Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas Makes History

An author, a surgeon, and a business owner in the Austin, Texas area, Dr. Jennifer Walden has made medical news history. Dr. Walden was recently elected the first female physician board member to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). The ASAPS chose her out of more than 2500 members worldwide. Dr. Walden has received multiple awards and honors from various organizations for her work as a plastic surgeon. She is currently a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Waldon will serve as the Secretary of the Society’s Executive Committee.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas who also works as a media commentator. Dr. Walden did her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital in New York City under the mentor-ship of Dr. Sherrell Aston. She is one of a very short list of formally trained board-certified female plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden serves as a media commentator giving expert advice on plastic surgery on several news shows including Dr 90210. She also maintains privileges at three area hospitals including Hill County Memorial Hospital, Westlake Medical Center, and Seton Hospital. Dr. Walden is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

The Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center is a fully accredited plastic surgery center in Austin, Texas founded by Dr. Jennifer Walden. They utilize state of the art equipment including 3D imaging which allows the patients to see a visualization of the surgery outcome before the procedure is performed. Dr. Walden has led the field in using both diVa laser as well as ThermaiVa radiofrequency in performing noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation.

Becoming the first female member of the ASAPS’ board is a great honor. The ASAPS is recognized globally as a leading plastic surgery organization. Dr. Jennifer Walden is continuing to lead the way in plastic surgery.

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There’s a Reason Dr. Rod Rohrich was Named the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Dallas

When you need to consult a cosmetic surgeon in the Dallas area, there are certainly plenty of options and it can be a daunting task trying to pick just one. Why not go to the doctor named the best plastic surgeon in the city? In addition to a fine reputation and years of experience, Dr. Rod Rohrich offers a wide range of services to meet all of your cosmetic surgery needs.


More commonly known as a nose job, the goal of rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose, either for appearance or to correct a breathing problem. In either case, the shape and size of the nose can be altered. Dr. Rohrich is highly skilled in this art and is recognized worldwide as an authority on rhinoplasty. When he’s not treating his own patients, Dr. Rohrich is speaking at conferences and teaching his methods to cosmetic surgeons throughout the world.


When people think of plastic surgery, facelifts are often the first procedures that spring to mind. That’s partially because it has been around for so long. Yet, the procedures we do today are nothing like those performed 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Dr. Rohrich uses the latest lift and fill technique. The process involves lifting the deepest layers of the face, as well as filling in the cheeks. Over time, the cheeks can lose volume, so refilling this area of the face can restore your youthful appearance.

Breast Surgery

This encompasses breast augmentation, as well as breast reduction operations. Additionally, breast surgery can have a very real psychological impact on patients who have lost one or both breasts to breast cancer. This is why Dr. Rod Rohrich is a co-founder and a long-standing member of AiRS Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization that helps mastectomy patients obtain breast reconstruction. Dr. Rohrich offers his patients the widest range of choices and provides information on the materials , such as silicone, saline, and gel implants, as well as counseling them on the best size for their body. This is an important decision, so Dr. Rohrich wants each patient to have all of the available resources at their disposal.

Dr. Rod Rohrich offers a long list of services in addition to the popular ones mentioned here. Whatever your concern, Dr. Rohrich can advise you on the best course of action for your circumstances. Soon, you will benefit from his skills and live a better quality of life.

Interviewing Dr. David Samadi& Understanding his Passion

Dr. David Samadi is a member of the Lenox Hill Hospital team, which means a lot since this is one of the most prestigious hospitals providing help to those in need. Dr. Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the hospital, a title he has earned through years of experience and genuine passion for the craft. It took some time to get an interview with the medical professional, but he finally sat down to share a little about his life and what drives his craft.

Dr. David Samadi is not only a talented physician but also an adventurous one since he has helped patients in over 40 nations. His expertise in surgery, with the help of robotics, has earned him quite the reputation amongst experts and patients who want to be treated with state-of-the-art procedures. Dr. David Samadi focuses on treating prostate cancer, which is a delicate issue to deal with through surgery. Many times the patient ends up with some kind of nerve damage that causes issues like erectile dysfunction amongst many other problems.

The medical professional has served as a urology professor and has also hosted his own medical TV program, not to mention appearing on FOX News to offer a medical opinion on issues affecting Americans. During the interview, he spoke about his career and what drives him, which can be boiled down to an insatiable desire to help those in need. He wanted to do the very best he could for his patients, which is part of the reason robotic surgery was so attractive. He was introduced to this type of surgery in France. He discovered urologists in this country were using laparoscopic technology to perform surgery, which he could not resist. He lived in France for a whole year perfecting his craft using this new approach.

