human rights is yet another group that is primary agenda is to foster the respect of human rights across the globe. They oversee that different constitutions incorporate international standards of law. Their efforts have seen the lives of women, children, and immigrants tremendously improve.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund are directed towards financing groups that advocate for both civil, migrants and human rights. Also, it is in support of freedom of speech and the power of participating in civic activities. This fund came as a result of a court settlement being awarded to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times.

The two found themselves behind bars after they wrote an article on the county Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who was planning to scrutinize the notes of reporters before anything written on him could be published. When Lacey and Larkin sued him in Court, they won the case giving them a settlement of $3.75 million.

As a result of that, these two journalists decided to come up with the fund to be a part of something great hence directed the money towards the support of human rights.

From the groups mentioned, one can note that all of them are working towards one goal and that is to co-exist peacefully. It is, therefore, commendable to be part of something great.

Glen Wakeman Mentors Startups for Success

With a career spanning more than two decades in the business and finance sector, Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC, where he is the CEO and chairman. For many years, he wondered why most startups failed despite having good ideas. Research into why the failure rate was so high showed him there was a lack of structure around the ideas. He, therefore, launched LaunchPad, a SAAS company, in 2015 to help startups bring their ideas to fruition. Given he loves matching ideas with money, he designed the simple software platform to ease the process of business planning for startups and also make it more intuitive.

Education and Work History

Glen Wakeman time in the business and financial sector has been successful. He has worked with the likes of Nova Four, and GE Capital. Glen Wakeman has a BS in Economics and Finance and an MBA in Finance from the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago respectively. His education background and work experience, therefore, make him best-suited to mentor startup companies through the early business stages, something he loves doing. He has so far mentored startups such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Visit Glen Wakeman’s profile at Linkedin.

Mentoring Areas

While mentoring startups, Glen Wakeman focuses on five major performance areas: leadership, execution, risk management, human capital and governance. These areas of focus are crucial to startups in any industry. His success in guiding startups, new market entry, M&As, exponential growth, and divestitures on the business and financial front have earned him recognition across the world. His experience of working in different markets has also contributed to his knowledge of how the global financial industry runs. Glen Wakeman pegs his success on strategy. As such, he advises you to read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, which to him is the best book on strategy in the world.



However, Glen Wakeman’s mentoring services are not limited to one-on-one mentoring. He is a qualified writer who shares his thoughts in the financial industry with others through regular blog posts. Wakeman is an inspiration to millennials and seasoned entrepreneurs. He exudes different, beneficial skills in business. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Help To Enforce Respect For Human Rights

Every human being is entitled to equitable rights in life. The constitution of every nation gives provisions for the exercise of the rights of individuals. They include the freedom of speech, right from any form of slavery, right to live a better life, and power of thought among others. Some organizations have been set up to ensure that human beings exercise their rights as expected.

An example of such agency is the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. The organization’s core aim is to support groups that advocate for human rights. The founders of the group are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin became known after responding to the media ultra-conservative during the campus anti-war protests in the 1970’s. Their publication, Phoenix New Times explored some of the social and political concerns in their campus, and it gained prominence among the newspapers of that era.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested in their homes following false accusations from Joe Arpaio. However, the allegations were dropped, and the two filed a case for wrongful arrest.

In 2013, they were paid $ 4.5 million by Maricopa County in a bid to settle their unlawful arrest suit. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used the fund to establish Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, and the primary objective of the organization was to distribute the proceeds of the law suit against Arpaio to the Latin-America community that was living in Arizona.

The company came to earn a reputation from its social and political investigations. The foundation funds other firms that deal with the fight for human, civil, and immigrant rights.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund works closely with the Border Angels, which commonly referred to as Angeles de Frontera. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1986, and the group is based in San Diego.

Enrique Morones is the founder of Border Angels, and just like the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, the agency capitalizes on the rights of the migrants, reforms dealing with immigration, as well as preventing deaths of the immigrants along the border lines.

The Border Angels also engages in community services such as education provision as well as awareness programs. The programs deal with the border rules and policies.

The Border Angels also helps the immigrant population in San Diego through offering different outreach programs. These programs include Day Labourer Outreach and also Free Legal Assistance that is held every Tuesday in their offices. Such programs are meant to enhance the participants’ understanding of their rights.

The organization also enlighten citizens on proper channels to air any injustices tempted upon them. As such, the organization aims to curse out the myths about immigration in the U.S. It also aims at restoring truth and justice for the immigrants. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The group became vibrant in 2014 during the immigration crisis. Border angels donated toys, food, and clothing to the migrants as well as providing a counterpoint against the anti-immigration protesters who wanted to block the arrival of immigrants’ welfare resources.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund and Border Angels are among the major organizations that deal with human rights in the U.S, and their efforts are felt mainly among the immigrants and the minority communities.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Nathaniel Ru Makes People Pay Attention to Healthy Food

Nathaniel Ru is someone that has been able to make people change their minds when it comes to fast food establishments. He has created what he refers to as a fast-food alternative called Sweetgreen.

