The RealReal Popping Up with Fresh Twists on Shopping

RealReal is not a newbie to the pop up game. They successfully hosted a pop up store in 2016 in New York City which brought in $2 million dollars. The success that that initial pop up store brought in has encouraged The RealReal to do more of the same nature. For a company that was initially strictly an online marketplace, the addition of a brick and mortar store, even if just a pop up one brings in more sales and boosts the stores popularity.

In 2017, The RealReal held a two month long pop up in San Fransisco to much success and praise. The latest pop up store has once again helped in bringing awareness to the company and brand. Since the wrap of the 2017 pop up, the company has seen a increase of 500 percent in online sales in the area. Hoping to ride on the success of their last pop up, the company plans to open another pop up store coming up in Las Vegas. Their ultimate goal with this upcoming pop up is to not only raise awareness of their brand in that region, but to also tap into the fashion crazy shoppers that reside and shop in that area. The idea is to get people that aren’t maybe familiar with the digital shopping experience will use this opportunity to become more comfortable with the experience.

The RealReal started as a small in home consignment business with one determined lady visiting homes with a U-Haul. CEO Julie Wainwright literally built the company from the ground up from the inside of her home. Today it is known as one of the premier luxury consignment shops online and employs over six hundred people. They have also expanded to have locations throughout the use and ship product worldwide. What sets The RealReal apart from other so called “luxury” online consignment shops is that they celebrate the creator, appreciate authenticity. They go through the process to make sure what you see, is what you want and it is what you are getting. More than that they strive for you to have a enjoyable, easy and successful online experience from start to finish.

Around the Trending Fashion with Techstyle Group

Techstyle is a fashion-based company managed by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler which focuses on retail selling of trending aspects in the fashion field. Online visitation and subscription are one of the critical things that different clients center to ensure they receive their orders and if what has been offered to them is of the best quality possible. Some of the essential products which the group majors on are; handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry. This firm only offers all these as per the expectations of the clients. They also focus on the trending products as far as this field is concerned.

Initially, Techstyle originated from the United States of America where it was officially founded in the year 2010 in March. Currently, it is under the E-Commerce industry and owned by two exceptional individuals who are also its rightful founders. This firm works hand in hand with other organizations majoring on fashion in an online manner. One of the spectacular companies which Techstyle works with is the Fabletics which its popularity online has gone viral globally. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the principal founders of this remarkable company which is currently serving worldwide. Techstyle is noted how organized it is due to the regulation of before any transactions or any business activities one needs to register him/herself online to the group.

Currently, Techstyle is using the name JustFab and is holding on to more prominent deals which sum up to millions of dollars. This has proven the company to be the best there is since it also shares a history that it has served many celebrities in their outfits. Branding of different products also made the reputation of this firm move around faster since many had a chance to use these products and find them to be more than reasonable for use. Clients have to pay a membership fee on a monthly basis that is after one is fully registered to the database of this firm as a member.

Before one signs up to register him/herself in this company as a member, he/she is given an opportunity to explore fashion preferences of the firm to confirm if the individual is comfortable in being a member of the company. Many options are always on the side of the member to favor one according to his/her preferences. Although some have tried criticizing the company with numerous negativity, JustFab continues to grow and gives the best shot to all of its clients.