Fabletics leverages the crowd, customer service and old fashioned honesty to succeed

Crowd sourced clothing? Certainly. Kate Hudson‘s brand, Fabletics, realized early on the power of the crowd. It encourages its customers to review each outfit they purchase, then prominently displays them on their website. This makes it easier for shoppers to determine if an outfit will work for them.


Of course, Fabletics starts each customer off with its Lifestyle Quiz to identify which styles work best for them. But, its crowd sourced data helps after that. The lifestyle quiz identifies what type of outfit to send each month automatically, whether perfect for running or weightlifting, for example. The reviews help the customer determine whether to accept the outfit or choose another. They also help when a customer needs more athletic wear than the single outfit, say when one begins training for an ultra or road race. The need for clean, comfortable workout gear for each day arises.


Some e-commerce sites such as Wal-Mart, also recognize the need for reviews, but don’t have the same high level of customer engagement. They resorted to leveraging the manufacturer’s reviews, partnering with them to import reviews to the e-commerce site.


Fabletics knows it’s tough to shop online. The reviews make things easier for customers who don’t live near one of its bricks and mortar stores, like its new Charlotte, NC location. If you live by a physical store, you can pop by and try something on to experience its fit. Fabletics encourages these customers to also review the outfits. The information sharing combines an organic word of mouth marketing campaign with big data, technology’s new darling.


Reviews alone don’t sell the athletic gear. The truth and veracity of Hudson as an actress, athlete and entrepreneur has equal part. Hudson doesn’t simply snap pics of herself in Fabletics gear for her Instagram. She genuinely trains and actually wears her brand.


She even met a recent design partner at the gym. She and singer Demi Lovato met in 2016 when both were working out at the same New York City gym. As the two worked out and chatted together, they discovered an affinity for improving themselves and inspiring others to do the same. The idea for a design collaboration also spawned from the meeting. Hudson and Lovato launched their line in May of 2017.


The collaboration reflects Lovato’s love of music and her focus on health. She train six days a week at Los Angeles gym, Unbreakable Performance Center, favoring a mixed martial arts workout.


“I like to work out a lot. I like to stay active,” Lovato said in an LA Times interview. “I wanted to design comfortable clothes that make people feel confident.”


While Hudson’s and Lovato’s athleticism and veracity help sell the brand, its clear communication channels keep it on top. Hudson recognized early on that customer service is key. When clients complained, she took action, improving the customer service department and leveraging big data to ensure CSRs had inventory information at their fingertips. When asked when an out of stock item becomes available again, every CSR has a ready answer and a specific date. They also openly share that data with the customer. If your favorite purple running leggings sold out, they’ll be back in stock on July 23rd, for example. That transparency built brand trust quickly although the company uses what was a new business model to athletic wear – the subscription model. Fabletics proves honesty and hard work will take you to the top.

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