Equities First Holdings- Winning With a Unique Approach

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a rare and exclusive LLC that prides itself on simply providing securities based lending services. They reach out to both individual and business investors in their dealings. Over the past fifteen plus years of service the company has able to magnetize a wonderful group of of experienced partners from the financial world. EFH has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a devotion to bringing satisfaction and fulfillment to their clients. This is just beginning as to why anyone would benefit from working with Equities First.

Constructed back in the early 2000’s, Equities First Holdings keeps its main head office in Indiana. Outside of their headquarters, there is also a satellite office in New York. EFH main focus is a stock-based lender. The company is a firm believer in a being upfront about the lending process. This mode of thinking allows them to gain fast access to liquidity. Since creation back in 2002, EFH has been successful in more than 700 transactions for clients ranging from world wide companies to high net-worth clients. EFH is very concerned about evaluating the risk and future of the market. They are determined to providing a loan based on those current circumstances.

Equities First Holdings is specifically focused on producing options when it comes to financing solutions. In particular they give clients alternative financing solutions. Their unique approach allows them to meet their personal and professional goals. EFH is able to come up with capital against shares traded on public exchanges around the globe. As of today the company has completed more than one billion dollars in transactions. There are among the best at offering customers high loans to value at low fixed interest rates.EFH is an organization with a specific plan They have provided the best in financial services to people all over the world because of their one of a kind approach. With such dedication to excellence, they should be around for some time to come.



Long history of assurance

Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie was the original name of the corporation we know as AXA today. It was founded way back in 1816 and underwent several name changes that were equally a mouth full for most people to pronounce. Then finally in 1985, the people at the top settled with its current name, AXA. The reason for this was to give the company a name that virtually anyone, regardless of their cultural background, could pronounce. Today AXA has gone on to become one of the largest insurance and financial services company in the world. It achieved this mainly through acquisitions of similar companies around the globe. However, the main presence is in the European Union and North America. It also has a sizable presence in Asia and the Middle East.

Today, the number of employees including all the AXA’s business interest is approximately 166,000. As far financial services go AXA currently manages nearly $540 billion and has been giving financial advice 150 of its 200 years of operation. With all these incredible numbers, it is easy to see why AXA has grown to become one of the oldest, largest and most trusted corporations in the world. With all this success, AXA does its own share in philanthropy. The company has named it Corporate Responsibility, or CR. It is founded on six principles, responsibility at the workplace, in customer relations and products, governance model, supplier selection and relations, environmental footprint and civil society. Furthermore, AXA has earmarked a 100 million Euros towards research of environmental issues and risks facing society and human life.

In 2014 AXA appointed Vincent Parascandola as the senior executive vice president of financial services. He joined the company in 2004 and brings years of experience with him in various fields such as financial services, retirement planning, estate planning, asset management, life insurance etc.

Mr.Parascandola graduated from Pace University, New York, and joined Prudential Financial Inc. in 1987 and within a year earned the “Rookie of the Year” Prize. From there he moved onto MONY Life Insurance Company where he wore many hats before moving onto AXA.