Wes Edens discusses his Journey in becoming a Successful entrepreneur

Wesley Edens is a co-founder and the chief operations officer at the Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the company’s head of private equity investments, chief operations officer and the co-chief executive officer. Before starting this company, Wes was serving as a CEO at Newcastle Investments Limited. He has also served in the CEO capacity at his company and as the managing director of the Union Bank among other posts. He is also a co-owner at Milwaukee Bucks. Wesley has a wealth of opportunity in business management and this is coupled with excellent people and communication skills. He shares insights into the values and practices that have helped him achieve the level of success that he is currently enjoying.

When asked about the daily routine that he has adhered to over the years on the road to success, Wes Edens states that he always starts the day with meditation. He adds that this is the time that he visualizes the day and the achievements that he is hoping to make. The peace that comes from the practice enables him to stay calm and focused throughout the day. Wes Edens is currently ranked at position 369 of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet. Wesley has a net worth of more than two billion dollars. Wesley states that one of the trends that he still finds very attractive to him is the aspect of setting your eyes on a goal and staying on the course until what you dreamed has been actualized. Wes Edens believes that it is this inherent sense of direction that has always helped him make decisions about the next step to make in investment.

Wes Edens adds that interacting with people who are both like-minded and even some whose views are very different from his own has helped him expand his knowledge and use the gained experience to make successful business decisions. When asked what he thinks about the future of investments in private equities, Wes Edens states that the field is growing and more people are finding it important to diversify their investment portfolio. His future plans include investing in investor education to teach people more about private equity. When Wesley is not working at his company, he relaxes at home or watches his team, the Milwaukee Bucks playing. Wes Edens is an inspirational leader in business and a thought leader in entrepreneurship. He has already created a legacy which will live many years.

The Brilliant Brazilian Lawyer: Ricardo Tosto

A marriage is normally taken as a permanent agreement between two people to live together. Some circumstances lead to breakups and the partners separate, in such a case, the partners approach an attorney get an official divorce. When two individuals are married, there are certain obligations that they are entitled to, therefore, it’s necessary to file a formal application for a divorce. It often an emotional moment for most partners especially in cases where there are children in the marriage. The most contentious issue when it comes to divorces is the sharing of assets among the partners. Ricardo Tosto has been involved in a case where there was a contention in the sharing of assets between partners.

Some people argue that it’s only fair if the assets are divided equally among the partners, others argue that the best thing is to share the assets according to the contributions of individual partners. Those who oppose the equal sharing of assets argue that this would encourage people to get into short-term marriages just for the purpose of acquiring the assets, most of which they did not contribute. Ricardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer from Brazil, he has practiced law for many years and has earned a good reputation from his work. Aside from his career in law, he is a prominent businessman and has also achieved a lot in his business ventures. He is a true inspiration to many people.

Ricardo Tosto started off at a low-level job but later become one of the most respected minds in Brazil. He has represented senior people in their court cases, some of which had a national significance. A successful lawyer must exercise professionalism, Ricardo Tosto has received recognition for his ethical practices and that could be one of the main reasons why he has been successful in his career and his business life. Some lawyers have often been involved in some scandals and this has tarnished their reputation.Ricardo Tosto is a good strategist, this has enabled him to win numerous cases in various areas. Some of the areas that earned him fame are cases concerning the environment and labor. In his career life, he has been instrumental in developing some legal frameworks that later came to be used nationally. He has mentored various individuals in the legal industry, some of whom became his associates in forming a law firm.

Why Peter Briger Enjoys Working for Fortress Investment Group

Even though Peter Briger didn’t start from the bottom of Fortress Investment Group like some of the other people who work for the company, he has worked there for a long time. He worked his way through various positions so he could make more out of the career he has. He also tried giving people the chance to see they could do more on their own without worrying about all the issues they had in different situations. For Peter Briger, the point of doing these things is giving back and giving everyone the options they need. It’s his goal to always show people how they can do better.

Throughout the time that Peter Briger worked for Fortress Investment Group, he knew what it would mean to give back to the community. He learned about the different options he could use and learned there were things that would make him the best at his job. As a principal investor, Peter Briger felt positive about the experiences he had and felt there were things he could do that other people couldn’t do. The dedication he had was part of his motivation. It led to him becoming better at everything and eventually taking on the position of principal of the company.Despite some of the issues people had with Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger felt they could make things better. He dedicated his entire career to Fortress Investment Group. While he learned about the things he could use and the things he could do on his own, he pushed that agenda on the company.

It helped them make all the right investment choices so they could do things better.It also helped them make sure they were offering positive opportunities no matter what issues people faced before that.While Peter Briger was doing all of this, he knew there were things that would change. He also knew everything would get better because he was great at his job. Peter Briger spent his time working to provide people with the experiences they needed. They could get more from the things he had to offer and that’s part of what made him such an important person to the company. For Peter Briger, the point of doing all this was giving back and making sure people could see how hard he was working to give them what they needed. It was his way of promoting positive experiences.

Reaching The World’s Financial Needs-Equity First Holdings

Michael Gove is a journalist by profession a well-known public speaker. Recently he has been trying his luck in politics. Gove led his country to exit from the European Union, Brexit. The man of al jacks has signed a contract with Chartwell speakers who have been acting as agents for famous public speakers including Mitt Romney as well as Stephen Hawking. The public speaking company is seeking the services of Gove and is planning to invite him to speak at corporate conferences and offer his knowledge of how the country will be economically after Brexit as well as touching issues on the referendum. Chartwell did not mention how the much Mike Gove will be earning.

