Class Dojo in the Modern Day Field of Education

The field of education is ever changing. There are so many different issues, processes, procedures and methods; that teachers often have a hard time keeping up with everything. Let’s not forget the vast amount of paperwork, record keeping and documentation that must be managed. Teachers even have to deal with modern students which are more complex than in the past. The modern day field of education is very challenging.

One way that teachers overcome problems within the field of education, is through the use of technology. Science has evolved enough to allow teachers to process and store information onto computers and to communicate through a mobile device platform. Class Dojo is an app that is helping to shape the modern day field of education.

Why is this app so useful to a teacher’s classroom experience? First, this app gives teachers a way to communicate with parents. This is important for student success. It is a known fact that when teachers and parents communicate regularly about a student; that student will invariably perform better in school. Involved parents help their students to do better in the long run during their school career.

Parents can not only communicate about their student’s with this app, they can also check up on their homework and classroom performance. This in turn will help parents to figure out how to strengthen their child in the areas where they need it the most. Class Dojo is also a great tool for helping teachers to reward their students when the need arises. All people (especially children) love to be rewarded and Class Dojo is a tool that can provide this benefit.

Class Dojo is now being used by over 90% of all schools within the U.S. Its success is due to its ease of use and effectiveness within the classroom environment. All an instructor has to do is download the app and have parents do the same. The app is designed for students K – 8 but it is also used for high school scholars as well. Class Dojo is truly a great app that helps to improve the modern day field of education.

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