People definitely are excited about this restaurant franchise that he has put in place. It gives you healthy menu choices, but people are still paying fast food prices for a higher caliber of food. It is definitely difficult to overlook something that gives you more than the value that you would assume you could get for your money.

That is what Nathaniel Ru is trying to do with Sweetgreen. He’s trying to give people the opportunity to eat healthy even when they have said that healthy food may not be something that is on their radar.

It is great for people that are interested in this type of food to become much more acquainted with eating healthy if they are introduced to something that is delectable and cost-efficient. These are the main two things that people are going to look for regardless of what they are eating. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Nathaniel Ru had insight on this, and he allowed people to become acquainted with Sweetgreen by doing just this. He made menu items that were affordable and delectable. This would prove to be the best thing that he can possibly do when it came to creating a menu for the people that were fascinated by the concept of healthy food options.

There is a large amount of interest in Sweetgreen, and venture capitalists have managed to put a lot of time into establishing this type of environment.

Nathaniel Ru is experimenting with different things like the concept of the cashless restaurant. He is also making seasonal menus and creating different menus based on the different cities that the Sweetgreen locations are created in.

All of this creates a lot of talk about Sweetgreen because different restaurants have different concepts. It takes a lot of money to differentiate and do different things like this, but Nathaniel Ru has a ton of investors that are willing to help him see this through.

That is how he has been able to become as successful as he is so far. He has managed to put a lot of time into creating a platform that caters to a wide range of consumers from different areas. He has made people pay attention to healthy food.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Helped Improve the Athletic Market

There were not many options for women who wanted to look good while they were working out when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg first started Fabletics. Their company was revolutionary in that it provided people with high-quality clothing options for sports. They also made sure that the prices were affordable and that women didn’t have to work hard to be able to get the clothes that they needed. It made things easier for them when they were starting the business and when they were trying to bring changes the market that they were a part of. It also made things better for them to try new things and to get more out of the business world.


While both of the men had worked in business before, this was the first time that they had jumped into the fashion industry. It was a great way for them to try something new and to become a part of a different industry. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not know a lot about the fashion world but they knew about technology and about the things that they could do to make their business better so that they would be able to do more with their own experiences.


TechStyle is now the official name of the brand that Fabletics falls under. The men decided that this was a good name for the brand because they made it something that was about fashion and something that was related to technology. By doing this, it combined the two worlds for the first time ever and made it easy for them to get what they needed out of the fashion industry. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg talked in their recent interview about how the brand has changed and evolved and about how TechStyle reflects those changes in the best way possible.


Despite the fact that Fabletics is doing well, they are going to continue growing it and making it better. They want to reach many people that they have not been able to reach before and they are going to keep doing everything that they can to improve the company. Since the men know what they are doing and since they are confident with their skills, they are hoping that TechStyle will continue to grow and will become one of the best things that the fashion (and technology) industries have ever seen before in the way that they work.

Don Ressler Created Strategies to Make TechStyle Better

TechStyle has been a very successful company since they first started and that is due mostly to the fact that Don Ressler worked so hard at making different strategies for the brand. Because of the options that Don Ressler had for his company, he was able to make it better than what many of the other companies that were similar were able to do in the same time. It was something that set Don Ressler apart from other people and made things much better for people who needed to get everything that they could out of the brands that were related to TechStyle.


Don Ressler knew that starting a brand would be hard and it could be difficult to make brand recognition a possibility. He also knew that he would have to do something to make the brand better than what other people had going for them. There were many times when Don Ressler felt like he would need to make changes to the brand but the recognition aspect came when he found that there were celebrity endorsers who would be able to make the brand better and do more for the things that were going on in the business.


By positioning his company in an area like Silicon Valley, he was able to make sure that he would always have access to the newest technology. He wanted to be able to do this because it was such a big part of the company and because without new tech, the TechStyle companies would be pointless. Silicon Valley is a community and he knew that when he chose to go into the valley. By doing this, he gave himself a great chance at being able to try new things and get more out of the options that he had for technology within the brand.


The TechStyle brands have mostly been so successful because they provide people with something that they need: convenience. Don Ressler knew that most women and people in general needed to have convenient options that they could use when they were doing shopping for different needs that they had. By making the clothes shopping process as convenient as possible, Don Ressler did what he could to promote better branding and make things better for women around the country who wanted to be able to shop while they were doing new things. All of this added up and made the TechStyle brands extremely successful.

OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin: A True Professional

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman of OSI Group, has a grand image in the protein and nourishment preparing industry. Likewise as of now filling in as the leader of OSI International Foods Ltd., Lavin remains dynamic in all aspects of the organization’s various worldwide operations, guaranteeing productivity and quality are of the most astounding need.

