Meet Vijay Eswaran, an International Inspiring Entrepreneur

Fear can consume an individual or motivate them to fuel their visions. If one allows it to take over their lives, they end up in guilt. Those who embrace and befriend fear emerge smarter, stronger, and successful. A little doubt is right to remind you of the crucial things in life.

Your view on a situation determines whether you will experience excitement or fear. Note that if an occurrence does not paralyze an individual, it leaves them energized. The unwelcomed guest comes in when you start working on your dreams. One should not quit since fear is an indicator that you are on the right path. It is also a significant growth motivator.

The caveman used fear to survive, but people are currently scared of change, unfamiliar things, and uncertainty. Living in such worries leave one stuck in one level of life. Avoid security blankets as they will give you safety and comfort but it will not be for long. Courage and willingness are necessary to expand life.

Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran lived a fearless life. He worked on building his name and was ready to overcome any challenge along the way. The taxi driver from Penang has a degree in socio-economics. He used his academic knowledge to manipulate the market and run his business. During his study years, Mr. Eswaran worked as a taxi driver to pay for his school fees and other bills.


Vijay Eswaran joined the multi-level marketing sector while pursuing his MBA in 1986. The entrepreneur learned the MLM business concepts before setting up his firm in 1998. Years later, the significant investment expanded into the well-known QI Group. Mr. Eswaran set some principles that guide him in his entrepreneurial activities.

Inspiration Work

The vivid leader is willing to share his knowledge with the community. He has written series of books to provide an insight into the requirements for a successful business. Vijay Eswaran emphasizes the need to focus on setting goals and working towards achieving them. The pieces highlight the roles an individual play in making sure they accomplish their targets within the specified time.

Vijay Eswaran uses his inspirational text to motivate numerous entrepreneurs. He also helps interested investors on ways to prosper their investments. His story from a taxi driver to a reputable motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur has inspired many business leaders. He talks about the effect of fear and ideal ways to overcome it.