A Good Man: Eric Pulier

Eris Pulier is an entrepreneur, author , philanthropist and genius in programming computers. His love for computers began during his grade school years and keeps growing strong. He graduated high school in the year 1984. He is a Harvard graduate. Having been raised in New Jersey, he now lives in Los Angeles, California. Once an editor for Harvard Crimson. He developed an interest for chronically ill children. Eric Pulier created a website where chronically ill children can chat with others in the same or like situation. It teaches them about their illnesses so tey may understand. He has written a book about the same topic with Hugh Taylor. It sells on Amazon and Ebay. The reviews are all positive and enlightening.

Eric Pulier has interests with the Clinton Global Initiative as well. His first step up began with XPrize. Has experience in public speaking. Aside from these endeavors, he also runs many other areas such as Desktone, Starbright World, Painted Turtle, Trident Capital,Monitor Ventures and AKANA. He is the executive chairman at SOA Software Inc. and founder and CEO of ServiceMesh. He has successfully raised millions in capital funds and charitable organizations.

He is very much involved with his own children. Eric Pullier is the father of four. Yet finds time for running a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses. As his love for children grow, his business seems to flourish. A positive role model and successful businessman. I look forward to learning more on other businesses he may have. His work is very encouraging for everyone involved. I am sure his work will reach many more to come throughout the years.