Andrew Bailey is the head of the Financial Conduct Authority a position he has taken from Sam Woods. Woods mentioned that Andrew would be the regulator of the world’s Che Guevara but in his part, Bailey said that his new career was more secure than being the Manager of the England Football. Keiron Sparrowhawk is an author who is trying to emphasize on a good leadership he also holds science brain-based training sessions known as Mycognition where he is known for training influential leaders including Steve Jobs who is apples former Chief Executive Officer.

Equity First Holding is one of the financial institutions that is going where other banks are not heading. The financial institutions lend money to business as well as investors including Rob Terry and Eddy Truell where they use their shares as collateral.Equity First Holdings is an international lender which its primary purpose is to offer alternative lending resolutions. The lending institutions mostly deal with stock loans and margin loans for their clients who need to raise capital instantly and those who may not qualify to get loans from a bank.

Equity first Holdings was established in 2002 and has its Headquarters in Indianapolis Indiana. Through the companies’ transparency, the borrowers can access liquidity that is below the market rate using public traded shares as their security. Since it was founded the organization has experienced tremendous growth and it has been recording a growth of about 30% each year. Equity First Holdings operates and has other offices in other nations including Singapore, Perth, Canada, Hong Kong, Bangkok, London as well as Sydney. It is has a dedicated team that ensures quality loan services and products for its clients.

Unlock Your Retirement’s Full Potential With This Sage Advice

David Giertz is a leading voice and authority in the financial services sector. He recently shared his view on a recent survey conducted between financial advisors and their clients who were throughout various stages of retirement as well as individuals that were 10 years away from retirement.


Giertz has proven himself for over 30 years as a successful financial manager. Giertz, who grew profits beyond all expectations from $11 billion to $17.8 billion is the current president of of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial, one of the nation’s top insurance providers. Giertz’s success lies in his innovative thinking, searching for new ways to maximize efficiency where others overlook. This is how he was able to start as a financial advisor at Citibank and work his way up to area director, all the way up to becoming the executive vice president of sales. This gives him an extremely valuable perspective on the issue of planning and saving for retirement.


The survey revealed that a majority of financial advisers are not taking enough consideration for social security into their client’s retirement planning process. Many discard the value of social security and sometimes dismiss it’s value and overlook it. Giertz says this is a critical mistake that resulted upwards of $300,000 in lost benefits and penalties. Giertz explained this is because financial advisors reported that they are often times simply overwhelmed by the social security program’s handbook which contains over 2,700 rules, in tandem with some client’s dismissal of social security benefits.


This is important for financial advisors as well. The survey found that a surprising four out of five consumers would simply move to another advisor if they didn’t bring up social security benefits up. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051

Don’t Miss This Crucial Retirement Advice

Has your financial advisor talked to you about social security retirement benefits? According to David Giertz, former president of a top insurance provider says that a growing majority of advisors and their clients are exposing themselves to possible losses.


A recent survey of retired consumers, or those 10 years from retiring revealed that four out of five respondents would instantly switch advisors if they didn’t discuss social security as part of their retirement plan. However, many financial advisors find the whopping 2,700 rules contained in the social security program’s handbook to be a significant barrier to learning and incorporating it into their workflow.


In the long run, these 2,700 rules dictate upwards of 40% of the average consumer’s retirement income. The survey also found that many consumers start drawing from their retirement benefits too early and lost, in some cases, as much as $300,000 throughout their retirement in lost benefits alone. Armed with these new facts, it is imperative that advisors take the time to acquaint themselves with the in’s and out’s of the social security program’s rules in order to maximize gains and avoid unnecessary losses and penalties. Withdrawing at 62 instead of 65 or 67 is the one of the primary causes of these unnecessary losses.


David Giertz boasts a 30 year track record in financial services and offers a unique point of view when giving investment advice. He’s spent most of his career thinking outside the box to come up with new strategies to boost profits.


David found his start at Citigroup, working his way up from a financial advisor, to area director, then executive vice president of sales. Now, While president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial, Giertz grew profits from $11 billion to $17.8, smashing all expectations. http://facebook.com/david.giertz2










An Expert Leading Financial Advisor with the AXA Group- Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is the senior executive vice president and financial advisor at AXA Advisors, LLC, which mainly works with the high worth individuals. His operation area is in New York, NY. His primary duties here are to recruit, retain of new financial experts, development, and sales retention.

Honorary Awards

AXA is a broker-dealer with over 5,350 registered representatives’ members countrywide. Vincent has been certified and licensed industry securities professional, for now, seventeen years. He graduated with a bachelor of science in computer science and is an alumnus of Pace University. He started his career in as an agent in Prudential during 1987. Vincent received the recipient of the National Rookie of the year.

In 1990 he joined Mony Life Insurance Company where he locally and regionally held different field management roles. In 2004 that is when he joined AXA Advisors, and he has served in various capacities. He has an overall of over 25 years of expertise in this particular sector.

Personal Attributes

Vinny Parascandola displays good leadership quality and has been awarded several awards during his career some of the awards include GAMA’S Career Development together with Master Agency Awards. He is an eloquent speaker who has spoken in some companies and industries conferences like the LIMRA’S distribution conference, the GAMA National LAMP Meeting. He is a registered member of GAMA and was a past president of the Florida Chapter and has been a past Chair in LIMRAS’S Field Officers Committee. Vinny believes in building and supporting talent. Talent is very important to you as a leader.

The AXA Group

AXA has some charitable events it is involved in social and artistic philanthropic initiatives. These initiatives have allowed the company to give to its society. In 2008 AXA came up with AXA research fund that was given 100 million euro pounds that its main aim was to provide support in the research field to understand and prevent risks that threats humanity, society as a whole and the environment. More than 256 fruitful research has been fund. The AXA Group has come up with ways to help youths and young student to be outstanding researchers through proper networking.