How Norka Luque Martinez is Changing Lives through her Music

Norka Martinez has managed to capture the attention of her fanatical global audience by penning motivational and socially conscious lyrics, which urge all of us to pursue our ambitions regardless of the odds stacked against us. This, coupled with her smooth and sensual voice, has made Norka Luque one of South America’s biggest musical exports in recent years. The Venezuelan songbird oozes incomparable energy on and offstage, something that has made her a revered figure in the music business.

Norka’s talent was discovered at an early age.  The unconditional support that she had gave her a good foundation, which has in turn catapulted her into global stardom. Norka Luque also distinguished herself as an A-student. She undertook her undergraduate studies in France, graduating with degrees in business administration, marketing and fashion, and the culinary arts.

Entry into Professional Music

While in France, Norka was selected to act as a backup singer in a traveling band. This kept her dream of being a professional singer alive. However, her career-defining moment came in 2012 after she met Emilio Estefan Jr., who showed an interest in nurturing her raw talent. This opened the door to global musical eminence for her. Norka states that Emilio has been the greatest blessing of her musical career. He has instilled in her the belief and conviction that she can take over the global music arena. Working with him has equally been an exceptional learning experience.

Emilio has helped mold Norka into a global star. He has been her mentor, besides leading a team of professionals who have been selling her to the world as Latin America’s ultimate music star. He works with a team of accomplished producers, marketers and trainers to ensure that Norka remains relevant in the music industry for years to come. At the moment, Norka and her management team are savoring in the unprecedented success that her new song, Milagro is enjoying. Milagro is a story of love, and has become a chart topper in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the US. Follow Luque on Twitter to learn more about her musical journey.

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