CEO Of The Year Troy McQuagge Brings In Results

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, was recognized for his professional distinction as CEO of the Year.Troy McQuagge earned the One Planet Gold award for his leadership, beating other CEOs from public and private organizations from around the world. One Planet, an industry and peer acknowledgement program recognized how McQuagge overhauled USHEALTH Group and its marketing arm, USHEALTH Advisors, turning USHEALTH Group into a successful, profitable company in the health insurance industry. Summing up what USHEALTH Group stands for, McQuagge said, “It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

In 2010, McQuagge came to USHEALTH Advisors with decades of experience in the insurance industry, having previously worked for Allstate Insurance and UICI/Health Market after graduating from the University of Central Florida. Due to McQuagge’s achieving record sales for USHEALTH Advisors, he received a promotion to CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

When the announcement of McQuagge‘s move to USHEALTH Group came, it was at a meeting of home-office employees who were celebrating the company’s best fiscal year to date. Crediting the company’s employees and agents for the company’s success, McQuagge said, “The success we enjoy today as a company is not an accident. It is the result of a winning game plan and outstanding execution by our agents, sales leaders and employees. Our game plan will help us move our company to the next level and become a dominant player within our market segment.” While McQuagge humbly thanked everyone responsible for USHEALTH Advisors achievement, his leadership skills that made the difference.

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McQuagge has a gold trophy to place on his desk as a testament to his business acumen. Information obtained from a PR Web press release.


Patty Rocklage Helps Couples and Families Stay Together

Marriage can be successful, but it takes a lot of work for this to happen. For most couples it’s going to take more than just their own efforts. In most situations it will actually take the help of a third party. Patty Rocklage is that third-party that functions as a marriage therapist and family counselor that is able to help people bridge the gap in their broken relationships.


The funny thing about marriage therapists is that most people will never admit or assume that they need any type of therapy until their relationship is in trouble. This is when they are at the end of their rope, and they want to try anything that can possibly help them get back to where they were. In most cases the marriage therapist is someone that has many years of experience.


She has been able to make couples see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though many couples may argue and think that there is no possibility of staying together, Patty has some training that allows her to think otherwise. She believes that there is a possibility for any marriage to survive if the couple is willing to do the work. Many times people and may be disgruntled with their partners because they believe that their voice is not being heard. This is the most damaging aspect of a relationship, but Patty Rocklage has the ability to help couple sort these things out.


This is not the only area that she is specializing in though. They are also families that maybe having issues, and Patty Rocklage has a say in these type of issues as well. She has the ability to help people come together and work through their differences. She has continued her role as a therapist that has helped hundreds of couples and families over the course of 20 years. There really is nothing new under the sun for Patty, and many people will get a chance to see what she is doing if they are in need of help in the Massachusetts area.


The about marriage is that it takes two people to make it work. In most cases the marriages are failing because one person is completely dependent on the other one to make the marriage work. What Patty Rocklage emphasizes to couples is that it takes determination from both of the spouses.


Patty Rocklage has been able to help people discover the joy of being married again. She realizes that couples go through different seasons in marriage. It is her job to listen and provide the best insight to bring the marriage that sways from left to right back to the center.