The Advantage of Video Email With Talk Fusion Over Text Email

Marketers who choose to run their business through email are faced with a lot of challenges that make it surprisingly difficult to make the sale. For one thing, people who try to sell without using video have to spend a lot of time writing out their promotion campaign. One of the issues with this is that it can be easy to have typos. Another issue that marketers have is that looking through their work in order to proofread it can be very exhausting after writing their ad campaign. This often leads to ads being sent with typos. One thing that can be said about typos is that they actually take away from the credibility of the marketer.


This is where Talk Fusion comes in. This app makes the marketing process through email a lot easier. People who use this app have the option of many tools and features that not only make it easier and more convenient for the marketer but also help make the marketer seem more credible and approachable to the customer. It is a lot easier to show the customer what is being described and have him understand the message that is being conveyed to him.


Another issue with email is that it can take a while to receive an answer through email. Often times, email conversations can be very frustrating because of the long wait times between responses. Talk Fusion solves this issue with the use of video conferencing. With video conferences the customer and the marketer can work together to talk about any concerns that may come up with the product. Therefore, the customer will gain satisfaction more quickly with Talk Fusion. Marketers and customers both agree that Talk Fusion takes away some of the frustration that can come with online interactions. Marketing and sales is made a lot easier with Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Sahm Adrangi Clears The Air On Misconceived Kodak Cryptocurrencies Launch

The cryptocurrency fazes in the financial and investment has remained unclear even when the prospects are exciting and rewarding. Investment experts do not know how long the bubble will take before it bursts and is divided on the topic. What worries is that companies are launching cryptocurrencies with the same expectations as Bitcoin and Ethereum. When Eastman Kodak Company decided to enter the blockchain, the move has not worked as expected. According to Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Chief Investment Officer, the move to launch KODAKOne and KODAKCoin are flawed and will not provide material benefits to shareholders. The partnership seeks to initiate a photo-centric cryptocurrency and blockchain-enabled image licensing platform.

He observed that the share that was below $3 by the end of 2017 rose dramatically to $13.28 when the company announced its KODAKOne and KODAKCoin representing a 400% increase. The hype was short lived as the share closed at $5.85 on February 5 and Sahm Adrangi believes Kodak announcement cannot solve their unsustainable financial structure and business model. Kodak needs to address their mounting default risk, negative free cash flow, and declining revenues, rather than use a business model that does not work, advised Sahm Adrangi.

He adds that members of the company’s board of directors awarded themselves restricted stock a day prior to launching KODAKOne. It brings in suspicion that can lead to SEC investigation. Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale offered a negative report on the partnership between Kodak and WENN Digital Inc., the lead developer of KODAKOne, saying it has a dubious background. The same case applies to AppCoin Innovations Inc., which is the KODAKCoin strategic advisor.

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital overseeing the company progress from a $1 million to $ 50 million manager from 2009-2017. He is known for sharing research on stocks especially under-followed longs and hyped shorts. Kerrisdale mission is to correct misconceived aspects about business prospects.

By exposing fraudulent Chinese companies in 2010 and 2011, Sahm Adrangi earned himself a name as the companies faced charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Kerrisdale is focused on the biotechnology sector developing expertise in the area, as well as the mining industry.

Whitney Wolfe Developing Highly Efficient and Seamless Professional Networking Platform, Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is a highly successful women entrepreneur in the United States, and she is the co-founder of two of the most popular dating apps in the market currently, Tinder and Bumble. Whitney Wolfe parted ways with Tinder in 2014 and soon after announced the launch of Bumble. Even though the interface of Bumble might look similar to Tinder in many ways, there is one big and fundamental difference between Bumble, and that is it only allows women to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe knew that women are subject to a lot of unsolicited messages and bullying online, and to filter that, such a step was necessary. At Bumble, women don’t have to worry about opening the app and scrolling through tons of unwanted messages, because male members cannot message women members unless female members first initiate the contact.

Bumble is a dating app that has helped many people start a meaningful relationship without having to go through that daunting dating app experiences that many other apps out there provides. Bumble is easy to use and as per the reviews of many of its members, has better profiles as well. Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Bumble said that the app has a lot of potentials to grow and its growing network has triggered the recent addition of two of its extensions, namely Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe said that with the addition of Bumble Bizz, the company would help its members to build their professional network in their demography with ease. Many experts on professional and online networking said that the introduction of Bumble Bizz might have some negative implications for Linkedin.

It is because Linkedin is more professional and rigid in its approach, whereas Bumble Bizz is very casual. It is this flexibility in strategy that can help attract many members. Moreover, one can be sure that the results for matches that the members find on Bumble Bizz are nearby so that if things work out the way it is planned, members can go out and meet each other as well. However, with all things Bumble, only female members are allowed to contact first. It is what helps in keeping spam away, and women members can feel safe at Bumble as well. The professional networking through Bumble is also more fun and fluid than on Linkedin, and thus, one can expect a fierce competition between these two professional networking platforms in the time to come.

NuoDB Cloud Database Technology

NuoDB is an elastic, SQL-oriented database designed for deployment in cloud and container-based environments. NuoDB cloud databases boast scalable performance, zero downtime, hardware and software fault tolerance, multi-site operation and automatic load balancing.

