Dr. Holterman Founder of Mariam Global Health

From a farmer in rural Wisconsin to an international healthcare specialist, Dr. Mark Holterman has had a truly unique career that has given him the knowledge and wisdom to make a positive impact on global health (Alivenewspaper). Mark Holterman was raised on a farm in Wisconsin during the early years of his life. Exposure to such a demanding job like farming, helped instill a work ethic that would follow him throughout his academic and professional career.

Mark graduated high school in 1976. After high school, Dr. Holterman attended Yale University, where he studied biology. While at Yale, Mark Holterman was a National Merit Scholar, and graduated cum-laude. Mark earned a NIH scholarship from the medical science program. Dr. Mark Holterman would then pursue his graduate degree at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine. Mark would spend the next 13 years of his life earning his PhD and his Doctor of Medicine degrees.

Dr. Holterman meet Ai-Zuan, a medical student from the University Of Virginia. Ai-Zuan and Mark would eventually marry and have two children together. Dr. Holterman would continue his life journey to the west coast, Seattle Washington. Dr. Holterman would do his fellowship in pediatric surgery, at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Holterman was the Chief Pediatric Surgeon at Advocate Children’s Hospital. While at Advocate Dr. Holterman taught medical students and surgical residents. Dr. Holterman was at Advocate in Oak Lawn for two years. Dr. Mark Holterman was at Rush University Medical Center as the Attending Pediatric Surgeon from 2000-2012. Throughout Dr. Holterman’s career he developed a passion for healthcare research and the desire to make a positive impact on the health of the global population.

Dr. Holterman founded the Mariam Global. Mariam Global is company that assist medical startup companies acquire funding to fuel their ideas. Dr. Holterman is also the Co-Founder of Alliance for Advancement of Cellular Therapies, a non-profit that supports the advancement of regenerative medicine.

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