Class Dojo Is Rewriting Family Relationships Within The School System

ClassDojo was began by two men, Liam and Sam, as a way for teachers, students and parents to be able to communicate with each other and for parents to be able to connect with what their child is learning during each school day through messages and pictures or videos shared by the teacher. What began as a simple communication app, has grown into the many features that make ClassDojo so great.

ClassDojo is used by 2/3 of the teachers in the United States and reaches over 180 countries. Part of the reason for the popularity is the fact that ClassDojo was designed with the help of teachers. There are teachers who provide feedback constantly to keep the app fresh and classroom friendly. Teachers are able to get on the app in the am and check the news, read student assignments and assign points to kids who have done good work in displaying great personal traits or subtract points for questionable behavior, teachers can also receive text messages from parents about sick or absent children.

Kids really like the friendly, video game like graphics and monster personality “Mojo“. Kids also like the personal feed called “Stories” where they can post about what they’ve learned that day for parents to see. Each ClassDojo classroom has a individual password set up by the individual teacher and given to parents, for maximum safety and protection. ClassDojo is leading the way in bringing family back into the classroom setting, allowing parents and teachers to work as a team towards the successful education of their school kids.