Graham Edwards: Telereal’s Greatest Asset

Graham Edwards has spent most of his life with Telereal Trillium Limited. He has been working with the company for several years now, and he has been an instrumental member of the organization because of his countless contributions to the success of the company. Telereal Trillium is a company offering management services to commercial property owners. The company is adept at managing commercial assets and other investments from their clients. Through the years, the company has developed a close working relationship with their clients, and they have been known as a company which has a positive reputation among entrepreneurs and business people.

Telereal Trillium Limited was found in 1997, carrying the brand name “Trillium.” The company grew tremendously after some time because of the excellent leadership undertaking the operations within the firm. Graham Edwards has been one of the most efficient leaders within the company, and because of his impressive decision-making skills, the firm had involved themselves in a lot of deals and merging contracts with other businesses. In 2000, the company signed a contract that would greenlight their merger with Land Securities. This would also signal the company’s name change, which is the current brand name that they use. The services provided by the company would expand to include everyone in the business industry, and the number of clients that they are servicing significantly increased. Graham Edwards was chosen to become the CEO of the company because of his excellent background, and he continued the unique style of leadership that he possesses to contribute to the firm’s success.

As years went by, Telereal Trillium would be involved in numerous merger and acquisition transactions, with the management changing over time. One of the most significant contributions of Graham Edwards to the growth of the company is the selling of more than 6,000 properties that generated an amount close to £2.4 billion. It was the largest transaction in Telereal Trillium’s history, and it was considered as a victory for Graham Edwards and everyone who is working with the company because their value at the stock market slightly rose and the move attracted the attention of investors (

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