How Eric Pulier Has Changed The Tech Industry

A Jack Of All Trades

Eric Pulier is a genius and his portfolio certainly shows this. Throughout his career has managed to touch on just about every subject you can when working on software. His variety of patents has allowed him to create companies worth millions of dollars and generate a fortune valued in 9 figures. Despite this, he doesn’t allow his talent to go to his head. He is firmly committed the world better for everyone.

Using Technology For Good

Eric Pulier is strong believer in using technology to make the world better for everyone around him. One important way that he manages to do this is by using technology to help out a charities. A great example of this was the work he did to help the Starbright Foundation. When the Starbright Foundation wanted to create a social network for their chronically ill children, he delivered with Starbright World. As one of the first private social networks it stands a testimony to innovation and technical prowess.

About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent software developers today. Since the 1990s he has made a name for himself by finding ways to innovate in countless categories of software. This includes everything from designing remote desktop programs to programming interfaces for some of the biggest apps today. The results of his success have allowed him to develop a fortune worth millions, but he mostly uses his money to help others. Besides his work in software Pulier is a committed father raising 4 sons of his own.

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  1. Although i don’t i agree with the philosophy that says a single man can be a jack of all trade, i think Eric Pulier is a gifted man in the technology business. According to, write my assignment most of the work he has done depicts great quality and expertise of a high level and that is because he is a man that is passion driven into achieving his set goals. Most of the software we are enjoying today are products engineered by him and his foundation is one that is recording great success in the tech business today.

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