Since 1970, when Lavin financed Otto and Sons, which in the long run advanced into OSI Group, the effective sustenance official has increased broad industry mastery and utilized it to wind up plainly the big shot he is today. With Lavin’s vision and authority, OSI Group has quickly extended from a household nourishment handling endeavor to a universal diagram for business achievement. For youthful business visionaries, he’s been a case of serving and lead.

To perceive the huge steps that Sheldon Lavin has made in the business, which have moved OSI Group onto the worldwide scene and added to colossal occupation development over the globe, India’s Vision World Academy gave him a Global Visionary Award in 2016. In the year earlier, RSM US LLP regarded him with a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled sense of duty regarding administration and the Chicago business group.

Lavin has expressed various circumstances that he’s lowered and respected by such acknowledgment, underscoring that he’s pleased with the work he’s refined and the general population who have helped him develop OSI Group into the worldwide preparing powerhouse that the best in the business consider it today. Lavin has spent his life devoted to the general welfare of the organization and its numerous representatives, ensuring the general population who work under his course dependably feel heard and are made up for their diligent work. On the off chance that you ask his representatives, he’s known as the best supervisor they’ve ever had the joy of working for.

While growing OSI Group’s multi-faceted operations over the worldwide, the global organization has likewise gotten a broad rundown of ecological and maintainability grants under Lavin’s watch. Lavin trusts the up and coming era of youthful business visionaries and corporate pioneers will lead and keep on making the planet’s wellbeing a need. At the point when gotten some information about his broad rundown of achievements, Lavin has expressed that he would like to motivate the up and coming era of pioneers to confer themselves to developing their organizations in dependable ways while adding to the development of worldwide trade and making open doors for their representatives so they can likewise have any kind of effect in tomorrow’s reality.

Despite the fact that Lavin’s gives his useful tidbits to who and what is to come, the magnate doesn’t plan to resign or back off at any point in the near future. Notwithstanding administering OSI Group’s operations, Lavin additionally discovers time in his bustling timetable to remain required in incalculable altruistic causes, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Of his numerous achievements and awards, Lavin is proudest of bringing up three kids with his better half and offering back to the group – all while growing a worldwide organization to wind up plainly a standout amongst the most compelling organizations around the world.

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Talk Fusion: It is Your Life

So often, people get tangled up in things that do not make them happy and do not bring them any joy. That happens because they listen to other people. They are not listening to themselves. When they listen to their heart, listen to themselves, and find out what they are thinking, feeling, and needing, they will find the answer. The answer is out there and it is waiting for them. That is what Bob Reina has always known to be true throughout his life and it has never changed and it never will change. The only thing that needs to change is that people need to remember themselves and their needs.

When it comes to their job, this is especially true. They need to listen to their heart about their job and they need to listen to their brain. Of course, there are bills and those bills need to be paid. There needs to be a roof over someone’s head, especially if they have a family. However, they have to ask themselves if they are truly living a life that is worthy of themselves. Sometimes they have been beaten down by life so much and so often that they lose sight of that. Click here to know more.

That is where Talk Fusion, the two-time award-winning company in 2016 comes in, as they have the solutions and they have the answers. Everything is right there for people that wish to use Talk Fusion. Nothing is hidden and nothing is left to chance. Between their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they have what it takes to get their own company off the ground. When someone has their own company, they can finally be happy and they can finally live life the way it was intended to be lived. Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is a company that does not hand out awards to any old company.

Then again, Talk Fusion is not any old company. They are a special company and they are run by very special people. They also have special customers. Talk Fusion on Facebook.

Chris Burch Synergizes Fashion and Technology through Burch Creative Capital

To most people, fashion and technology exist separately. This is far from what Chris Burch believes. According to him, fashion borrows a lot from technology. He also highlights that technology borrows a lot from fashion. In the 70’s, most people owned boom box, a music entertainment gadget. It was portable and easy to carry around. The 80’s took a quick transformation to cassette decks and finally a Walkman in the 90’s. A decade into the Walkman saw the birth of iPod. Technology, therefore, is fashionable depending on how advanced a user sees it.


As at today, there is a close relationship between fashion and technology. Fashion designers pride themselves in creating revolutionary products through technology. Such ideologies generate high standard products and services. One such person with the ability to synergize fashion and technology is Anouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer hailing from Netherlands.

Anouk marries fashion with technology through her pieces. She describes technology as a field, playground, and laboratory for an experiment. Anouk created modern designs, thanks to technology. The deeper a designer delves into the playground of technology, the more interesting and creative designing becomes. Technology allows designers to showcase their talent.

The Future

Fashion and technology have a symbiosis relationship. Technology can be fashionable depending on its advancement and user. Style depends on technology for production. The two elements have a direct co-existing relationship for either to develop.

Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur and investor. He is the brain behind Burch Creative Capital and a luxury brand called Tory Burch. He commits to developing high fashion brands by employing his marketing skills in the industry. Chris has invested in many businesses. He gives sound investment advice to prospective entrepreneurs. Following his vast experience in sales and fashion design, he has built several spanning apparel in the fashion industry. Chris highly promotes the synergy of fashion and technology.