Clayton Hutson Accepts Collaboration on Soul2Soul World Tour

Clayton Hutson has been quick to express his gratitude for the all of the other members of the Soul2Soul World tour, especially the rigging crew and artists. If there is one talent, among so many, that Clayton Hutson is known for in his work with legendary artists is his ability to work with a plethora of personalities. Having a sense of humor as well as a positive attitude is a necessity when collaborating with such a thick and rich pool of talent like tour riggers and creative artists.

The second part of the Soul2Soul Tour, called North American Leg 2, will run from May 31 thru July 24th in Paso Robles. The North American Leg 2 was scheduled as an extension of the original tour because of the high demand by fans. Just a month before their European Leg of the Tour was to begin, in November 2017, the Second North American Leg of the Tour was announced.


Headliner for Soul2Soul

Clayton Hutson has worked with many of the talented musicians that tour the country and the world today. However, he showed particular gratitude for being able to work with many of the opening acts scheduled to appear as opening acts for the Soul2Soul Tour: NEEDTOBREATHE, Midland, Margo Price, among many others.


Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson spent the first years of his professional development on tour with the Billy Graham world Tour. Later, thru a series of turns of fate, experience, hard work and luck, and a turn in the economy, he launched his own Music Production business. Because of the level of hard work and dedication he put in his work he’s always had many invitations to work with the most talented artists: Kid Rock, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, One Republic, and many others.


Work Ethic and Philosophy

Clayton Hutson believes in hard work and dedication as the foundation of his success, and that is why he enjoys spending his entire days in micro-decision making. The multitude of the decision he makes while working for a client allows for keeping on top of every aspect of the rigging, sound production, and stage setup.


Working with Crew

Clayton Hutson depends upon many professionals who dedicated their lives to working in the music profession, and thru this collaborative effort the show can go on, and the client and fans they serve will have a beautiful experience to remember for years to come. Hutson believes he’d prefer working with someone who has a poor character but is reliable than a person who is a “yes” man but who is unreliable.

While not on tour, Clayton Hutson spends his time with his family. He also enjoys woodworking and other crafts. Learn more:

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