Jorge Moll-Chasing Every Opportunity

Neurologist, businessman, philanthropist, and father- Jorge Moll is the President-director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where he’s accumulated such accolades as the Research Fellow NIH award, as well as Stanford University’s Visiting Scholar Award. Check more info here on His studies of the human brain and cognition are largely focused on helping people with mental illnesses achieve better quality of life. This desire to help others with the unfair, unpredictable challenges of impaired brain function is something which he says is a huge motivator for him. Moll takes inspiration and input from a wide variety of sources on a daily basis- from scholars, to other scientists and researchers, even from students. In this way, he keeps communication open, allowing for exchange of ideas and allowing for those ideas to flourish in the light of others. He’s always got new and innovative theories regarding his area of study- and makes a point of not wasting any time putting those plans into effective action. Moll says that he either runs with an idea or ditches it for the next, better one-rather than sitting around mulling over which idea to choose. He remains prolific by keeping himself open to every opportunity that comes his way, and grasping at each and every possibility to see if it works. Moll is interested in the future of technology and the possibilities that it holds for the future as well- the topics of artificial intelligence and fabricated cognition are of particular interest to him, as well as the study of regenerative medicine and gene therapy- a method that could possibly fix many of the problems that he deals with in his research and improve life for millions upon millions of people. In addition to all of his scientific achievements, Moll prides himself in being a loving and caring father and role model for his children. Moll currently resides at his home in De Janeiro with his family.