He Plays. He Scores.

Meet Finance Manager Casio Audi, or should I say Rock Legend Drummer Cassio Audi? This new investment advisor was not always a finance expert. In fact, he was once a drummer for the popular band known around the world as none other than Viper – a band of teenage hooligans on a mission to change society with their music and lyrics. In fact, they were quite successful at one point. This heavy metal rock band is no longer around but they were once remembered for beating Nirvana off the charts. Popular songs included a Cry From the Edge, Be Hurt, Car Alarm, Come on Come on, Critical Overture, 30 White Boy, Do It All Again, Dreamer, HR, Illusions, Killera, Princes of Hell, Law of the Sword, Love is All, Miles Away, Moonlight, Nightmares, Prelude to Oblivion, Rising Sun, Sons of the Night, Soldier Boy, Soldiers of Sunrise, Theater of Fate, This is Real Hard-core, To Live Again, Violet the Whipper, At Least a Chance, Wings of the Evil and more.

Many demo albums were released as well, primarily from 1985 to 1987. Even though Audi left music in 1989 once and for all, he’s still considered an unforgettable musician. Many from past generations, and even today’s current music fans, know about him. Audi and his band have traveled Europe, Asia and the U.S. with their music. Viper played heavy-metal, thrash metal, alternative rock and power metal.

Audi would play the drums, “and he certainly played” as they say: He played, and he “scored” every single time. Viper originally got its name and inspired taste in rock through Iron Maiden, a British rock band of the ’80s. Audi is also fluent in both English and Spanish and speaks Portuguese well. He has acquired both his BS and his MBA in finances.

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