ClassDojo Emerges winner for its School and Class Story Series at the Fast Company Annual Awards

ClassDojo is a mobile phone application that features, among other products, Class and School stories. Fast Company received 1700 applications and through rigorous expert panel review, class dojo emerged victorious. The phone application forms a communication stage or platform to allow parents, students and teachers to cooperate and share classroom stuff and experiences. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in San Francisco founded the phone application company in 2011. The establishment has so far created multimillion-project funding and adjusted from an Imagine K12 education technology accelerator to a Y-Combinator.

Free Mobile Applications

In America, there are other several education grade books, testing platforms and technology businesses that create digital programs. However, ClassDojo creators wanted a free and comprehensible mobile application that created a community culture among parents, teachers, and students.

ClassDojo mobile application also offers parents the chance to pay for videos, institution yearbooks, discussion lessons and guides that they utilize with their children at home. The mobile application tries to enhance the teacher and parent need to offer possible children life accomplishments. The proposal allows students to share text messages, photos and videos with their parents regarding ongoing classroom activities. The mobile phone application also consists of other operation features that facilitate parents to disburse school field trip, supplies or lunch funds using their handsets. Children then deliver the cheques to the school management.

Competition for innovative prospects

ClassDojo faced opposition from other education technology companies like Kickboard, Remind, Nearpod and FreshGrade among other companies who also desire to keep students’ parents and schools linked. The business stopped working in 2015 to use its investment to grow their team. The company also aimed to outline the type of features and content valuable to the parents who make use of the application at home and during school days.
The design is to help parents conduct exchanges at home to enhance or maintain the development and learning of their children. Recently, educators in many large public, charter and private schools in the United States enthusiastically use Class Dojo.

ClassDojo initiated a subsequent multimillion-business enterprise to finance technology to easily connect educators to students’ parents, and help them constantly correspond on learner activities. General Catalyst leads this second business undertaking and other innovative investors like SignalFire, Reach Capital, and GSV. ClassDojo aims to grow it into a comparable educative messaging and social network platform like Snapchat or Facebook.


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