NuoDB is part of a modern class of databases called NewSQL. Traditional relational databases were monolithic in nature and designed for client-server implementation, not modern cloud and container-based environments. However, NewSQL databases, like NuoDB, possess the characteristics of traditional SQL databases, but also support scale-out processing in cloud environments. The NuoDB cloud database’s patented distributed object architecture allows it to adapt responsively and even perform faster when new machines are added or nodes are removed. This grants scalability across data centers or clouds, while retaining data integrity, transactional consistency and a standards-based SQL interface.

To an application, a NuoDB cloud database appears as a single, logical SQL database and thus can be communicated with via SQL statements. NuoDB utilizes peer-to-peer messaging to disseminate tasks to nodes and is ACID compliant. NuoDB differentiates itself from established relational database architecture through separation of transaction processing and storage management. By adding more transaction engine or storage manager nodes, the cloud database can expand its capacity. This two-layer, multi-tiered structure provides predictable data scaling in the cloud.

James Dondero is a business man who cares for both people and animals

James Dondero began his career in 1984 as an analyst at the Morgan Guaranty, where he had applied and accepted into their training program. A year later, he joined the American Express to fill the position of an analyst in corporate bonds. Earlier in his life, he earned himself two majors, Finance and Accounting, at the McIntire School of Commerce which is part of the University of Virginia. He later pursued two certifications Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant. While at the American Express, he handled funds worth one billion dollars for fixed incomes.


James later worked for a subsidiary of Protective Life as a CIO, Chief Investment Officer. While he was there, the company grew substantially under James’ leadership. He later left so that he could start his own company, Highland Capital Management. This company deals with advising people about investments and alternative opportunities. Highlands Capital Management is made up of experienced and expert advisors and this makes it among the leading companies when it comes to managing and advising on alternative credit. The firm is known for its excellent skills and knowledge of strategies in credit, hedge funds, natural resources and equities of different kinds. Their clientele is far and wide including governments, foundations, corporates, institutions that deal with finance and endowments among others. Highlands has offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York City and Dallas, where their headquarters are.


James is a Chairman at Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint, and NexBank among others. He also serves on different boards such as MGM Studios. James through his company Highland Capital Management is involved in many events that are charitable. Some of the activities he has supported so far include and not limited to Uplift Education, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program and Snowball Express. James Dondero has a desire to improve the opportunities for education at Fort Worth, Dallas. He has created partnerships that continuously benefit the people of this community. Not only does he cater for people, he also is involved in animal charity. This is referencing his donation of one million dollars, which was dedicated to assisting in bringing back hippos to the Dallas Zoo.

For more information follow James Dondero on Twitter @jamesdondero.

Agora Financial Helps Customers Take Charge of Their Own Financial Situations

Bob knows he should be saving for retirement and to optimally enjoy his “golden years”, but at the same time, Bob has a lot of problems. Bob doesn’t know how much fillings, root canals, or medical problems will end up costing him. He also doesn’t know the best way to invest his money whether its stocks or money mutual funds or other ways of investing. He just knows that he will need money and he will need it to grow so it can work for him in retirement so he doesn’t have to work nonstop anymore! This introduces Bob to Agora Financial as a service that can help him learn to manage his own money through providing him educational tools to learn more about money management and how to take responsibility for his own money! This helps Bob ensure that someone is not out there trying to just collect Commission off his savings while squandering the money any way they please to make more money for themselves!

Agora Financial is a company that provides independent, economic commentary through print and online publications as well as e-books and digital conferences. Through both freed and paid publications Agora educates their investors on their options of what to do with their money and what makes the most financial sense for them. They help people take ownership of their own savings and help them make wise choices to ensure a safe, healthy, financially sound future for them and their families and loved ones.

Agora Financial has been a leading innovator in the financial industry offering services for over 25 years. Agora combines resources to help make their investors successful and has over 14 publications ranging from natural resources to penny stock recommendations. They offer a full range of financial thoughts and ideas in their materials and also provide information to help consumers make the most educated choice for themselves as individuals. Through helping clients sort through the ideas they are bombarded with daily they can help clients make the best choice without relying on some stock broker who will play with your hard-earned money just to up their own commission check!

For more information follow Agora Financial on Twitter.

Honey Birdette Offers Classy and Sexy Lingerie

The land down under’s premiere lingerie brand, Honey Birdette is expanding their retail stores from three to forty in the United Kingdom alone by the end of 2018. The company was founded in 2006 by Brisbane based female entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette is the first sensuality boutique to open that is based in Australia.

Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 Australia-based stores. The brand has had an unprecedented %374 increase in online sales in the United States over the past year. The expansion is aimed at providing a better experience for their customers; including faster delivery and easier returns.

Honey Birdette’s lingerie styles reflect mystery, adventure, and sensuality of their home country of Australia. The Honey Birdette style is unique. The lingerie is mostly colored soft metallic nudes, reds, and blacks, with the occasional jewel tone. Their lingerie show just the right amount of skin. You will look classy, elegant and undeniably sexy and timeless.

