Bradesco Appoints New Chairman, Trabuco Chosen To Take Over

Bradesco is known for being one of the top private banks in the country, and a lot of that progress has been a result of the work that its leaders have been doing.

Being the number one private bank in the country doesn’t come quickly, and is something that requires a lot of forethought and development. Bradesco, as a company, has always tried to develop themselves and improve the work that they do, and the people leading the company have only contributed to that growth, thereby aiding their development.

Leaders are an essential part of any company, which is why finding the right ones have always been an essential task that the board of directors at Bradesco have to do. The company had to recently undergo some tough analysis’ to be able to determine which employee at the company would be able to take on the newly available positions within the company.

One of the first positions that were open within Bradesco was that of the chairman. This position becomes open as a result of the retirement of one of the longer standing members of the company. Since the previous chairman had been working at his position for twenty-five years, he was not only incredibly proficient with the job but also implemented some positive business developments that no one had ever done before. This was without a doubt an important position within Bradesco, which is why the board of directors decided to give it to the then standing president of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco had started working for Bradesco as clerk when he was a teenager looking for something to do besides his education. This early start into the field of banking was not something that a lot of people get but was surely something that benefited the career that he built for himself. Working through the ranks, Trabuco got to important positions within the company before he would even expect. He took on roles that demonstrated his incredible amount of skill and expertise and was able to give back to the company and help them grow and expand. One of the more prominent positions that Trabuco had taken on before working as the President of the company was that of being the CEO. The CEO is also an important position within the company and a place from which Trabuco could truly have a good impact.

Trabuco was asked to take over the position of President of Bradesco in 2009 and implemented a number of positive business developments as soon as he took over. Within a short while of him becoming the President of the company, Bradesco rose to the number one position within the field and has stayed at that position ever since.

Because of the contribution that Trabuco has had towards the company, giving him the position of chairman of Bradesco would not only be good for him but the company as a whole. The board of directors have an incredible amount of faith in Trabuco and know that he will be a beneficial chairman of the company.

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How Eric Lefkofsky is Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Doctors need access to reliable information for them to mitigate and fight autoimmune illnesses such as cancer. A few years ago, oncologists had to go through piles of raw, inconclusive data of cancer patients to gather necessary information, Tempus has come to revolutionize that. Cancer treatment has for long been impeded by lack of a standardized data system where doctors can draw information on the various types of cancer. Doctor’s relied on their short notes to find therapeutic and genomic information when prescribing treatment methods and medicine to their patients.

Eric Lefkofsky, a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist has joined hands with other like-minded investors to create Tempus with the sole aim of easing cancer treatment. The businessman has for years been in the technology sector but had not focused on research medicine until a family member battled cancer. Eric Lefkofsky realized that the greatest challenge oncologists have when dealing with cancer is the unavailability of helpful data that can assist them to fight the disease effectively. These impediments slowed the diagnosis and treatment procedure of such a life-threatening ailment.

Tempus, where Eric is both co-founder and chief executive officer, is a system that speeds up the cancer treatment process. The system relays information to patients and oncologists whenever they need it. Since its launch, Tempus has analyzed and recorded medical reports of more than 1,000 breast cancer patients and survivors. With time, information on other types of cancer will be available. The data will then be made accessible to other doctors who can then draw comparisons and differences between one patient and the other. These will help in identifying what treatments work in fighting a type of cancer and which do not. To know more about him click here.

Apart from co-founding Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in other technology ventures such as Uptake Technologies; a predictive analytics platform, Groupon; a worldwide e-commerce market, and Mediaocean; a global provider of media acquisition technology. Eric Lefkofsky is also a humanitarian involved in many essential courses around the world. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation sponsors many initiatives in the communities around him with the aim of making the world a better place.

Duda Melzer, Founder of e.Bricks Digital, Continues Family’s Business

As the founder of e.Bricks Digital, a private equity firm investing in technology and online companies, Duda Melzer Investments knows the digital space quite well. The Brazilian entrepreneur and executive is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University and received his MBA from Harvard University in the United States. After Harvard, Duda stayed in the U.S. and worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and Delphi before returning to Brazil.

Melzer formed e.Bricks Digital in 2012. That same year he was named as President of Grupo RBS, one of the largest media companies in Brazil. The company was founded by Melzer’s grandfather in 1957 and ran by his uncle in recent years. When Dud took over he saw the need for Grupo RBS to extend its digital offerings in order to stay competitive in the 21st century. The move has paid huge dividends for the media company, as it was named as one of Brazil’s top 3 internet companies in 2014. Check out odiario to see more.

