Neurocore: Aiding In The Diagnoses Of Mental Health Disorders

Neurocore is an organization that is providing a revolutionary way to diagnose and treat patients who are suffering from mental health disorders. The organization works with some of the latest developments in neuroscience, coupled with the latest technology to give patients some of the most precise and correct results of their brains. The technology that the company uses is revolutionizing the way that people with mental health view their conditions, and is helping break the stigma associated with mental health issues. Neurocore has been receiving an incredible amount of feedback from the industry owing to the kind of services that they offer. The organization is being seen as a revolutionary and much-needed step towards helping patients who are diagnosed with these disorders. The organization is currently only operational in two states, which is Florida and Michigan. The company operates out of the numerous centers that they have in these two states and has been able to provide appropriate diagnoses to thousands of patients who come to them from all around the country. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Neurocore wanted to be able to provide their patients with an all-around testing system so that they can provide them with the most efficient results. The company works to give their patients multiple tests so that they can paint the overall picture and understand what is going on inside their brains. The organization has been able to make groundbreaking developments in the field as a result of this technology that they have implemented. The company knows that not all the patients that come to them are alike, and some may need a different set of tests from others around them. For this purpose, the company believes in personalizing every testing system according to the needs and symptoms of the patients coming to them. This helps them get a much better diagnosis for their patients, and also offers them a more detailed and well thought out treatment plan that can work to tackle their particular disorders efficiently. Read more at about Neurocore.

Though the testing that they have in place, Neurocore has been able to aid in the diagnoses of various types of mental health disorder. Right from ADHD, Depression, Autism to Anxiety, Sleep Disorders and Stress, the company has helped patients with it all, providing them with the treatment options that they need to get better.


Life Line Screening: Preventing Vascular Diseases

Life Line Screening is the largest screening company for vascular diseases having screened over 8 million people. It is intended as a supplement to the regular healthcare of the patient that may have health risk factors. The type of screening to be done for each patient is based on the patient’s family health history, the patient’s personal medical history and the risk factors that are present.

Three types of preventive screenings are offered. The first is ultrasound screenings checking for aneurysms, arterial disease and the possible presence of osteoporosis. The second type of screening is finger-stick blood screening checking for cholesterol problems, possibility of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and any possible damage to the liver. The third type of screening available is limited electrocardiograph screening checking for an irregular heartbeat which could be an early indicator of stroke.

Dr. Andrew J. Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director of Life Line Screening. He is a vascular and cardiothoracic surgeon and has been for 25 years. Part of his duties to Life Line Screening is to be in charge of quality assurance and the research of the company. There are new screenings coming in the future. Life Line keeps current with all research in order to offer new screenings as they become available.

After witnessing debilitating results from vascular diseases, Dr. Manganaro has found that diseases could have been prevented for patients had they known that the potential existed. His belief in Life Line Screening comes from that knowledge. With a marketing campaign in place to bring attention to the screening available through Life Line Screening, more people are having the screenings done. The company’s database is used in peer reviewed medical journals and a large number of doctors support the screenings. The available screenings will continue to evolve and available database and medical literature contributions will grow with it.

InnovaCare Health – one step closer to a healthy life!

InnovaCare Health is a prestigious healthcare provider by providing high-quality Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services and developing innovative provider network models.

The Leadership Team Behind InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has a leadership team with many professionals, and two of them we will mention here is Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Rick Shinto. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. Penelope has over 20 years working and researching in the field of health care, specializing in the managed care industry and government programs. Before working for InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked for Centerlight HealthCare as the chief operating officer and executive vice president. Prior to that time, Penelope Kokkinides used to work as the corporate vice president for AmeriChoice’s disease management and health care management and Touchstone Health’s chief operating officer.

Now, Dr. Richard Shinto is the official Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare Health. From 2008 till its sale in 2012, Dr. Richard Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta Inc. Before that time, Dr. Richard Shinto was one of the members working for the management team. He keeps serving in Puerto Rico as the CEO of InnovaCare Health Plans.

Dr. Richard Shinto has over 20 years of operational and clinical experience in managed health care. He also wrote many articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. He received an M.B.A. from Redlands University and a medical degree from the New York State University.

As one of the most prestigious provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services, InnovaCare Health promises to offering healthcare services with the best quality with affordable, sustainable models – those fully-integrated with the best technologies in the current world. The company provides 2 Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico – PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare – which attracted about 200,000 members, served by a large system with over 7,500 providers. InnovaCare Health also offers 2 Medicaid plans under the Government Puerto Rico Health Plan, providing users with several benefits through a coordinated model of health care.

For this health care provider, patients are the top priority of every expert and staff working in the entire network on In this changing and diverse healthcare setting, InnovaCare Health will try their best to coordinate high-quality and innovative healthcare services to patients all over the North America.

With the best Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Programs and physician practice services offered, the InnovaCare Health system work every day to fulfill their mission of redefining healthcare management to catch every change in requirements of the complex healthcare environment today.