Clay Siegall And His Dedication Towards Fighting Cancer

Cancer has undoubtedly baffled many in the medical profession due to its resilience. Cancer treatment has also attracted a lot of stakeholders as they struggle to come up with solutions towards dealing with the cancer menace. One of the companies that has made significant contributions towards the elevation of suffering brought about by cancer is Seattle Genetics.

Dr. Clay Siegall is currently the president, chief executive officer and also acts as the chairman to the board of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Clay has served as the company’s CEO since 2002. Having lost his own father to brain cancer when he was in grad school, Dr. Clay developed a drive towards caring and improving the lives of cancer patients. He consequently undertook biomedical studies and has remained dedicated and passionate towards improving the lives of cancer patients.

Dr Clay Siegall is committed to concentrating on his research, for which he uses the latest technology developments with the overall aim of finding solutions towards alleviating the human suffering brought about by cancer. Dr. Clay’s key drive and passion for his job stems from his deep concern towards assisting cancer patients. Dr. Clay has sort the best research methodologies and technology there is in the world and has fully put his heart and soul towards using his research to come up with solutions aimed at combating cancer.

Dr Siegall seeks both private and public fund raising towards raising the necessary funds required to advance his research in cancer. His passion and commitment to his work has earned him several awards including but not limited to being named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Pacific Northwest. This goes a long way to acknowledge his great impact on Cancer research.

He has also made various publications towards educating the public about his research findings as regards to cancer. Through these publications, the public and especially those affected by the cancer pandemic have a chance to understand on how best to deal with the disease. This has been without a doubt life changing for these people. Dr. Siegall personal zeal and dedication towards eliminating cancer brings a lot of hope to its cancer patients across the globe and his accomplishments are definitely instrumental and life changing across the world.

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