Clayton Hutson – article recap

In a recent interview with popular producer Clayton Hutson, he revealed some of his best practices and secrets for becoming a better producer. He works at his craft like no one else in the industry and has had some amazing opportunities because of it. He can see an idea in his mind and make it work by combining various elements of music and stage presence. He says that once he hears the music he can see what he wants the set to look like in his mind. He can even sense what he would like the lighting to look like. This almost psychic sixth sense doesn’t come easy. He wasn’t born with it. Clayton Hutson has worked for years in multiple positions with various musicians. His expertise ranges from lighting, to stage prep, to production, to road management. He has literally done it all and because of it he has the sense that many other producers envy.


Clayton Hutson has the ability to tie in his loose ends and create an entire composite where many people cannot. His ability to connect the dots where there are seemingly disconnects have made him a commodity in the music industry. Clayton Hutson has road management down to an exact science to match his psychic ability. He measures and remeasures every door and entrance to ensure equipment will fit. He calculates the size of the room and the potential for a full crowd and adjust sound levels to accommodate the proper acoustics. He is the first guy to enter the room and the last to leave.


When preparing a show, Clayton Hutson strives to create an extravagant experience for his fans. He wants to give them the drama they deserve. It is like modern theater. The artists are on stage and he manufactures the experience. He never rests on his abilities or current knowledge. Clayton Hutson is constantly expanding and creating to make himself better. He is always searching for that next level. To be the best in the music industry is the title that Clayton Hutson has on his mind. He will achieve his greatness on matter what. When he puts himself up to the plat he cannot lose! Learn more:

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