Duda Melzer took over as Chairman of Grupo RBS in 2015 and has big plans for the family business in the future. He is an avid philanthropist as well, providing scholarships for Brazilian youths via his family’s foundation, Fundação Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. For more details visit his website

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Climbs Bradesco Ranks Through Pure Drive And Grit

Few stories are as exemplary of what can be accomplished through determination and drive than that of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. The current CEO of Grupo Bradesco, one of the largest banks in Brazil, rose from a poverty-stricken upbringing to become one of the most powerful bankers in Latin America. Far from benefiting from nepotism, a privileged upbringing or any of the multifarious usual routes that people usually follow to become rich and powerful, Trabuco Cappi is a 100-percent self-made man. As he steps away from the role of CEO and into that of chairman of the board, it’s worth reflecting on the long and often difficult journey he took to rise to the position in which he currently stands.

From bottom floor to C-suite

Trabuco Cappi first came to work at Bradesco in 1969, at the age of just 18. He had recently graduated from high school, where he received solid grades. But Trabuco Cappi did not have enough money to attend college. Even though he had been an academically strong student, at that time, Brazil lacked a good scholarship program for gifted students. He resolved to pay his own way through college.

Trabuco Cappi applied at the first place he saw that needed help. It turned out that this was a local office of Bradesco, at that time a small, local thrift institution with just a few branches. He was granted an interview and was surprised when he was called back the same day to be informed that he could start immediately.

Over his first year of employment, Trabuco Cappi proved to be a highly dedicated and skillful employee. He was a quick learner, mastering the tasks of various jobs to which he was assigned. Within his first year, he was already appointed to be a shift manager at the bank where he worked. By the end of his first year, he was moved up to branch manager.

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Throughout the 1970s, Trabuco Cappi was able to put himself through college. He attended night classes at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. After six years of attending classes, even as he sometimes worked up to 60 hours per week, he was able to get a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in social psychology.

By this time, Trabuco Cappi was quickly becoming one of the most qualified non-executive employees at the bank. It was becoming apparent that he was one of the better candidates to start being moved into executive roles. His first such role came in 1984, when he was appointed to head up the bank’s public relations and marketing department.

There, Trabuco Cappi began making sweeping changes to the way in which the bank approached marketing and public relations. He was able to forge strong relationships with local media figures. By the end of the 1980s, Bradesco had one of the most recognized and widely admired brands in the state of Sao Paulo.

In 1992, Trabuco Cappi was again promoted. This time, he was tapped to head the bank’s flagging financial planning division. He immediately began making more fundamental changes. He recognized the huge potential that existed in the high-net-worth-client market, creating a tiered system of banking where the best clients were rewarded with lavish service, luxurious facilities and even comps, such as first-class airfare and stays at five-star resorts.

This strategy of directly courting the highest-value clients paid off in spades. Within a few years, the amount of deposits the bank held increased by billions of dollars according to This was a major factor in Bradesco’s expansion throughout the 90s, almost solely attributed to the vision and hard work of Trabuco Cappi.


Sheldon Lavin Leads The World’s Largest Food Processor OSI Group

As the head of a $6 billion dollar empire, Sheldon Levin has certainly proven himself as a competent and successful CEO. There simply aren’t enough CEOs out there who can compete on his level or who manage to give their employees the same level of satisfaction. With a workforce of 20,000, he certainly has his work cut out for him, but his desire to see OSI move forward has made him a force to be reckoned with. The leadership of OSI Group has always been strong, but few have ever reached his level of success and managed to build on it.

His Beginnings At Otto And Sons

Lavin got his start at OSI back when it was called Otto and Sons as a financial consultant. His work helped turn OSI into the corporate power it’s known as today thanks to his know how and strategy. His work at Otto and Sons was so well respected the company decided to give him a more important and influential role. This eventually led to his role as a partner with the Kolschowsky brothers. He helped them bring OSI into the world stage.

Taking The Helm

His work as a partner has helped transform OSI Group into something much more than anybody could have imagined. In the past, OSI Group had managed to make itself one of the most prominent meat suppliers of companies like McDonald’s, but it didn’t necessarily have reach outside of America. By helping OSI acquire foreign entities, he managed to make OSI into an international company with reach across the world. You can now see it’s meat processors stretching well beyond the traditional perimeters OSI was founded in. The company is a force to be reckoned with by every measurement.

