Why Securus is The Best

Securus is a technology company that was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Sine their founding, they have become one of biggest competitors in the prison calling service sector. They are the biggest competition for rival Global Tel-Link, but that is a story to be told shortly.


Securus makes it easier for inmates to keep in touch with their families and friends outside the prison. This is considered a crucial step in keeping repeat offenses from happening. Once an inmate is released from prison, if they feel like they belong with someone other than criminals, they’re less likely to return to crime.


All that said, Securus Technologies and Global Tel-Link have been in a bit of a competition for the last year or so for customers. They’re some of the only companies looking to tap into the prison system for a profit, so there isn’t a lot of competition there to begin with. However, customers are overwhelmingly preferring Securus to Global Tel-Link. Data shows that for every $1 spent at Global Tel-Link by customers, $4 are being spent by customers at Securus.


So, to add insult to injury, Securus has challenged Global Tel-Link to a “technology bake off”. The former company has challenged that they have the better equipment, so why shouldn’t they go toe to toe, if both are as good as they claim? The competition would pit their technologies against each other, and would be judged by an independent third party. So far, Global Tel-Link has not responded to the challenge, and seems unlikely to do so without further prodding.

Talk Fusion: Bringing Forth Better Opportunities

People are always looking for opportunities to improve their lives. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to step out into the unknown. For one thing, there is nothing guaranteed in the unknown world. To make things worse, people that dare to venture out into the unknown are often met with opposition by those who want to play it safe. One thing that people need to realize is that no one has made it really far and taken society far by playing it safe. Risks were taken, and people have benefited from the efforts of the daring. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for daring and courageous entrepreneurs, then there wouldn’t be much opportunity for anyone.


One of the entrepreneurs that have made a lot of positive changes in the world is Bob Reina. He is one of the founders of Talk Fusion. He has taken the time to build a company and an app that is good for helping people build their business. One of the aspects of business that Talk Fusion takes on is the marketing aspect. Marketing is one of the hardest aspects of starting a business. When starting a business, people have to not only learn that the business exists, but also be presented with enough reasons to go shopping with this business.


When it comes to bringing forth new products, it is important for the developer and business owner to come up with ways to sell it. One of the best ways to sell products is to come up with a promotion that will attract customers to the product. Among the promotions that Talk Fusion was given was the 30 day free trial. This allows the user to try it out for himself so that he will see for certain whether it is a good fit for him or not.