The Intriguing Story of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is the president of a Human Rights Foundation (HRF), based in New York, which launched in 2005. His paternal grandfather directed Norway’s fleets to ports in Venezuela when the Germans invaded. Mr Halvorssen’s mother is a descendent of the first Venezuelan president. His parents did experience hardships. His father was tortured in a Caracas prison after his work as a Venezuela drug czar exposed corruption in the government. Halvorssen’s mother was shot while participating in a demonstration. It is not hard to see how he was pulled into human rights.

His leadership has had a history of standing up against authoritarians. Garry Kasparov, his chairman, received multiple punches as he was carried off by Russian police while protesting a band’s guilty verdict of singing an anti-Putin song. Halvorssen has taken beatings himself. One particular resulting after he snuck into the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam to tape an interview. Vietnamese authorities roughed him up as he left and detained him. He considers himself a “classical liberal” who stands against any dictator. HRF has become widely known with human-rights events.

He has also contributed to human rights by becoming the first executive director and chief executive officer of FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He stepped down in 2004 to pursue other human rights activities. He founded a worldwide gathering of human rights advocates in 2009. It has been named the Oslo Freedom Forum and annually takes place. That same year he listed as a Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. Click here to know more.

Presently, Halvorssen is producing a film based off a science fiction novel. He has even co-produced for movies focusing on uprisings and ridicule of dictators and tyrants. His efforts in protecting student speech earned him the Sol Feinstone Award. To commemorate the anniversary of the 1989 revolution in Romania, a Romanian leader gave him a presidential silver medal. Thor Halvorssen certainly has an intriguing background. Despite questionable methods, it is not hard to see that he cares deeply for human rights. It will be interesting to see what he does next.

Human Rights Acitivist Thor Halvorssen Backs Sanders Presidential Campaign

As a successful Hollywood film producer the human rights campaigner and activist Thor Halvorssen understands how different views are expressed and reported by broadcasters to suit their own needs. Halvorssen recently appeared on the Fox Business Channel to discuss the Presidential campaign of self described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders prior to the 2016 U.S. elections; Halvorssen took to Reddit to reveal he believes he was expected to criticize the socialist stance of the Independent Vermont Senator he had in fact backed with the largest possible financial donation to Sanders campaign because of his stance on human rights.

Halvorssen can often be a slightly confusing figure for his fellow human rights activists to understand as he does not fit into the typical fervent socialist stereotype of a person happy to play politics in the 21st century. Instead, Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal, but does not feel he is serving his role as a leading human rights activist by failing to address the human rights abuses conducted by those global governments who happen to have a left leaning agenda.

For a number of decades human rights abuses in Cuba, Venezuela, and many other socialist nations were ignored by the majority of human rights activists as major groups were supported in their work by these governments; Thor Halvorssen has changed this global view as he has set out to publicize any and all governments refusing to give their people a full set of human rights to enjoy freely.In his Reddit article, Thor Halvorssen stated his belief he was chosen to appear on Fix as he was expected to criticize Bernie Sanders for his socialist style policies. Instead, Halvorssen explained the leading candidates of Democrat Hillary Clinton and now Republican President Trump had strong links to governments robbing their citizens of their human rights.


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Thor Halvorssen Changes The Human Rights Community

In the past, the image of the average human rights activist was of an introverted individual working in a well meaning way to free political prisoners; Thor Halvorssen has changed the way the public views the human rights community by making it more open to the people of the world through a series of innovations. In 2005, Thor Halvorssen established the Human Rights Foundation, but will probably be remembered as the creator of the Oslo Freedom Forum series of annual events.

Activists, politicians, journalists, and celebrities now come together each year in Norway to learn about the latest issues facing the human rights community and people stranded in closed societies. Thor has worked consistently to bring the most important speakers and attendees to the event who he feels have something to say and can expand their contacts through their interactions at the Oslo Freedom Forum. Although the Oslo Freedom Forum was only founded by the Venezuelan born activist in 2009, it has quickly expanded to become the world’s leading conference for members of the human rights community.

The view and actions taken by Thor Halvorssen often differ from other activists who are not willing to make their voice heard in the wider world outside the human rights community; Halvorssen believes it is important to make sure every person in the world has the chance to explore the issue of human rights, no matter what their political beliefs may be. Halvorssen often looks to help those involved in the human rights community by linking them with celebrities and journalists who can assist them in making their voice heard to more people than ever before.

Over the course of his career Thor has also looked to make sure as many people as possible can read and hear about human rights issues facing the people of the world through his work with CNN, the BBC, and The Washington Post. By bringing news of the human rights issues facing people in closed societies across the planet Thor Halvorssen hopes to bring about change in the short term, and inspire future generations to get involved in the human rights challenges facing the people of the world.

Thor Halvorssen on Human Rights Violations

According to an article in the Biz Journals, Thor Halvorssen is a troublemaker for tyrants. That is great news as they can definitely cause trouble for everyone who has to live under them. Almost 50 percent of the world’s population lives under despotism, but if Thor has his way that would end for everyone.

Thor is certainly doing his part, as he often is talking to multiple people on the phone and the internet about human right problems around the world. He calls himself a classic liberal but he does not care how your political views line up to his. Thor Halvorssen only cares deeply that you care about human rights violations wherever they are found in the world. He has thrown donors with large checks out of his office because they tried to dictate which issues the Human Rights Foundation that he founded almost a decade ago should address.

He has also done wonders at raising funds from some of the most unusual sources. For example, he convinced Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales to give a full set of USBs to North Korean dissident groups. He has received funding from Google’s founder Larry Page and PayPal’s founder Peter Thiel.

Thor works about 20 hours a day. Many of his staff say that he is at his best when everyone else in the United States is winding down for the day. He runs almost nonstop on supplements that he has taken for years. His boundless energy is contagious because he knows that he can be a catalysts to creating change in the world.

Thor is best known for creating the Oslo Freedom Forum. During this event every year, people throughout the world gather to discuss human rights and what can be done to ensure that they exist everywhere. This year the Oslo forum featured a full day of meetings on how to empower the internet to become an advocate for change. Therefore, even if you cannot even leave home you can help Thor spread his message.

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