He Continues To Expand

Sheldon Lavin sees no reason to stop the growth of OSI Group and wants to further its success well beyond the meat industry. Right now, OSI Group is the world’s greatest supplier of protein. It supplies meat on 3 continents without fail, but it’s doing so much more than that now. OSI is giving fast food chains the frozen vegetables and dough they need to provide services to their customers as well. The simple breadth of their accomplishments goes well beyond what most companies would offer. Lavin has been given responsibility and he has proven he understands how to implement it well.

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Filipe Montoro Jens Incredible Explanation of the Brazilian Economy Development

Brazilians have always been identified with the state ownership and management of resources. This mind state made the presence of Filipe almost inconceivable. Privatization of Brazilian firms began in the 1980s as a result of the debt crisis at the time. The National Confederation of Industry affirms that it was critical for Brazil to participate in the infrastructure sector to achieve modernization.

The development of the privatization process is as follows according to Filipe. The larger part of the 20th century was marked by an immense state presence in the industry. The idea of privatization was born in the 1930s and was faced with its political environment. The following 50 years saw a steady growth of state the economy pillared on state-owned businesses.

In 1990 the National privatization program began. Soon it became a standardized economic platform proposed by the government. The private sector now included the aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries. Later on, in 1995, the government prioritized certain portions of the economy for privatization using the concession law. These industries are transportation, electricity, sanitation, banking and telecommunications corporations. Finally, in 2004, the government approved Public-Private Partnerships (PPS) which allowed the Telecommunications industry to be controlled privately.

The new economic environment paved the way for the development of the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES). BNDES is responsible for establishing the quality of privatization programs and their operations. Currently, it is headed by Filipe Montero Jens as the CFO. He graduated with a degree in International Management from The American Garvin School of International Management, Thunderbird.

He has served on multiple boards. Filipe’s primary duty is to plan, control and be the treasurer of BNDES divisions in Brazil, Singapore, and the U.K. Filipe Montoro Jens main specialty is in infrastructure. As a result, his insight on the partnership between Brazil and BNDES was highly valued and trusted.

Troy McQuagge Ranks Highly as an Insurance Mogul

There so many professionals and high performing business leaders spread across the nation. However, some have better performance compared to others, and without the proper recognition they may end up feeling demotivated or lead to decreased leadership skills growth. This is why we have various Awards programs formed purposely for those who show exemplary work in their industry or profession. Most of the Award organizations have companies as their stakeholders and sponsors as well. One Planet Award is among the organizations that honor companies for their business and professional performance. The One Planet Award has several honors categorized into different fields ranging from new product and services, executives, employee, PR, Marketing, and so on.


The Award organization recently carried out its awarding program recently, and Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, was named the Gold Winner as chief executive officer of the Year. He was praised for his hard work, commitment, and leadership skills in improving the performance and solving the issues of health care affordability for customers through the provision of more innovative coverage formulas. Since joining the company in 2010, Mr. McQuagge has actively restored the captive distribution agency USHEALTH Advisors. This move had several positive impacts on the business leading to his re-election as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group.


About Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is 33 years old and has B.A degree from the University of Central Florida. He began his career with Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. During this moment, he developed a soft spot for the insurance industry. In 1995, he joined Student Insurance Division, an associate organization of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). Here, he worked tirelessly to improve the performance of the company. His patience and commitment paid off, and he was named the president of the company in a span of two years. Under his leadership, the company achieved several single-year sales records. The revenue growth of the company was remarkable making it one of the best performing insurance companies in the world.


United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) was later on acquired by a private corporation, and its name was changed to HealthMarkets, and Troy McQuagge was tasked with looking after the enterprise’s sales and marketing strategies. He helped the company to make total sales of over $1 billion dollars in just one year. Today, he is the President, CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc. and this could not have been achieved without sound and compelling leadership qualities. The company performance and growth is expected to continue rising.

OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin: A True Professional

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman of OSI Group, has a grand image in the protein and nourishment preparing industry. Likewise as of now filling in as the leader of OSI International Foods Ltd., Lavin remains dynamic in all aspects of the organization’s various worldwide operations, guaranteeing productivity and quality are of the most astounding need.

Since 1970, when Lavin financed Otto and Sons, which in the long run advanced into OSI Group, the effective sustenance official has increased broad industry mastery and utilized it to wind up plainly the big shot he is today. With Lavin’s vision and authority, OSI Group has quickly extended from a household nourishment handling endeavor to a universal diagram for business achievement. For youthful business visionaries, he’s been a case of serving and lead.

To perceive the huge steps that Sheldon Lavin has made in the business, which have moved OSI Group onto the worldwide scene and added to colossal occupation development over the globe, India’s Vision World Academy gave him a Global Visionary Award in 2016. In the year earlier, RSM US LLP regarded him with a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled sense of duty regarding administration and the Chicago business group.

