How Gregory Aziz has grown his Career

National Steel Car is a Hamilton, Ontario-based company that is recognized for its excellence in the manufacture of the state-of-the-art railroad freight cars. The business is owned by Gregory James Aziz who is a 68 years old entrepreneur. Aziz is an alumnus of the University of Western Ontario where he was awarded a degree in economics. His career started in 1971 by serving Affiliated Foods, which is an enterprise that wholesales fresh foods. The firm is owned by his family, and he served as its manager for 16 years. During his tenure as the head of Affiliated Foods, the company grew from being a local business to a global importer that served the United States and Eastern Canada. The firm bought products from South Africa, Europe, and South America.

In the early 1990s, Gregory J. Aziz moved to New York where he ventured into the investment banking business. He made significant earnings from the sector and was able to acquire National Steel Car in 1994. The enterprise was owned by Dofasco at that time, and its productivity was low. Aziz has committed himself to growing National Steel Car into a company that offers top-notch railroad freight cars in North America. He has built the business by using unique approaches such as utilizing innovative engineering designs and developing a competent workforce. Greg invested a lot of capital that facilitated the growth of the firm’s productivity from 3,500 cars in 1994 to more than 12,000 in 1999. The number of employees who worked at National Steel Car also rose from 600 to over 3000.

The railroad steel car manufacturer has managed to be a leader in the industry due to its outstanding innovation. It is currently striving to increase its productivity so that it can penetrate the international market. National Steel Car is acknowledged for being the only North American firm of its kind that has been awarded the ISO 900I:2008 certification. The standards of the business enabled it to be acknowledged by TTZ SECO in 1996. Despite being successful, the company is still committed to retaining its reputation as a top manufacturer in the industry.

The Hamilton community appreciates the generosity of Greg Aziz. His firm is a benefactor to foundations such as the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and Theater Aquarius. National Steel Car has also developed excellent relationships with its employees, and it invites them to Christmas parties every year. The company works with its staff in organizing food drives for local food banks.



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