Glen Wakeman on his career and what makes him successful

During his time at GE Capital Glen Wakeman made quite an impact on the company. With impeccable attention to detail and a lot of knowledge and experience Mr. Wakeman has climbed the ranks of the company and exceed profits, assets, employees, and so much more. At the end of Glen’s time at GE Capital he became CEO of GE Money Latin America. He grew the company to 17,000 employees in 9 different country operations from scratch to utter success. To break it down further Glen built over 1,000 branches, created new products, and signed many partnership in the process. Talking money Mr. Wakeman made over $2 billion dollars in revenue and $15 billion dollars in assets. This was not an easy feat but Glen was strategic in his methods and ultimately it worked out for the better. He is a team player and mentor to most.

Glen Wakeman also founded a SAAS firm called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The CEO created this company to help entrepreneurs succeed. The great thing about the business is that is is fully automated software that just about anyone can use. Not only is the system good to build a new business with a set out plan but also has plenty of information needed for customers to access when needed. He also encourages people to ask a few simple questions when it comes to a service offered. Is is worthy of customers, unique, and simple and clear to understand? If these question can be answered than you have a good product on your hands (Soundcloud).

One important aspects of all successful entrepreneurs is that they read, a lot. One of Glen Wakeman’s favorite books that he recommends is called “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Not only is it about having a good strategy, but is about teamwork, discipline, and preparation. Glen has found these ideas very useful and applied them in practical applications in his life. Mr. Wakeman also utilizes certain online services like Doodle and Fiverr to get things done. The businessman attended the University of Scranton and received a BS in Economics and Finance and also attended the University of Chicago and got a MBA in Finance.

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