Executive Sponsorship and Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant who is based in Philadelphia. Her impressive resume includes serving as the president of American Eagle Outfitters as well as being the chief executive of Wet Seal Inc. Currently, her roles include working with the Pittsburgh Steelers on creative development and business strategy.

McGalla grew up in the Philadelphia area and later attended Mount Union College, earning a degree in business. She is married to Stephen McGalla, a financial professional. Throughout her career, she has balanceed business with family, even working remotely while pregnant.

As a woman who has achieved great success in the business world, McGalla is an inspiration to other women. As a child, her football-coach father taught her to work hard for everything and not to expect any handouts. These lessons served her well as she worked her way up from the bottom of the ladder as a starting employee to president of the company at American Eagle.

Unfortunately, McGalla’s story is an unusual one because the top ranks of the business world are still mostly filled by men. There have been numerous initiatives and programs to help women, but these have not been enough to shatter the glass ceiling holding back qualified women.

One way that this achievement gap can be addressed is through executive sponsorship programs for promising women in business. When a woman is paired with an executive sponsor, or mentor, she has a role model and advocate to help her navigate the unfamiliar realm of the high-level corporate world. Statistically, such programs have proven to be successful, and more should be in place.

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