The Brown Modeling Agency Ignites the Austin Fashion Scene

Austin, Texas has never been known for its fashion industry, modeling empires or modeling agencies until now. The Brown Modeling Agency is beginning to turn heads with its President Justin Brown at the helm. It has attracted the attention of experienced fashion designers and large luxury brands to the Austin fashion scene. Founded in 2010 by Justin Brown as Wilhelmina Austin it recently acquired Heyman Talent-South. The Brown Agency is the result of the merging between the two giants, Wilhelmina’s fashion agency and Heyman’s acting and theatrical division. The Brown Agency has quickly grown into a fully licensed fashion and acting agency that represents over 300 women, men and children. The agency provides a full range of services in order for these individuals to reach their acting or modeling goals.


The Austin fashion industry has recently gained traction with the introduction of a Formula one circuit in the Austin area. Formula one has always been associated with fashion, luxury and extravagance. The mostly European motorsport’s entry in Austin has brought with it a bit of culture and a taste for fashion. The Brown Modeling Agency used this to its advantage by launching the new company during the 2015, Formula one after party. The founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonee is still the director of the theatrical division of The Brown Agency.


The Brown Agency is currently the largest and most reputable talent agency in Texas. The merging of the two talent companies allows clients to experience a broader portfolio of areas in which they may want to venture into. Actors may want to become models and vice versa, the Brown Agency encourages its models and actors to work hard to make their own decisions and destinies.


The Brown Agency has worked with huge global brands such as, Luis Vuitton, L’Oreal, and Toyota. Its models have been featured in the National Geographic magazine, in many commercials and participate in the Austin, Dallas and New York Fashion Week every year. The Brown Agency’s attention to detail, respect and promotion of each and every one of its models and actors makes it unique and extremely respected in the global fashion industry. The company makes sure to hire only the most dedicated and talented individuals who are willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to their growth, talent and brand. It is extremely rare to see an agency so caring and respectful to its models and actors, the Brown Agency definitely sets the standard. Check out their Instagram page