The lingerie is the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. It is perfect to wear for a boudoir photo shoot to give as a gift to your newfound spouse or to wear on Valentine’s day, or just to wear every day to feel your own sensuality. The bras start at 60 pounds, and the briefs start at 35 pounds. Mix and match colors to express your own individuality. Honey Birdette’s lingerie is understated enough to be simple, thoughtful enough to be sophisticated, and sexy enough to fit your persona. Embrace your feminine side with Honey Birdette’s expanding and classic collection.

Find more Honey’s on Instagram, here.

Bruce Bent II Knows What it Takes to Run the Successful Company

Since Bruce Bent II has been working with the Double Rock Corporation, he has come a long way. He knows what he needs to do and he also knows that there are many chances that he will have to make things better for the people who he works with. As the company has grown, Bruce Bent II has made choices that will make it better and that will bring more opportunities to those who are in different situations. He also knows that there are many chances that he can take to improve the company that he works with. As someone who is able to try new things with the options that he has, Bruce Bent II knows that the Double Rock Corporation will only get better as it continues to grow so that he can offer new opportunities to people who are in different areas.

While Bruce Bent II is working at different things with the company and while he knows the right way to change things, he also knows that doing all of this will make things better for people who are working with the Double Rock Corporation. There are many different ways that Bruce Bent II can bring new technology options and financial options to the people who he works with. Whether he is doing things with businesses, is working with individuals or providing people with simple solutions, he is trying to use the Double Rock Corporation to bring the change that is necessary for the financial industry.

As the Double Rock Corporation continues to get bigger and better, Bruce Bent II knows what he has to do to make things better. He also knows that there needs to be different options that people will be able to enjoy while they are in different situations. Because of the options that Bruce Bent II has for his business, he wants to show people what they will get out of the situations that they are in and out of the options that they have to make things better in their careers. All of this has led to the Double Rock Corporation growing and getting better.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

He Plays. He Scores.

Meet Finance Manager Casio Audi, or should I say Rock Legend Drummer Cassio Audi? This new investment advisor was not always a finance expert. In fact, he was once a drummer for the popular band known around the world as none other than Viper – a band of teenage hooligans on a mission to change society with their music and lyrics. In fact, they were quite successful at one point. This heavy metal rock band is no longer around but they were once remembered for beating Nirvana off the charts. Popular songs included a Cry From the Edge, Be Hurt, Car Alarm, Come on Come on, Critical Overture, 30 White Boy, Do It All Again, Dreamer, HR, Illusions, Killera, Princes of Hell, Law of the Sword, Love is All, Miles Away, Moonlight, Nightmares, Prelude to Oblivion, Rising Sun, Sons of the Night, Soldier Boy, Soldiers of Sunrise, Theater of Fate, This is Real Hard-core, To Live Again, Violet the Whipper, At Least a Chance, Wings of the Evil and more.

Many demo albums were released as well, primarily from 1985 to 1987. Even though Audi left music in 1989 once and for all, he’s still considered an unforgettable musician. Many from past generations, and even today’s current music fans, know about him. Audi and his band have traveled Europe, Asia and the U.S. with their music. Viper played heavy-metal, thrash metal, alternative rock and power metal.

Audi would play the drums, “and he certainly played” as they say: He played, and he “scored” every single time. Viper originally got its name and inspired taste in rock through Iron Maiden, a British rock band of the ’80s. Audi is also fluent in both English and Spanish and speaks Portuguese well. He has acquired both his BS and his MBA in finances.

For more information on Cassio Audi follow him on Facebook.

Success Academy; Making Impressive Educational Milestones

Success Academy managed to clinch the coveted $250,000 Broad Prize. The network of schools was singled out for this prize due to their steadfast dedication to making education accessible to children from low-income households. The Academy’s founder firmly believes that coming from a particular zip code does not have to carve the path of success or failure for any child.


Success Academy is planning to offset a digital platform that will enable them to share various intellectual materials with various other charter organizations all around the country. Eva Moskowitz, the founder, is projecting to go even a step further to ensure that the opportunity gaps that isolate poverty stricken children and students of color are closed.


The elementary and middle schools in the charter managed to emerge among the top percentage of schools in the state in several subjects. Students of color and those from low-income families were recorded to have performed better than their white counterparts.


About Success Academy Charter Schools


Success Academy is a network of 41 schools in New York. Over the years since its inception, it has managed to gain recognition for its high performance and rapid growth owing to its high standards of quality. As one of the largest and public school networks, they cater to over 14000 students from the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. The students who are seeking admission wait to be picked out from a random lottery that takes place once every year.


The schools offer admission to all children who are living within the state of New York. It is also open to children with disabilities and those who are looking to learn the English language as well. Out of the entire student population across the network, 76 percent of the students come from the marginalized areas that mainly consist of low-income families. 15 percent are special needs children while 8.5 percent are looking to learn the English language. Children of color comprise of 93 percent of the school network population.


Since it was founded, Success Academy has been able to grow.  from just one school to 41 in just ten years. The founder projects a steady amount of growth in the near future with the numbers growing to 100 schools serving over 50,000 students.