How Securus Technologies Helps Locate Drugs in Jail

I am part of a team of corrections officers in a very crowded jail who have to do everything possible to keep the inmates from getting their hands on drugs. A normally calm inmate can do heroin or crack cocaine and turn into an animal. Under the influence of drugs, these inmates become extremely violent, often needing several officers to contain one inmate. Multiply that by a large amount of drugs and several inmates, and we could have a deadly situation on our hands.


To keep the drugs from ever getting into the hands of the inmates, we have to start our efforts at the inmate and visitor center. Each visitor is warned not to bring anything inside the jail for risk of imprisonment, and we check everyone thoroughly. Despite using electronic scanners and doing full-body searches, drugs still find their way into the jail. What we did have available to us was a newly updated inmate call monitoring system that would give us the ability to make more progress than ever before.


Securus Technologies installed the new monitoring system, and currently it is working in over 2,600 jails around the country. The CEO of this company, Richard Smith, talks about how all of his employees are committed to the objective of making this world safe for us all. Once my team learned how to use the LBS software, we were amazed at how fast we could collect information on illegal contraband in the jail.


Call after call, we started hearing chatter about inmates talking about selling drugs to other inmates, how drugs were brought into the jail, and who was on the outside helping inmates get their hands on contraband. Each day we are able to tighten up our facility and rid the system of drugs that used to infest this location.


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