The Many Reasons Why Rocketship Education Did So Well

Preston Smith is a leader of Rocketship Education, currently its president and CEO. It was founded in 2007 to help people get great educations despite being born in the least economically-yielding areas in the cities they live in.

Smith learned a number of things throughout the many years he’s spent as an early childhood educator. He started his career in San Jose, in the Golden State. Joining the ranks of a nearby elementary school in 2001 after returning home from North Carolina, earning a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies to better get along with Hipanic students and their families. About one-fifth of their overall enrollment doesn’t speak English as their first language.

Rather than allowing them to learn in Spanish, teachers help t hem learn English from an early age, far before most educational institutions hosting grades kindergarten through fifth grade do so.

Parents that are not in opposition of moving their children to wherever the best schools are should change their willingness to do so. If multiple parents band together and form their own schools like Preston Smith did with the help of many others in 2004 in San Jose, existing schools will be forced to do better than they ever have to keep enrollment high. Actions say lots more than words, something that every parent should learn.

Teachers get feedback on a frequent basis to help mold their actions and goals in the classroom. Some students respond well to certain methods of instruction, causing administrators to coach them on a weekly basis, or even more frequently.

Rocketship Education is truly a leader in personalized education and improvement of projected careers of those hailing from low-income areas and families, taking the same role Preston Smith wanted it to have since he created the school system nearly two decades ago.