Organo Gold- A Source of Ganoderma Providing Vitality

The Annals of Internal Medicine publishes research stating that coffee consumption may prevent heart disease and stroke. It also decreases the probability of dying from cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease in black Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and Asians. Various studies have found that drinking coffee can increase life longevity. Caffeinated coffee and tea lowered death risk by 18 percent if they drank two or three coffee cups daily. Visit to know more.

In 2008, Organo was established in Richmond, British Columbia. Bernardo Chua is the company’s CEO and founder. Organo Gold is an independent corporation. The company collaborates with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Philanthropy is demonstrated by Organo because it sponsors the OG Cares Foundation. The mission of Organo is to provide people with earth’s treasures so they can have a great life that is balanced and free. The other part of the mission is to ensure that people are fully satisfied in every aspect of their life. The company has operations in more than 50 nations in six continents. As of 2013, Organo had $125 million in revenues.


The products of Organo are offered through a network of more than 400,000 active distributors and the Coffee Connoisseur Club. They are special as they have Ganoderma. Organo stands out from other network marketing companies in North America. It is the only company that has a partnership with the biggest organic plantations of Ganoderma. Coffee, cocoa, and tea are the beverages that Organo offers. Coffee comes in five variations: gourmet black, latte, mocha, supreme, and king. There are three types of tea: green, red, and black ice. OG Smile and Premium G3 Beauty Soap are the personal care products sold by Organo. The body management products of Organo are the following: FENIX DT, FENIX XT, OGX Fenix-Chocolate and Vanilla, Ganoderma Lucidum, Mycelium, Spore Powder, and Grape Seed Oil. Follow Organo Gold on

OSI Industries, Leaders in Custom Foods, Wins Environmental Awards and Acquires other Food Companies

OSI is a privately owned company with 65 facilities in seventeen countries of operation. The company focuses on making high-quality convention food products. This global company has an approximate of 20,000 workers. OSI came into existence in 1909 as meat processing company. It was founded by immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago, U.S. The CEO of the company is Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Group was among a Series of Environmental Friendly Companies Awarded with Globe of Honour Award

On November 25, 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was presented with a prestigious Globe of Honour Awards 2016. British Safety Council gave this coveted award to OSI Group due to the exceptional environmental risk management practices adopted by the company. The company was among eighteen other worldwide organizations presented with the high-status Globe of Honour Award 2016. Mr. Kelly Grim, who is the environmental manager Europe, received the award.

OSI Group develops systems and procedures that are meant to improve health, safety, and environmental practices. These efforts make certain inhabitants work in the secure and eco-friendly setting. OSI Food Solutions UK had won this analogous award in 2013 and 2015. Click here to know more.

OSI Group Acquires Baho Food and Retains its Management Team

OSI Group purchased Baho Food, a Dutch producer of expedient foods, deli meats, and snacks. The value of the company was not disclosed. The COO of OSI Group said that the purchase of Baho Food would expand the presence of the firm in Europe. He added that Boho Food complements OSI current dispensation strengths.

OSI Group opted to retain Baho Food’s MD, John Balvers together with his team of managers. Mr. John said that his team’s concerted teamwork would optimize customer relations of the firm.

Baho food had been on the market for 60 years. It had five subsidiary processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. These subsidiaries include Gelderland, Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri Van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, and Q Smart life. Baho Food served client across 18 European countries.

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