His passion for perfection has definitely helped Dr. David Samadi go far in his career. He points out that the most effective way for him to promote his services is now through word-of-mouth. It seems that the specialist does not spend nearly as much time adversing his services because the patients he’s served cannot wait to tell family or friends about Dr. Samadi’s work. Perhaps one thing that stands out the most about Dr. Samadi is his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, which is something he came up with. It helps him prevent nerve damage during prostate procedures. The techniques have proven to be quite effective, which is something he is very proud of.

Dr. David Samadi’s SMART Method Allows The Nerves To Go Undamaged

Dr. David B Samadi is a urologist who works at Lenox Hill hospital in New York. He is the highest paid doctor in the entire city. He is a urologist and he focuses his time to finding and treating prostate diseases in men.

He is very experienced in the field of urology and has made major contributions to the field. He worked his way up to earning the status as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at his hospital. Before coming to all of this success, he had to conquer a few barriers thrown at him during his early life. To start, Samadi was born into a war stricken neighborhood in Iran. Due to the war and the many dangers attached to it, he and his brother were forced to flee at the young age of fifteen. Without their parents, they made their way to Roslyn, New York where they finished high school. Samadi was lucky enough to be offered a full scholarship to Stony Brook University. He accepted it and earned degree in biochemistry. The next step was to find a career. Samadi knew from a young age that he wanted to help others. He was also very interested in robotic surgery techniques that were arising in the field of prostate treatment.

He found himself drawn towards urology and from here, his career took off. Samadi has since performed almost 10,000 prostate treatments. He has done these treatments in over 45 different countries throughout the world. 90 percent of Samadi’s patients now live cancer free. The reason he is able to perform so well during these surgeries is partly due to the fact that he has an amazingly vivid photographic memory.

He is able to look at a diagram or drawing and quickly locate the same areas during a procedure. Another reason he has such a high percentage of success is due to the robotic surgery technique that he developed. The system is called SMART and stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. The treatments allows for much higher accuracy when working around the nerves in the prostate. The nerves are very sensitive and often damaged during traditional surgeries. Samadi’s SMART method allows the nerves to go undamaged and results in much fewer side effects. Samadi is a well rounded, intelligent man. He is determined and dedicated to helping others. He has made many contributions to the urology industry.

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DR Mark McKenna Mission To Develop Quality Healthcare Systems

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor. He obtained his license from the Georgia and Florida committee of medical examiners. Grown and raised in New Orleans, McKenna developed a keen interest in the health sector and currently serves his local community with passion and a lot of dedication. Dr. McKenna obtained his medical degree from the University of Tulane.

After graduating from the University of Tulane. Mark set out to establish his medical partition while at the same the same time, practicing medicine with his father within the health sector. The young startup medical venture that he founded is known as the McKenna venture investments. At the time of establishing McKenna Venture investments, his firm was a small briefcase real estate developer.

After gaining the necessary experience, McKenna went on to acquire both Uptown Tittle Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Now running three real estate companies, his firms were able to provide employment opportunities for more than 50 individuals. His companies use a turnkey design approach in the real estate sector while providing its clients with other unique real estate services that include the provision of closing services to its paying customers.

Following 2005’s hurricane (Katrina) most of his real estate developments were washed away. Other properties in New Orleans were destroyed too; this led to the establishment of low to middle-income residential units.

Two years came to pass, and McKenna relocated to Atlanta where he set up a new company known as ShapeMed. This new group has placed its focus on the developments of aesthetic based medical products alongside health and wellness products. After ShapeMed was sold through acquisition, a deal was made to enable McKenna to serve as national health director in the company that had acquired his. McKenna served in this position till 2016.

In July 2017, McKenna set up a new firm known as OVME where he is the CEO. The primary objective of OVME is the provision of superior healthcare while at the same time transforming the electoral health care system. The main reason McKenna established OVME was to provide excellent medical services while initiating a positive disruption in the pharmaceutical industry.

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USHEALTH Group Outperforms Other Companies in the Niche of Health Insurance

The best insurances plans for customers are provided by the agency called USHEALTH Group which in recent times has outperformed other similar institutions in the market. The organization with its headquarters in Texas’ city of Fort Worth is at the forefront of creating and designing plans that are tailor made to match the unique needs of every customer. Its efficient services are due in large part to the extended period in which the organization has served its clients with absolute most dedication . One of the key strengths of the agency is its ability to adapt to the changing needs and circumstance of the customers so that it can remain relevant in the Medicare industry. Consequently, the company has left no doubt that it is prepared to keep its leading position by constantly adjusting its policies and plans to suit the prevailing trends.

All individuals regardless of their economic status can benefit from the comprehensive plans the company provides. Also included in the range of coverage are the small business, large corporations, and multinationals. The firm understands that people and institutions are different, and therefore it designs a variety of plans that can accommodate various interests and needs. For instance, a healthy 25-year-old person cannot be given the same policy with an ill 80-year-old individual; It is the keen perception and insights the company shows in dealing with people that make it one of the best insurance providers in the industry. To give its customers affordable and flexible coverage, USHEALTH Group does everything to determine the particular needs of every client before implementing any policy.