Lavin has expressed various circumstances that he’s lowered and respected by such acknowledgment, underscoring that he’s pleased with the work he’s refined and the general population who have helped him develop OSI Group into the worldwide preparing powerhouse that the best in the business consider it today. Lavin has spent his life devoted to the general welfare of the organization and its numerous representatives, ensuring the general population who work under his course dependably feel heard and are made up for their diligent work. On the off chance that you ask his representatives, he’s known as the best supervisor they’ve ever had the joy of working for.

While growing OSI Group’s multi-faceted operations over the worldwide, the global organization has likewise gotten a broad rundown of ecological and maintainability grants under Lavin’s watch. Lavin trusts the up and coming era of youthful business visionaries and corporate pioneers will lead and keep on making the planet’s wellbeing a need. At the point when gotten some information about his broad rundown of achievements, Lavin has expressed that he would like to motivate the up and coming era of pioneers to confer themselves to developing their organizations in dependable ways while adding to the development of worldwide trade and making open doors for their representatives so they can likewise have any kind of effect in tomorrow’s reality.

Despite the fact that Lavin’s gives his useful tidbits to who and what is to come, the magnate doesn’t plan to resign or back off at any point in the near future. Notwithstanding administering OSI Group’s operations, Lavin additionally discovers time in his bustling timetable to remain required in incalculable altruistic causes, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Of his numerous achievements and awards, Lavin is proudest of bringing up three kids with his better half and offering back to the group – all while growing a worldwide organization to wind up plainly a standout amongst the most compelling organizations around the world.

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Talk Fusion: It is Your Life

So often, people get tangled up in things that do not make them happy and do not bring them any joy. That happens because they listen to other people. They are not listening to themselves. When they listen to their heart, listen to themselves, and find out what they are thinking, feeling, and needing, they will find the answer. The answer is out there and it is waiting for them. That is what Bob Reina has always known to be true throughout his life and it has never changed and it never will change. The only thing that needs to change is that people need to remember themselves and their needs.

When it comes to their job, this is especially true. They need to listen to their heart about their job and they need to listen to their brain. Of course, there are bills and those bills need to be paid. There needs to be a roof over someone’s head, especially if they have a family. However, they have to ask themselves if they are truly living a life that is worthy of themselves. Sometimes they have been beaten down by life so much and so often that they lose sight of that. Click here to know more.

That is where Talk Fusion, the two-time award-winning company in 2016 comes in, as they have the solutions and they have the answers. Everything is right there for people that wish to use Talk Fusion. Nothing is hidden and nothing is left to chance. Between their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they have what it takes to get their own company off the ground. When someone has their own company, they can finally be happy and they can finally live life the way it was intended to be lived. Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is a company that does not hand out awards to any old company.

Then again, Talk Fusion is not any old company. They are a special company and they are run by very special people. They also have special customers. Talk Fusion on Facebook.

The Intriguing Story of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is the president of a Human Rights Foundation (HRF), based in New York, which launched in 2005. His paternal grandfather directed Norway’s fleets to ports in Venezuela when the Germans invaded. Mr Halvorssen’s mother is a descendent of the first Venezuelan president. His parents did experience hardships. His father was tortured in a Caracas prison after his work as a Venezuela drug czar exposed corruption in the government. Halvorssen’s mother was shot while participating in a demonstration. It is not hard to see how he was pulled into human rights.

His leadership has had a history of standing up against authoritarians. Garry Kasparov, his chairman, received multiple punches as he was carried off by Russian police while protesting a band’s guilty verdict of singing an anti-Putin song. Halvorssen has taken beatings himself. One particular resulting after he snuck into the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam to tape an interview. Vietnamese authorities roughed him up as he left and detained him. He considers himself a “classical liberal” who stands against any dictator. HRF has become widely known with human-rights events.

He has also contributed to human rights by becoming the first executive director and chief executive officer of FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He stepped down in 2004 to pursue other human rights activities. He founded a worldwide gathering of human rights advocates in 2009. It has been named the Oslo Freedom Forum and annually takes place. That same year he listed as a Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. Click here to know more.

Presently, Halvorssen is producing a film based off a science fiction novel. He has even co-produced for movies focusing on uprisings and ridicule of dictators and tyrants. His efforts in protecting student speech earned him the Sol Feinstone Award. To commemorate the anniversary of the 1989 revolution in Romania, a Romanian leader gave him a presidential silver medal. Thor Halvorssen certainly has an intriguing background. Despite questionable methods, it is not hard to see that he cares deeply for human rights. It will be interesting to see what he does next.