Human Rights Acitivist Thor Halvorssen Backs Sanders Presidential Campaign

As a successful Hollywood film producer the human rights campaigner and activist Thor Halvorssen understands how different views are expressed and reported by broadcasters to suit their own needs. Halvorssen recently appeared on the Fox Business Channel to discuss the Presidential campaign of self described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders prior to the 2016 U.S. elections; Halvorssen took to Reddit to reveal he believes he was expected to criticize the socialist stance of the Independent Vermont Senator he had in fact backed with the largest possible financial donation to Sanders campaign because of his stance on human rights.

Halvorssen can often be a slightly confusing figure for his fellow human rights activists to understand as he does not fit into the typical fervent socialist stereotype of a person happy to play politics in the 21st century. Instead, Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal, but does not feel he is serving his role as a leading human rights activist by failing to address the human rights abuses conducted by those global governments who happen to have a left leaning agenda.

For a number of decades human rights abuses in Cuba, Venezuela, and many other socialist nations were ignored by the majority of human rights activists as major groups were supported in their work by these governments; Thor Halvorssen has changed this global view as he has set out to publicize any and all governments refusing to give their people a full set of human rights to enjoy freely.In his Reddit article, Thor Halvorssen stated his belief he was chosen to appear on Fix as he was expected to criticize Bernie Sanders for his socialist style policies. Instead, Halvorssen explained the leading candidates of Democrat Hillary Clinton and now Republican President Trump had strong links to governments robbing their citizens of their human rights.


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