Father Sheedy and the Founding of Rocketship Charter Schools

Rocketship public schools are non-profit charter public schools headquartered in San Jose California. Rocketship charter schools were founded in 2007 with the goal set to transform low-income communities by providing quality education to community children. Rocket public charter schools rely heavily on parent, teacher and student involvement to excel at academics. Since being founded, Rocketship has spread to 18 schools across 3 regions within the United States. Currently Rocketship charter schools have branches in California bay area, Milwaukee, Washington DC and Nashville.

The California Bay area has twelve Rocketship charter schools. These schools are Mateo Sheedy Elementary, Sí Se Puede Academy, Los Sueños Academy, Mosaic Elementary, Discovery Prep, Brilliant Minds, Alma Academy, Spark Academy, Fuerza Community Prep, Redwood City Prep, Rising Stars Academy and Futuro Academy. Founded in 2013, Southside Community Prep is the only Milwaukee branch of Rocketship charter schools. Nashville Tennessee has three Rocketship charter schools that were founded in 2014, Nashville Northeast Elementary, United Academy and Partners Community Prep. Washington DC founded the 2016 Rocketship charter schools Rise Academy and Legacy Prep. With so many communities embracing the education that Rocketship has to offer to their children and communities it is no surprise how quickly they have grown across the United States in the past decade.

Rocketship charter schools were created with an acknowledged need for children in low-income areas to receive the quality education necessary to meet and surpass national testing standards to help them get into top tier universities. In 1999 Father Mateo Sheedy noticed this need when he discovered hundreds of children in his parish were not meeting testing requirements. He reached out to the members of his community to help form a school that would better serve the children of his parish. Unfortunately Father Sheedy passed away before he could see the creation of his idea. His parish members reached out to John Danner and Preston Smith in the San Jose region. John was a software engineer and Preston was a elementary school principal. Together these two realized the necessity to follow through with Father Sheedy’s educational plan and founded Rocketship Charter Schools.


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