Communication that Connects Classrooms to their Community


Creating a school culture is crucial to student’s success. To create a nurturing culture, communication is key. ClassDojo is an educational app whose goal it is to connect students lives at school to their lives at home. The success Class Dojo has had is apparent. Now, the app is in 35 languages and is used in 90% of Kindergarten through 8th grade schools nationwide and 180 countries. This app allows teachers to track students behaviors and successes so that the parents at home or work can instantly see how their child is doing.

For teachers who need to communicate with parents about a student’s behavior progress, this instantaneous communication can make the difference between effective behavior management, and and an ineffective plan. For parents to know exactly how their student’s day went as soon as they are picked up, can set the tone for the rest of the night.

Specifically, teachers can share videos, photos and messages on the app for parents and students to see. With this, students gain ownership of their classes behavior. They are given the opportunity to become proud of their daily classroom achievements. For middle school classrooms, the teacher can create a friendly competition among different classes.

This educational app, is on the forefront of progressive ideas that combine technology and socio-emotional learning in a kid-friendly app. The students interact with technology on a daily basis and are encouraged to take accountability for their own behavior, as well as celebrate their own and their classroom’s or groups successes. This ownership of their own success can make the difference in a child’s education.