Concessions, Concessions, Concessions

Brazilian infrastructural expert and basic sanitation serviceman – Felipe Montoro Jensen – mentions the importance of recent concessions generated throughout the country’s BNDES as subject to debate. Such initiative has been well-received by the country’s water sector and thus awaits further review. A recent interview took place last May, in which Jens interviewed Edison Carlos, who currently serves as a founding president of Tata Brazil, a top company focused on Brazilian sanitation needs. In the recent interview, both gentlemen made important points regarding a new initiative and offered several perspectives – both positive and negative – for the future implications of the country’s sanitation solutions presented. Both members noted important necessities as well as recent water waste level decreases that have steadily declined.


90 percent of Brazil’s basic sanitation involves public power while another 70 percent deals with service organizational initiatives. Thus, Edison claims that more may be done as private initiatives are just as important as public initiatives and that these two management forms must only work together – and not in contradictory fashion as they have been.


Adapting the bank to its projects for needs in each place is important: Losing water is a main cause of losing financial flow and resources within the Brazilian financial sector as many are not even aware of. Since it’s not possible to receive such services when there’s so much waste involved, the country must first handle the immediate problem.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a valued infrastructure expert. He has studied his field for nearly three decades. He has also made several recent news headlines.


In addition, he’s one of the top leaders in infrastructure and sanitation in his area. He genuinely cares about concessions done properly. He has studied management and has been a top executive concessions leader for many years.

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