Executive Sponsorship and Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant who is based in Philadelphia. Her impressive resume includes serving as the president of American Eagle Outfitters as well as being the chief executive of Wet Seal Inc. Currently, her roles include working with the Pittsburgh Steelers on creative development and business strategy.

McGalla grew up in the Philadelphia area and later attended Mount Union College, earning a degree in business. She is married to Stephen McGalla, a financial professional. Throughout her career, she has balanceed business with family, even working remotely while pregnant.

As a woman who has achieved great success in the business world, McGalla is an inspiration to other women. As a child, her football-coach father taught her to work hard for everything and not to expect any handouts. These lessons served her well as she worked her way up from the bottom of the ladder as a starting employee to president of the company at American Eagle.

Unfortunately, McGalla’s story is an unusual one because the top ranks of the business world are still mostly filled by men. There have been numerous initiatives and programs to help women, but these have not been enough to shatter the glass ceiling holding back qualified women.

One way that this achievement gap can be addressed is through executive sponsorship programs for promising women in business. When a woman is paired with an executive sponsor, or mentor, she has a role model and advocate to help her navigate the unfamiliar realm of the high-level corporate world. Statistically, such programs have proven to be successful, and more should be in place.

Barbara Stokes Is Committed To Keep Hope Alive In Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) which is based out of Huntsville, AL, and operating in Washington D.C., Gaithersburg MD, Arlington VA, and Baltimore MD.

GSH operates all through North America, which provides project management and designs, installs, develops, builds, inspects and

delivers mobile modular residential and commercial structures. Also, GSH manufactures temporary housing. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Stokes is a corporate leader at Green Structure Homes Alabama (GSH), located in Russellville, Alabama. Before operating GSH Alabama, Stokes had extensive experience at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. In that location, GSH employs 21 people with annual revenues of 1.5 million dollars GSH of Alabama manufactures commercial mobile buildings using lumber and wood products, but not furniture.

GSH Alabama in October 2017 increased the manufacturing job opportunities in seven more states including manufacturing facilities in Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. These new jobs support $28.5M FEMA’s contract award to GSH of Alabama, LLC. As a result of Hurricane, Harvey GSH is producing modular homes supporting the relief efforts.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbara-stokes-159a44147

Barbara Stokes is highly experienced in government contracting and GSH Alabama supports the mission of FEMA and the United States Government contracting in its disaster relief efforts. Before opening GSH Alabama, Barbara Stokes worked with multi-national companies, Pisces Corporation and Boeing.

Stokes attended and graduated from Mercer University, She studied and is competent in the areas of:

  1. Biomedical Engineering and Physics program

2, Manufacturing and Management

  1. Technical Communication, Structures
  2. Properties of Materials, and
  3. Thermodynamics.

Stokes is involved in philanthropic efforts working with charities and is committed to being a volunteer in the Huntsville community. Read more at Business Insider.

Susan McGalla – Sharing her Views on how Women can Achieve Success in their Career

Susan McGalla is a familiar name in the management and branding consultancy world and is known for achieving benchmark success in her career in a short period through remarkable performance. She is known for speaking at various high profile events, and have spoken at major events such as at Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Conference. Susan McGalla is also credited for founding one of the most sought after consulting firm, P# Executive Consulting LLC.

Recently, she spoke and discussed how the women should plan their career to be successful and make their mark in their respective workplace. One of the first thing advice she gives to women is to focus on their finance and start saving early for their college education. Susan McGalla believes that education plays a pivotal role in the success, whether one chooses to be an entrepreneur or work as an employee at a company. The second advice she gives to women is to build a support network in their place of work and network with the influencers in their workplace as well as their sector. Susan says that it is essential for women to showcase exemplary discipline and work ethics for their efforts to be recognized. Such qualities are what employers look for in their employees, and are essential for getting promotions and achieve higher designation in the employer’s organization.

The research on women employees in the country has seen drastic development in the past few decades. In 1950, only about 20 percent of the women worked outside of their home, but today that figure has reached close to 50 percent. And, of the 50 percent of women that consist of the total workforce of the country, around 14 percent holds high-level executive positions. Susan McGalla understands that women do face few more challenges than men when it comes to progress in their career, but it can be changed when women exhibit high ethics and discipline at the workplace.

P3 Executive Consulting LLC, headed by Susan McGalla, is a firm known across the country for offering a comprehensive range of administrative and managerial consulting services to organizations, private corporations, government entities, individuals, academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more. Even though Susan McGalla expertise ranges across the management topics, she is widely known for branding and marketing, in the industry. Susan McGalla believes in women empowerment and regularly shares her thoughts online about how women can achieve great success in their career.