The company believes in preparedness and a sense of timeliness in addressing the emerging issues affecting those who seek coverage. The solutions they offer are meant to ensure that the customers are always ready in any emergency because accidents and sicknesses can strike without any warning. Over the years, the company has provided coverage to millions of individuals both in the mainstream employment and those who are self-employed or those who are running private businesses. Their Facebook page.

The team that is responsible for the exceptional performance of USHEALTH Group is led by Troy McQuagge who is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. He is a competent and highly talented leader whose skills and dedication to duty is responsible for the rapid growth of the agency. His expertise in financial management and the insights he has about strategic planning and structure are the essential ingredients that contribute to the stellar performance of USHEALTH Group. The popularity of the company has increased tenfold since he took the mantle of leadership in 2010. Due to his exemplary performance, Troy McQuagge was awarded the best executive of the year award by the One Planet Golden prize.

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USHEALTH Group and its Growth to One of the Most Customer-centric Health Insurance Providers in the World

USHEALTH Group, a major health insurance provider in U.S., is attracting people as one of the most customer-centric insurance service providers in the world. Since the firm founded in 1982 in Texas, it has gone through the path of continuous improvisation in its products and services to make them popular among the people. USHEALTH Group follows end-to-end solutions that address all the issues of an average customer and specific products to address the needs of special conditions. The firm believes that each customer is different, and hence their requirements as well. With that concept, the advisor group of the company known as USHEALTH Advisors speak with each customer and try to identify their needs to provide customized plans that can be suitable to their needs.

To ensure its operations are efficient and addressing the customer needs through specialization, it formed two subsidiaries named National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. The firm offers specific plans to address specified sickness, accident solutions, disability insurance, and more. The products of the insurance provider are for small business owners, individuals, and families, and through the subsidiaries, it has serviced more than 15 million customers until the date. The product designers of the firm are focused on addressing affordability, flexibility, and reliability to make it available to every customer in the targeted group. To show the extent of it customer centricity, it even offers innovative plans with first dollar benefit and substantial discounts in the network for people who have a limited budget. Click here to know more.

The USHEALTH Advisors are the major contributors to the customer centricity of the firm with immediate response to every customer needs and professionalism. The advisors are highly trained on products and interpersonal skills to communicate and satisfy the customers’ needs effectively. The commitment of the advisor group has really helped the firm to be highly innovative and design new products according to customer expectations. The management strategy of making a long-term relationship with each customer is accomplished by the group of advisors. USHEALTH Advisors are also highly active in supporting various community causes, and they have formed a non-profit group called Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) to make a positive change in the lives.

The USHEALTH Group has one of the largest PPO networks in the country, and the subscribers of the firm’s plans can access the network and their account from anywhere in the country easily. The extensive network of approved hospitals is highly useful for its customers to use the services from even remote areas. The world-class service offered by the firm won accolades from the industrial bodies multiple times. USHEALTH Group won the Annual Gold Stevie Awards – 2017 for its customer service, business development, contact center, and sales professionals.

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Exceptional Health Coverage- USHEALTH Advisor

Choosing an insurance company to take care of the health issues can sometimes be very overwhelming because not all companies offer excellent services and health plans. To be sure of the best company, one can rely on information provided by family, friends and loved ones who have used the services and products of the organization and feel satisfied.

USHEALTH Group is a family of companies which was established with a primary responsibility of providing health coverage services and products for everyone. USHEALTH Group is dedicated to delivering plans that are full portfolio and health policy that is custom to suit their clients’ needs. The organization has been in existence for more than 50 years providing the health coverage services and products. With USHEALTH Group one is sure of flexible, affordable, and assured health insurance plans for its clients. The medical insurance company is built on an active mission which is Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). The USHEALTH management choose the acronym which they are sure it is a wiser name than their staff, management and contracted Agents all over the world. For the company their mission; HOPE is something that they live on a daily basis, and devotion that they believe is changing the lives of people.

USHEALTH provides career opportunity to a large number of people who serve as their agents all over the world. USHEALTH Agents have the possibility of benefiting from the following

  • Support: USHEALTH knows that if one needs real support, they must have real people as well. USHEALTH are real individuals who ensure total support for their agents.
  • Training: USHEALTH makes sure that their clients are trained to equip them with tools which will enable them to handle their customers with skills and knowledge.
  • Advancement: the insurance company gives their agents active support, as well as modernized products that assist their agents in creating a productive career.

Ever since its establishment, USHEALTH facility has been offering excellent services and health coverage products. It has been giving their clients an opportunity to grow in the midst of the growing health cost. Some of the policies USHEALTH Advisors provide include life, critical illness, short-term accident disability, vision, and dental coverage.